Twitter suspends the Hungarian government's account "without warning"

Twitter blocks the Hungarian government's account "without warning": PM spokesman warns "The new world is finally here … Technology giants silence those with different opinions"

  • Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban's official Twitter account has been closed
  • After a few hours it was restored, Budapest said without offering an explanation
  • It comes after Twitter got into political arguments with Donald Trump
  • Orban's spokesman said it was part of a disagreement in Silicon Valley

Twitter today banned the Hungarian government's Twitter account without warning, prompting Viktor Orban's spokesman to poke fun at the "brave new world of technology giants that silence opinions".

The @AboutHungary account, which tweets on behalf of the Nationalist Prime Minister's Cabinet, was previously inaccessible but has since been restored.

This came after Twitter got into political turmoil in the US earlier this year by flagging President Donald Trump's tweets for "misinformation."

Orban's spokesman Zoltan Kovacs attacked the technology company Silicon Valley with his personal Twitter account and wrote: "The brave new world is finally here, in which technology giants silence those who hold different opinions."

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will hold a press conference in Budapest earlier this year

The government account tweeted shortly before noon on Wednesday: “This account has actually been blocked without warning or explanation. It has apparently now been restored Рeven without an explanation. & # 39;

The Mail Online has asked Twitter for a comment.

Orban was praised for his "tremendous work" by Trump and called a "dictator" by Jean Claude Juncker of the EU.

It's not clear what might have prompted Twitter's action.

The Hungarian government's recent tweets included two tweets quoting Obran. In one it says: "Hungary has successfully defeated the epidemic once and would do it again." and another: "Budapest will not agree to anything that could result in Hungary being obliged to accept people from the Middle East or Africa."

Twitter previously flagged tweets from Orban's ally Trump as "abusive language", "incitement to violence" and directed its followers on the World Health Organization guidelines on coronavirus.

Trump has long threatened to go to war on Silicon Valley on claims it is biased against conservatives and rights.

Twitter reported another tweet from Donald Trump in June claiming he broke the "abusive behavior" rules and warned users before viewing the text of the post

Twitter reported another tweet from Donald Trump in June claiming he broke the rules of "abusive behavior" and warned users before they view the text of the post

The president had expressed his condemnation for the Black Lives Matter riots in Washington DC

The president had expressed his condemnation for the riot in Black Lives Matter, Washington DC

Twitter has also been accused of hypocrisy of letting extremist bigots like the Iranian Ayatollah spread crass propaganda with impunity.

After two of his tweets were red flagged in May, Trump tweeted: "Republicans believe that social media platforms completely silence the voices of conservatives. We will regulate them heavily or shut them down before we can ever allow this to happen.

"We saw what they tried in 2016 and we failed. We cannot allow a more sophisticated version of it to happen again."

Twitter's algorithms determine the order in which users see new posts and can be used to make certain content more or less visible.

This has led critics to say that it acts like a publisher – that decides what people read or see – and not just like an open forum.

Meanwhile, the California-based company is making billions in advertising revenue.

Conservatives – and many others outside the mainstream who have pondered topics like history, climate change, and even the coronavirus – claim that big tech, including Twitter, is campaigning against them.