Trump accuses Joe Biden of leading an "anti-police crusade" after the riot in Louisville

President Donald Trump went on "law and order" at his rally Thursday night in Jacksonville, Florida, accusing his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, of "crusading the police" and calling law enforcement an "enemy".

The president's comments follow another night of violence in the U.S. when two police officers were shot dead during demonstrations in Louisville, Kentucky after a Kentucky grand jury failed to indict Louisville police over Breonna Taylor's death.

"Biden's crusade against the police must stop," demanded the president. "I will always stand by law enforcement heroes."

President Donald Trump beat up Democrat Joe Biden for embarking on a "crusade against the police" during his rally Thursday night in Jacksonville, Florida

Trump described his opponent as

Trump described his opponent as "weak as hell", accused him of surrendering to a group of "flag burners, rioters and anti-police radicals" and again claimed that Biden was on drugs

Trump described the Democratic ex-vice president as "weak as hell".

"He gave up his party to mark burners, rioters and anti-police radicals," said the president.

Trump brought up the chaos in Kentucky Wednesday night – compliments to the Democratic governor of the state, Andy Beshear, who had called up the National Guard.

But then he accused Biden of supporting the riot.

"Joe, you are not peaceful!" Shouted Trump. "I think he does," grinned the President.

Biden has condemned violence and destruction related to Black Lives Matter protests this summer, which are spiraling out of control.

Biden tweeted on Wednesday: "Even amid the deep sadness and anger that today's decision evokes, violence is never the answer and can never be the answer."

"Those who take part must be held accountable," he said.

“Jill and I have the Louisville officers shot in our prayers tonight. We wish both of them a speedy and full recovery, ”added Biden.

Trump, photographed with an American flag above him, mocked Biden for saying the protests against Black Lives Matter were peaceful.

Trump, photographed with an American flag above him, mocked Biden for saying the protests against Black Lives Matter were peaceful. "Joe, you are not peaceful!" Shouted Trump

While Trump claimed Biden was on one

While Trump claimed Biden was on an "anti-police crusade," the Democratic candidate tweeted Wednesday night, "Violence is and never can be the answer." Biden added that the two officers shot were in the prayers of him and his wife Jill

But Trump continued to say he was a law enforcement candidate while Biden was the Black Lives Matter candidate – portraying the broader movement as violent and awkward.

"He's even called law enforcement an enemy," Trump said of Biden on Thursday evening, taking Biden's words to warn of the over-militarization of the police out of context.

On July 8, the former vice president said, "Excess military equipment for law enforcement: they don't need it." The last thing you need is an armored Humvee to get into a neighborhood – it's like the military invasion. "

"You don't know anyone. You become the enemy. You are supposed to protect these people," said Biden.

The president has already made the claim, with fact checkers finding it a bias.

Trump spent Monday, Tuesday, and now Thursday doing campaign rallies – with rallies also scheduled for Friday evening and Saturday evening.

Trump supporter Jonathan Riches waits for the president to arrive in Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday evening wearing Trump glasses

Trump supporter Jonathan Riches waits for the president to arrive in Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday evening wearing Trump glasses

He had previously traveled to North Carolina – another swing state – to provide a health care address before heading to Florida, his adopted home.

Trump, of course, brought this fact up with the audience, who he suspected were 30,000 people, while Biden – who has limited campaigns due to the coronavirus pandemic – can't even fill his "circles" that are at the events of the Democrats were used to ensure correct social distancing.

Biden also followed a lighter campaign schedule.

“Did you see he put another lid on this morning? Cover. Cover. Do you know what a lid is? & # 39; Trump asked the crowd. “A lid is when you put the word you are not going to advertise today. That he won't work today. & # 39;

Trump suggested that Biden might be "right" about this tactic.

"Remember, if he never fights and wins, you know how bad I'll feel?" he asked the audience. & # 39; I work hard. & # 39;

Trump again pounded Biden as a "low energy individual," mirroring the nickname he gave to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush during the 2016 GOP primaries.

"He's the lowest energy person I've ever seen," Trump said of 77-year-old Biden.

The president then turned to the first presidential debate, which will be held in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday evening.

And as for weeks, Trump accused Biden of using drugs.

"You give him a great insight into something," said Trump, looking down on the debate. "He'll be Superman for about 15 minutes."

The president suggested other known targets as well.

He followed up MP Ilhan Omar again two days after suggesting that the US was not her country since she was born in Somalia before becoming a US citizen.

On Thursday, Trump said sarcastically, "She loves our country very much."

"She has complete disrespect for our country and I think she hates our country," he said, now seriously. “I would say Omar is a big reason we're going to win. You don't particularly like her in Minnesota. & # 39;

Trump's campaign targeted Minnestoa as a state won by Hillary Clinton that the president could potentially turn around in 2020.

The president also cited the riots in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day as a reason the state might switch parties.