Which book would military historian Damien Lewis bring to a deserted island?

Which book would military historian Damien Lewis bring to a deserted island?

  • Damien Lewis announced that he is reading Special Operations In The Age of Chivalry
  • He would take Andrew Roberts & # 39; Churchill: Walking With Destiny to an island
  • J.R.R. Tolkien's books The Lord of the Rings that gave him the reading error

. . . are you reading?

It is difficult for me to keep a book because I broke my wrist and it is made of plaster – I boxed. I should know better at my age, but my two teenagers made me do it! So I downloaded Yuval Noah Harari's Special Operations in the Age of Chivalry (1100-1550) onto my Kindle.

Written in 2007 before the author became famous for his bestseller Sapiens, this is his gripping treatise on covert operations, espionage, homicide squadrons, and behind-the-scenes missions in the Middle Ages.

The secret operations were primarily aimed at killing or conquering major iconic leaders – kings and princes – or their fortified castles. These stories of bluff, trick, disguise and deception compete with everything from modern times. As history tells us, nothing is really new. . .

Damein Lewis announced that he is currently reading Yuval Noah Harari's Special Operations in the Age of Chivalry (1100-1550) on his Kindle

. . . would you take to a desert island

Andrew Roberts & # 39; Churchill: Walking With Destiny, simply because I moved in and out, but haven't found time to delve into this 1,000-page masterpiece.

I reread one of Churchill's speeches recently and was so impressed with it. On June 4, 1940, when the last of the small ships steamed away from Dunkirk, he welcomed the rescue of so many people from the jaws of death and shame to their homeland and added a sharp reminder, "We must be very careful. not to assign the characteristics of a victory to this exemption. Wars are not won through evacuations. “We owe this man so much.

. . . gave you the reading error first?

It may sound clichéd – but it was the Lord of the Rings. I can still remember a day when I curled up in a chair one winter at the age of 12 and into the wonderful story of orcs and elves and hobbits (pictured), Mount Doom and Sauron and good against evil dipped I read it from front to back in a few days and looked through the French windows of my family house over the gentle hills and dark forests of West Dorset and really imagined everything.

. . . did you leave cold

Six Amis Viendront Ce Soir by Gilbert Sadi Cherries, simply because it's in French and my French is not good enough to get through. But it is a potentially exciting story of the Belgian SAS around Arnhem during World War II. A true story of desperate feats that frustrated me because the English edition is almost impossible to find and feels like a lost piece of history to me. I may just have to commission a translation!

  • Damien Lewis is the author of SAS: Italian Job, published by Quercus and available in paperback on May 30 for £ 7.99


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