Travel: All inclusive, but not as you know it, Rixos Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Travel: All inclusive, but not as you know it, Rixos Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

It is generally accepted that all-inclusive vacation options can separate travelers' opinions quite radically. For some triggering traumatic flashbacks to sad looking warm bowls that are overcrowded with extremely unattractive chips and indistinguishable local ghosts. Others rave about the ease that the all-inclusive option offers, especially when traveling with the family. Relying on the plethora of choices and the undeniable extravagance of realistic budget management, while not denying yourself a treat.

Formerly synonymous with European vacation destinations, existing all-inclusive fans and those who still need to convert (wear me here) need to know something about Rixos Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. After its opening in October last year, this is the latest offer from the Turkish-grown hotel brand and has been recognized as the first all-inclusive resort in Abu Dhabi. In destinations like Abu Dhabi and neighboring Dubai, which are known and celebrated for their luxury, there is fierce competition and high standards. With this in mind, Rixos has made every effort to ensure that there are no compromises on Saadiyat Island.

Enter the island of Rixos Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi

As everyone knows, the first impressions stay with you and the size of the lobby will not be forgotten quickly. Rich sapphire colors contrast with clear white marble. The carvings are so intricate that they prevent you from where you are. And of course, just enough decadent gold is thriving, as you would hope for in this part of the world.

This opulence set the tone for the rest of the resort. It is located in an impressive courtyard and is framed by towering archways that lead you to the extensive private beach and offer you a panoramic view of the Persian Gulf. It goes without saying that this is a very large resort with 366 rooms and suites as well as 12 three and four bedroom villas for families, but due to the epic proportions of your surroundings, you will never feel overwhelmed by other guests.

While others raved about the Rixy Kids Club and the Aquapark, I took every opportunity the team offered for enthusiastic activities. Without shame, I am of course one of those who long for organized fun on vacation. It's also my job to try it so you don't have to. In fact, if I weren't that kind of person I couldn't tell you about the joys of aerial yoga, there is a lot to say about the inner peace you experience when you hang upside down and listen to the waves that are on the water crashing beach behind you. A big thank you to the team and especially to Marianna for her endless patience with this scared cat. You made me feel like a graceful circus performer, though I'm sure I look like a cat stuck up my sleeve. Google these videos on a rainy day, they're sure to put a smile on your face.

Opulent jewel tones continue in all rooms

Opulent jewel tones continue in all rooms

After a long day of lazing around the pool and taking obscure fitness classes, I enjoyed going back to my room and putting on my splendor for a long, sluggish dinner that was usually accompanied by too much wine. It's fair to say that I love the pomp and ceremony of a meal, scan the menu under ambient lighting, the anticipation between courses, people watching, it's all part of the experience. That's why I felt disappointed with traditional all-inclusive resorts. A buffet every night is simply not enough. As for me (though I very much doubt it), Rixos offers astonishing 10 restaurants and bars, including specialized Italian, Turkish, Japanese, and a la carte fish restaurants, which include a visit at no additional cost. Reserve on arrival so as not to be disappointed. A very special greeting goes to the Orient for traditional Turkish cuisine and to Aja for class A teppanyaki and sushi. Given the orderly evening restaurant dilemma, I can safely say that I will quickly become an all-inclusive convert.

The spa is not a place to miss no matter how long you stay

The spa is not a place to miss no matter how long you stay

With so much to offer, it can be overwhelming if you only have a short stay. But I ask you not to miss the spa, visit the inspired Ottoman architecture, a fitting homage to the brand's Turkish roots. In addition to steam baths and saunas, the adult-only pool in the courtyard is a quiet place that offers protection from the sea breeze when you're out of season. Those looking for a little more enjoyment will enjoy the traditional Turkish hamman and extensive treatment list.

It is worth noting that the Saadiyat Island itself will become a cultural center even after it is fully completed next year.

Overall, Rixos Saadiyat announces a change for resorts in this part of the world and sees how they seamlessly translate the usual luxury and high-end flair in an all-inclusive environment. I can quickly see that it will become a favorite with British travelers. Not to mention that you can perfectly enjoy the winter sun in the first months of the year while your traditional European all-inclusive destinations have not yet warmed up. I have converted, see you there (luckily there are more than enough sun beds for all of us).

Rooms on Rixos Saadiyat cost from £ 205 per person per night (excluding a small selection of alcoholic beverages and cigars / shisha in the Shisha Lounge). rixossaadiyatisland.com.


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