YouTube star ProJared & # 39; has requested nude photos online from his underage fans & # 39;

The popular player, who has amassed more than 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and has been accused of infidelity by his wife, is now said to have requested sexually explicit photos from his underage fans.

A Twitter user known as "Chai" claims the 33-year-old Jared boy builder, known to his fans as ProJared, "knew I was 16" when he requested nude photos of him on Tumblr.

Chai claims the two even exchanged explicit photos.

"We spoke sexually," Chai wrote on Twitter.

"He sent me pictures of him in cosplay, whereby his *** was very visible.

"He told me details about his sex life and fantasies.

"At some point he sent me a shit … We didn't speak every day, but most did.

"I sent him a lot of real files."

After Heidi O & # 39; Ferrall (left) accused estranged YouTube star husband Jared Knabenbauer (right) of infidelity and emotional abuse, further allegations surfaced against him, including from online fans who claimed he had Requested nude photos of them because they knew they were a minor asked boy builders for a comment.

Last week, he seemed to be anticipating allegations of misconduct when he tweeted a statement, some of which read: “There can be a lot of rumors, speculation, and gossip during this time.

"I ask you to make your own observations and come to your own conclusions."

Chai tweeted that boy builder "knew I was a big fan of his and that I was a minor and still talk to me sexually."

Another Twitter user named "Charlie" has also made allegations against boy builders.

"My friend Chai just came out and posted his story on Twitter, so I figured I'd do the same," Charlie tweeted.

Charlie writes that they are a "really, really big fan of ProJared". Charlie claims they communicated with him in 2016 when he or she was either 15 or 16 years old.

Charlie writes that they sent boy-builders nude photos and that he thanked them.

"Enthusiastic about the recognition and confirmation of someone I admired so much, I didn't stop," writes Charlie.

Charlies then claims to have received an invitation to join a "secret" blog known as "SinJared".

"He posted files that his followers submitted on the blog and some of his own," Charlie wrote.

"He encouraged me to submit some too, but I didn't feel comfortable."

Charlie and Chai said they spoke and compared their experiences with boy builders.

They then said they emailed NormalBoots, a game collective that Knabenbauer counted as one of its members.

NormalBoots provided The Verge with a statement confirming that it had been alerted to the allegations against boy builders last month.

"On April 4, 2019, an unsolicited email was sent to NormalBoots 'business account that included allegations of inappropriate behavior regarding Jared Knabenbauer," said NormalBoots' statement.

Upon receiving the email, NormalBoots Manager, Jacque Khalil immediately took action to alert the relevant parties, including Mr. Knabenbauer and the NormalBoots legal team, to the allegations.

"No other members of NormalBoots were made aware of the allegations during the investigation.

O & # 39; Ferrall claims her husband had an affair with well-known artist and designer Holly Conrad (image)

“NormalBoots understands the seriousness of this situation and does not tolerate any of Knabenbauer's alleged actions.

Before the allegations were released, measures and measures had been taken to end Mr. Knabenbauer's membership in NormalBoots and to update his internal guidelines on the use of social media.

& # 39; sir. Boy builders and NormalBoots have agreed to separate.

“What drives NormalBoots is the energy of our supporters.

“Your protection and security are very important to us. It's impossible to have a real community if we don't all feel safe, be it in an online space or at a meeting.

"We are fully committed to this goal and will not tolerate less."

Another Twitter user, known as "Bren," told The Daily Beast that Knabenbauer's Tumblr account was "answering questions from fans he called" his sinners "about his sex life." .

"He also made a lot of" Send Nudes "comments (including on his public Tumblr), which was initially a joke, but on SinJared he actually asked for nude photos and encouraged fans to submit them," Bren told The Daily Beast.

"As far as I know, he did not publish all the files he presented to him and only published them with permission."

Asa, who got to know Knabenbauer's online fan community through the game Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club, also claims that Knabenbauer's Tumblr account was filled with explicit content.

"One of the chat members shared a link with us," Asa said.

“This blog was full of fan contributions, including drawings and explicit photos, as well as suggestive pictures of Jared himself.

“He would also answer questions from the NSFW (not suitable for work).

“I was just 18 and had absolutely no romantic or sexual experiences.

“The thought of a famous person paying me personal attention was exciting, so I wrote to him privately.

After Knabenbauer announced their split, O & # 39; Ferrall returned the favor with a storm of tweets

After Knabenbauer announced their split, O & # 39; Ferrall returned the favor with a storm of tweets

Heidi was often seen in Jared's photos and videos shared with his legion of followers

Heidi was often seen in Jared's photos and videos shared with his legion of followers

He answered almost immediately and showed interest.

He asked if I was over 18 and I said yes and mentioned that my birthday was barely a few months earlier.

"He said that he was honored that I wanted to" use "my newly discovered legality with him."

Asa said that boy builders asked to draw sexually lewd drawings in which boy builders performed sexual acts.

"I drew and sent it for him," said Asa.

"We kept talking, me about how I wasn't used to getting this kind of attention, and he thanked me for helping him get out (for lack of a better way to put it)".

Asa said it was "hardly a secret" that underage fans spoke to the SinJared Tumblr.

"I know some of my friends have deleted their ages from their side so Jared couldn't check if they were under 18," said Asa.

"Throughout the Asagao fandom, it was quiet yet well known that people could live out their fantasies that were fueled by his in-game route by sending a message to Jared himself."

The allegations against boy builders became known last week after his wife, popular cosplayer Heidi O’Ferrall, published a series of tweets accusing her husband of infidelity.

O & # 39; Ferrall also claimed that boy builders exchanged nude pictures with impressive fans

O & # 39; Ferrall also claimed that boy builders exchanged nude pictures with impressive fans

Knabenbauer published a statement that people "can see a lot of rumors, speculation, and gossip".

Knabenbauer published a statement that people "can see a lot of rumors, speculation, and gossip".

O & # 39; Ferrall accused boy builders of "lighting" them and having a long affair with well-known artist Holly Conrad.

"I recently learned that my husband @ProJared has been king @HollyConrad behind my back for months!" She wrote on Twitter.

& # 39; I have evidence. Explicit conversations and photos of their relationship, about which he lied to me on many occasions. & # 39;

Later she tweeted directly to Conrad and said, "Honestly, @HollyConrad, you look very ashamed and insecure in all the files you sent to my husband.

"I think it would help your chronic self-esteem if you started fucking men who weren't married yet."

O & # 39; Ferrall continued beating her estranged husband, then accusing him of requesting explicit pictures from fans.

The drama started on Thursday evening when Knabenbauer announced the end of his marriage to O & # 39; Ferrall in a statement posted on Twitter.

“My wife Heidi and I applied for a divorce. I know that this can be surprising and annoying for many of you, but I know that we do it so that we both can find happiness for ourselves, ”he wrote.

Knabenbauer's social media accounts contain a number of suggestive images

Knabenbauer's social media accounts contain a number of suggestive images

Hours later, O & # 39; Ferrall went to Twitter, claiming she was blind to the shared announcement, claiming that it was an attempt to silence her.

I gave him the opportunity to make a statement before me about his infidelity. I told him it would be less embarrassing for him … He refused. & # 39;

In a subsequent stream of tweets, she accused boy-builders of "abusing" them mentally, claiming that he "set fire to them" by denying his extramarital relationship with Conrad.

She said it was difficult to leave marriage because boy builder had total financial and social control over me. I was powerless compared to that. & # 39; & # 39;

Knabenbauer, known for his comedic video game reviews, has not responded to his estranged wife's sensational claims.

Conrad has also made no public statement and has now set her Twitter account to private.

O & # 39; Ferrall later went further and claimed that her famous former spouse exchanged nude pictures with impressive fans.

& # 39; He has been asking for nude photos of his fans for years. I was there. In the beginning it was a joke on (blog site) Tumblr & # 39 ;, wrote O & # 39; Ferrall.

& # 39; It was supposed to be a body positive room for consenting adults, and I agreed on that basis … (but) he started a snapchat to get nude photos of fans without telling me. I found it out through a fan comment. I felt pressured to allow it, even though I felt uncomfortable. & # 39;

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