Three activists scale parliament and demand the payment of reparations for slavery

Three activists are scaling parliament demanding that slavery redress be paid for with a giant banner signed by XR and Black Lives Matter – the day after the stunt at the nearby cenotaph

  • Three activists hung the note "To the people of the UK" from the scaffolding
  • It called for "honest recognition of the harm and human costs of slavery"
  • The document also said there should be "cancellation of all African debts".
  • It comes three weeks after the protester disguised as Spiderman entered the area
  • Met & # 39; s safety is being questioned after XR protested at Cenotaph yesterday

Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion protesters hung a giant banner from the Houses of Parliament today calling for redress for slavery.

At least three protesters wearing high visibility clothing hung the large letter "To the people of the UK" on a scaffold in front of the building.

The note called for "an honest recognition of the harm and human costs of slavery and colonialism" and called for "truth and healing commissions".

It also said there should be a "cancellation of all African debts" and "equal reparations".

The move comes three weeks after an activist dressed as Spiderman was arrested after climbing scaffolding next to Big Ben.

It has once again challenged the safety of city police after XR went unchallenged when they protested the cenotaph yesterday on Armistice Day.

At least three demonstrators wearing high visibility clothing hung the large letter "To the people of the UK" on a scaffold in front of the building

Spectators today claimed protesters had access to the building from the River Thames, with a police boat pictured on site.

The letter, signed by Africans Rising, XR and Black Lives Matter, asked for help to "heal the injustices of the past and reduce the racism of the present".

It went on: “The tragedies of slavery and colonialism are not only experienced by Africans.

“The exploitation of people and the environment continued to cause suffering, which is obvious.

George Floyd's brutal murder stems from this unbroken thread of systemic racism. You must have heard the echo of the world in the words of Black Lives Matter. & # 39;

The note added, “Britain was the largest colonization in Africa and around the world. It has benefited and sustained the ointment trade and therefore has a special responsibility to rectify the injustices of the past.

"We are constantly appealing to these measures."

The document had the Black Lives Matter's fist at the top and the Extinction Rebellion hourglass at the bottom.

The police crashed a boat on the Palace of Westminster at around 6:15 a.m. and engaged the activists.

City Police said: "On Thursday, November 12th, at around 6:15 am, protesters were given access to the grounds of the Palace of Westminster."

The statement added: “Officers are on hand and are involved with the demonstrators. No arrests. & # 39;