Trump claims early voters want to "change their voice to me" after his second debate with Biden

Donald Trump claimed Tuesday that Americans who already tabled their early voting papers for Joe Biden are now looking to change their votes as Google has seen a dramatic influx of people seeking how or if they can change their vote after they do they have already submitted.

What changed your mind? President Trump claims it was his performance at the second debate in Nashville, Tennessee, Thursday.

& # 39; Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? That refers to changing it to me, "tweeted Trump on Tuesday morning. & # 39; The answer in most states is YES. Go do it. Most important choice of your life! & # 39;

Trump is not wrong, people can change their votes – but only in a few states.

Since September, when early and absent-minded voting began in North Carolina, Google Trends has shown a significant increase in the number of queries on the search engine for those wondering if they can change their mind after they've already voted.

The search's popularity peaked on October 18 and 24, the days immediately before and after the second and final debate between the President and the Democratic candidate. This was less than two weeks before election day.

Donald Trump assured voters that they can change their ming even if they have already sent their ballots after Google Trends saw an influx of people looking for a change in their vote before election day

Line to vote early in person in Brooklyn, New York

Worker mans a dropbox for postal ballot papers in Miami, Florida

Whether by mail or in person, a record number of people voted early or absent this year in the middle of the coroanvirus pandemic. By Friday, 37 million people had already cast their ballots

Only a handful of states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, allow early voters to change their ballot after it is cast

Only a handful of states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, allow early voters to change their ballot after it is cast

Can I really change my mail-in or early voting?

ARIZONA: No you can't

CALIFORNIA: If you completed but not sent your postal ballot, you can take it to any polling station in your county from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on polling day to be set aside. If you sent it, too late. An early personal vote cannot be changed

FLORIDA: No you can't

MICHIGAN: Once you've sent in your ballot, you can request that it be declared null and void in a signed, written request to your polling officer by 5 p.m., October 30th. An early personal vote cannot be changed

MINNESOTA: Too late, the deadline for changing the postal vote was October 20th. An early personal vote cannot be changed

NEW HAMPSHIRE: If you submitted a postal ballot, you can go to your polling station the first hour after it opens to request that your ballot be invalid. However, by then it may have been edited. An early personal vote cannot be changed

NEW YORK: If you've submitted a postal ballot and changed your mind, you can go to a polling station and vote in person. This invalidates the previous ballot. An early personal vote cannot be changed

NORTH CAROLINA: No, you can't

OHIO: No you can't

PENNSYLVANIA: If you still have your completed postal ballot, you can take it for a poll to invalidate it and get a new vote. Once you've sent it, you can't change it. An early personal vote cannot be changed

WISCONSIN: If you voted absent, you have until October 29th to cancel this ballot and apply for a new one. An early personal vote cannot be changed

The problem of Americans changing their election selection has gained momentum due to a record number of early and absent voters amid the coronavirus pandemic as several states have eased their voting criteria using this method.

More people vote in person early than in previous years, which leads to queues lasting several hours.

By Friday, 37 million people had already voted, whether by post or in person.

Areas where searching "Can I change my voice?" are primarily in New Mexico, North Dakota, New Hampshire, and Nebraska.

Although Nebraska is a deep red state that was overwhelming for Trump in 2016, the president plans to travel there for a rally on Tuesday night – a questionable move that has sparked speculation that the president is concerned about losing traction there.

States that have also exceeded the 50 percent mark in search queries are Kentucky, Maine, Delaware, and Washington D.C.

The five states that are least interested in the question are Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Georgia, and Oregon.

Biden is fighting in Georgia on Tuesday despite not having a chance to win the red state, which gave Trump more than 50 percent last time.

While most state election websites are not easily accessible to find out if or how to change your early or absent vote, states where you can change it are Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and Mississippi.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether you can change your ballot in Pennsylvania after it's been sent or cast.

In Connecticut, it is up to the local city bureau to decide whether voters can change their minds.

Wisconsin, a major battlefield state that only went red 0.7 percent in 2016, allows voters to change their mind up to three times before their vote is officially cast and counted.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are swing states that turned slightly red in 2016, but Trump is at risk of losing this time around.

Some states, like Michigan and Wisconsin, allow voters to change their vote until election day, while some other states allow voters to do so by a set date.

Other battlefield states such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Arizona do not allow voters to change their ballot once it has been cast.

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