Witnesses report the moment the pensioner was killed in a hit

Witnesses report a "blood-clogged scream" and "most terrifying sound ever" when the driver "ran over and killed the 75-year-old ex-paratrooper who got out of his car after an accident to exchange details."

  • Kenneth Kiley collided with another car when he drove home with his wife
  • After getting out to speak to the other driver, he was run over and killed
  • The 24-year-old Dario Carboni is currently on trial for the murder of Mr. Kiley, whom he denies
  • Witnesses say they heard a scream before the car hit Mr. Kiley

A "blood clot" was heard before a 75-year-old retired paratrooper was mowed and killed in front of his wife in an apparent street attack, a court has heard.

75-year-old Kenneth Kiley had stepped out of his car to exchange insurance information with the driver of a Vauxhall Corsa he had collided with in Swindon last July.

But the driver of the Corsa, who, according to prosecutors, was 24-year-old Dario Carboni, put his foot down and raced towards Mr. Kiley, threw him to the ground, and killed him.

Witnesses reported harrowingly about the incident in a trial in which Carboni is charged with murder, manslaughter and death from dangerous driving. He denies the indictment and insists that he is not behind the wheel.

Kenneth Kiley, 75, (right) was murdered when he was knocked down and killed by a driver with whom he wanted to share details after an accident, a court heard

Swindon residents, Rachel Whetton, and her husband Stephen said they were sitting in their garden when they heard a car speed up, a "blood clot" scream followed by a "massive bang".

Mr. Whetton, a neighbor of Mr. Kiley and his wife Marion, said: “We couldn't see the car from our garden, but you could tell from the sound of the engine that it was driving down the street too fast.

"We could hear the car turn off … and then come back."

Prosecutors say Dario Carboni was the driver of the car that plowed into Mr. Kiley. He denies sitting behind the wheel

Prosecutors say Dario Carboni was the driver of the car that plowed into Mr. Kiley. He denies sitting behind the wheel

She continued: “Probably it went back very quickly 30 seconds later. We could hear the engine cranking.

"Then we heard a man scream and then the most terrible sound I've ever heard in my life.

& # 39; It was the sound of something heavy that hit something soft. There was about a second between the scream and the sound of the blow.

My husband instinctively said: "Someone was hit by this car". He just knew it. & # 39;

Rachel's husband Stephen added: “We could hear the driver just setting his foot, there was no letting go.

A few seconds later we heard a bloody scream like something was going to happen, and then a massive bang.

I ran to the end of the garden and stood against the wall. I haven't seen the car leave, but I've seen a man in his seventies with his head on the curb and his feet out on the street. «

Another local resident, Thomas Blackford, said he was in his bedroom and watching TV when he heard the sound of "screeching tires."

He said: “The first thing I heard was the sound of screeching tires. I didn't really think much about it and continued to sit on my bed. Then a few seconds passed and I heard a loud bang. & # 39;

The police imagined the scene of the Swindon murder last summer

The police imagined the scene of the Swindon murder last summer

Mr. Blackford said he called the paramedics and instructed his mother how to do CPR effectively according to her instructions.

He added: “When I saw him, I realized that something weird had happened. There was blood all over his face and the skin on his hand was almost worn to the bone.

"The only other thing I saw was a dark blue car mirror next to the man."

Carboni claims that during the second fatal collision, the Corsa was not driven by him, but by Patrick Cunnington – who was also in the car at the time.

The Bristol Crown Court trial continues.


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