Wales is seeking to lock the circuit breaker

Wales explains breaker lockdown to save the NHS from FRIDAY: all bars, restaurants and non-essential businesses will be closed for TWO WEEKS from 6pm with people being advised to stay home unless they are critical employees

  • Wales today announced the lockdown of circuit breakers to fight the coronavirus
  • Bars, restaurants and non-essential shops will be closed for two weeks as planned
  • The "fire breaker" will come into force on Friday from 6 pm, said the First Minister
  • The move will put pressure on Boris Johnson to comply with national restrictions

Wales today announced a lockout on the circuit breaker. Bars, restaurants and non-essential shops have to be closed for two weeks.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said the draconian move will take effect from 6 p.m. on Friday to combat a surge in the coronavirus.

Describing the measures as a "fire breaker", he warned that failure to act now would mean "more people will die".

He said everyone in Wales is instructed to stay home unless they are a critical worker or have no choice of going to work. Households are not allowed to mix indoors or outdoors.

Schools will reopen after halftime, Drakeford said at a press conference.

The move will put pressure on Boris Johnson, who despite the support of his own SAGE experts, has desperately opposed the option in England.

Northern Ireland and Scotland have already launched their own national spike raids, but the Prime Minister has maintained his plan for local "levels".

A leaked letter from the Wales transport industry suggests that a two-week power interruption should be introduced on October 23rd from 6pm and last through November 9th, with all but essential retail stores closed.

The move will put pressure on Boris Johnson, who has desperately opposed the option in England

The move will put pressure on Boris Johnson, who has desperately opposed the option in England

First Secretary Mark Drakeford (pictured) is set to unveil the draconian move to tackle a coronavirus surge after a weekend with the details worked out

The number of deaths in Wales has increased since the summer months

Wales risked the wrath of Westminster on Friday by pushing for an "unenforceable" ban on travelers from UK coronavirus hotspots.

Mr Drakeford said the border restrictions were necessary because Mr Johnson had ignored his plea to impose legal restrictions on travel from second and third tier areas in the UK.

The border restrictions, however, have been derided by critics as impractical and anti-English.

The Welsh government is also calling for more support from Westminster to protect jobs and businesses.

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said the vacation program will end on October 31 and will be replaced by the UK government with a "less generous" job support program.

He told the BBC Politics Wales Show yesterday that the Welsh government was "arguing" with ministers in London that a "safer and more generous package" was needed.

From November 1st, the UK government will pay 67 percent of wages – up to a maximum of £ 2,100 per month – for every employee in companies that are forced to close.

Staff must be unemployed for at least seven days to be eligible and their employer does not have to pay for their salary.

Under the current vacation program, employees receive up to 80 percent of their pay – 20 percent from their employer and 60 percent from the government.

Mr Gething said the decision to lock the breaker was pending, but the Welsh government is having a series of discussions with stakeholders to understand what the lockdown might look like.

"Part of the challenge is that support for jobs and businesses will change on November 1st, and it will be a less generous program that will only be available when businesses are legally required to close," he said.

“The fact is that the new support program available from November 1st is less generous than the vacation program.

"This is the reality we have to deal with as we try to argue with the UK government that a safer, more generous package is required if we are to achieve the desired effect of any kind of national intervention to improve transmission rates reduce." to protect people's livelihoods as much as possible. & # 39;

Mr Drakeford said last week that 17 areas of Wales that affect more than 2.3 million people have failed to slow the spread of the virus sufficiently.

Meanwhile, an additional 950 cases of Covid-19 have been diagnosed in Wales, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 35,628.

Three more deaths have been reported, according to Public Health Wales, with the total death toll rising to 1,711 since the pandemic began.

A spokesman for the Welsh government said: "There is a growing consensus that we now need to put in place other measures and measures to respond to the virus as it continues to spread faster in Wales in the coming autumn and winter months."

The Welsh government has banned people from Covid hotspots in the rest of the UK

The Welsh government has banned people from Covid hotspots in the rest of the UK

What are the three tires?

TIER 1 / MEDIUM: This applies to areas where national restrictions still exist.

  • You are not allowed to socialize in groups larger than 6 people inside or outside
  • Certain companies need to ensure that customers only consume food and drink while seated and close between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Companies and venues that sell groceries for consumption off-site can do so after 10:00 p.m. as long as it is a take-out service
  • Places of worship remain open, subject to the rule of 6
  • Weddings and funerals can be held with restrictions on the number of participants
  • Exercise classes and organized sports can continue to take place outdoors or indoors with rule 6

TIER 2 / HIGH: In addition to the restrictions in the alert level:

  • You must not come in contact with anyone outside of your household or support bubbles indoors
  • You are not allowed to socialize in a group of more than 6 people outdoors, not even in a garden
  • Exercise classes and organized sports can still take place outdoors. These are only allowed indoors when it is possible for people not to mix with people they do not live with or with whom they do not share a support bubble, or when they practice youth or disabled sports
  • You can still travel to venues or facilities that are open, work, or have access to education, but try to reduce the number of trips you make whenever possible

TIER 3 / VERY HIGH: At least this means:

  • You must not come into contact with anyone indoors or in a private garden with whom you do not live together or with whom you have formed a support bubble
  • You are not allowed to socialize in a group of more than 6 people in an outdoor public area such as a park
  • Pubs and bars have to close and can only stay open where they function like a restaurant, which means extensive meals are served
  • Places of worship remain open, but mixing in the household is not permitted
  • Weddings (but not receptions) and funerals may limit the number of participants
  • You should avoid staying in any other part of the UK if you live in a very high alert area

The government will also try to arrange additional interventions in consultation with local authorities.

Source: Gov.uk.


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