Victoria and David Beckham could face a Home Sea motorboat ban

David and Victoria Beckham could be banned from using motor boats on the vast lake in their £ 6 million Cotswold mansion for fear of disrupting wildlife.

The ex-captain of England and his wife got permission for a 2,976-square-foot kidney-shaped water feature in the garden of the listed Country Pad in August, despite objections from angry residents.

And they have now sparked more anger among the neighbors after submitting plans to make the lake even bigger just months later.

The Beckhams asked West Oxfordshire District Council if they could increase the lake size to 4,170 square feet and add an island of 122 square feet.

It looks like the super couple will get the green light. Scientists say the lake shouldn't disturb wildlife in the rural idyll.

However, the deputy biodiversity officer Esther Frizell-Armitage has asked for motor boats to be banned on the water so that they do not disturb the fauna.

That is, if the Beckhams want to make it to the island, they have to row.

The water feature is the Beckhams' newest planning application after they received the green light to build a wine cellar and guard house. Pictured: The £ 6.15m Cotswolds Estate, Great Tew, Oxfordshire

She said, “It is important to ensure that boat use of the pond is restricted.

“I therefore recommend applying a specific condition related to the type of boat that will be used on the water, e.g. B. the restriction on the use of speed boats.

“I would consider non-motorized boats like rowboats to be acceptable.

"This is to minimize disturbance to wildlife such as the birds associated with the pond, especially since the pond's primary purpose is to improve the site for biodiversity."

Goldenballs is known as a bit of a gasoline head who loves cars and motorcycles.

He also frequently posts photos on his Instagram and enjoys the water with friends and family on motorboats.

Posh and Becks particularly enjoy spending time on boats with Elton John and his partner David Furnish.

However, if they invite the pop superstar and his husband to their Cotswolds loch, they seem to have to take a rowboat excursion.

Ms. Frizell-Armitage also said that invasive plant species should not be planted on the island in order for the flora to grow naturally.

She added, "My advice is that the island needs to be colonized naturally and that hibernacula be created to create more wildlife opportunities."

The plans have sparked the wrath of their neighbors in Great Tew, a small village near upscale Chipping Norton in Oxon.

The Beckhams property is flanked by Soho Farmhouse, where Meghan Markle hosted her bachelorette party and Jeremy Clarkson and David Cameron live nearby.

The new plans include increasing the lake size to 4,170 square meters and adding a 122 square meter island

The new plans include increasing the size of the lake to 4,170 square meters and adding a 122 square meter island

But neighbor Sue Jones, who has lived in the area for most of her life, has written an angry letter to the council.

She said, “I must strongly oppose this new proposal.

I was opposed to the original plan and my concerns were ignored.

“I think his plan to enlarge the lake could greatly increase the likelihood of flooding in the area.

“Besides, the lake just looks too big for the area in which it is located. It does not correspond to the area and what is planned next? Motorboats race up and down and destroy the peace? It's just not turned on and shouldn't be allowed. & # 39;

The council addressed Ms Jones' concerns about speedboats.

Other neighbors rejected the original proposals for the lake.

Michael Douglas beat up the couple for trying to bring suburbs to the countryside.

He added, "If they wanted everything they asked for, why not find a property large enough to hold all of this."

Other residents called it "ugly", "monstrous" and "out of step" with the posh area.

The Beckham's proposals said the pond would recreate a classic English meadow scene.

The design statement stated that the lake would be surrounded by dozens of different types of grass, wildflowers, shrubs, bushes, and trees.

It said, "The mixture will bloom all summer, giving bees, hoverflies and butterflies a feast of nectar and pollen."

The designer Victoria [46] and the ex-soccer player David [45] could be banned from using motor boats on the water

The designer Victoria [46] and the ex-soccer player David [45] could be banned from using motor boats on the water

The West Oxfordshire District Council should make its decision earlier this year.

The super couple is in a race against time to have the water feature built by February.

Planning regulations for the workers originally appointed by the lake can only be on site between August and February to protect breeding birds.

It appears that excavators were used to work with the original dimensions.

The council said the couple needed to plant hedges and trees to protect native birds and use special lights to help bats.

It must have an underground chamber known as the hibernacula to support reptiles, amphibians, and hedgehogs.

The Beckhams were also required to submit a five-year maintenance plan to show how they will support the area's biodiversity.

This was Posh and Becks' most recent planning success after receiving the green light to build a wine cellar and guardhouse.

They also installed a sauna that did not require council approval.

They spent most of the lockdown in their Cotswolds Bolthole, which is near the trendy Soho Farmhouse – popular with celebrities and royalty.

The barn remodel has burning wood fires and exposed walls.

The incredible gardens are equipped with a pool, tennis court and soccer field – built with a special viewing platform.

Designer Victoria and ex-soccer star David have hosted a number of star-studded parties in the country's Bolthole, including Brooklyn's 21st birthday and the christening of the Cruz and Harper siblings.