Trump's doctor FINALLY releases his vital functions

Trump's doctor says the president can return to "public engagements" by Saturday and FINALLY releases his vital signs – claiming they are all excellent

  • The White House Doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, issued a new memo Thursday night
  • Contains Trump's vital signs, all of which fell within normal ranges
  • Critical blood oxygen saturation was 96-98% after dropping last week
  • Conley predicted Trump would be ready for public events by Saturday
  • Trump himself said on Thursday that he wanted to do a rally "tonight".

President Donald Trump's doctor says he can return to "public engagements" on Saturday, just over a week after the president first announced he tested positive for coronavirus.

The White House Doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, also released Trumps Signs of life for the first time since infection showing pulse, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels within normal ranges.

Trump was first diagnosed with COVID-19 last Thursday and relocated to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday before returning to the White House on Monday night.

"Since returning home, his physical examination has remained stable and has no evidence of suspected disease progression," Conley said in a memo released by the White House Thursday evening.

Overall, he responded very well to the treatment with no evidence to investigate adverse therapeutic effects.

"Saturday will be the tenth day since Thursday was diagnosed. Based on the advanced diagnostics conducted by the team, I fully anticipate the President's safe return to public engagement at this point."

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