They jumped into the river with cocaine and heroin to avoid the police

Moment drug dealer jumps into the river with 700 pounds of cocaine and heroin to avoid the police – only to be caught and arrested by officers a moment later

  • The footage shows the 23-year-old trader Finn O & # 39; Neill jumping into the River Cam in Cambridge
  • He was approached by an officer on a bicycle trying to get away with his drugs
  • O & # 39; Neill was then fished by the officer after getting into trouble in the water

This is the bizarre moment when a drug dealer jumped into a river with a supply of drugs to escape the police – only to be fished by officers a moment later.

The video shows the dealer withholding it from the police after locating Class A drugs near the River Cam in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Body camera footage shows 23-year-old Finn O & # 39; Neill being approached by a police officer on a bike before running away and jumping into the river.

Body camera footage shows Finn O & # 39; Neill, 23, jumping into the River Cam to try to escape the cop

The man tried to escape the policeman with a supply of 700 pounds of cocaine and heroin.

After the officer approaches the two men on his bike, he can be heard asking, "Okay guys, what are you up to?" Before you tell the dealer to relax.

O & # 39; Neill then gets up and goes straight to the water. He's splashing around trying to keep his packs of cocaine and heroin afloat.

But it was fished a moment later after it started to afloat.

He was then assisted by officials and arrested for drug supply.

The officer approached on his bike around 12:56 p.m. on September 18, and O & # 39; Neill was sentenced to two years in prison last month and suspended for 24 months.

Following the conviction, Huntingdonshire Police went to their Facebook page to post a hilarious post about the incident, which was filled with water-based puns.

The post read: “That's when County Line drug dealer Finn O & # 39; Neill, 23, knew he'd made a big mistake.

On September 18, 2020, officials from the Cambridge neighborhood support team had been herring for drug trafficking near the river on Fen Road.

They borrowed a bike from a member of the public and discovered an opportunity to get involved.

O & # 39; Neill left his £ 700 worth of drugs in the river that an officer was trying to get

The officer swayed to leave the drugs from the dealer in the River Cam

O & # 39; Neill was fished by an officer, and his £ 700 worth of cocaine and heroin were swimming in the river that another officer swam in to get him

They approached O & # 39; Neill, who defied the police and decided that the best plaice for him was in the river itself.

He jumped in, and as he fluttered around, hobbled crack cocaine and heroin in the river.

& # 39; He was immediately fished by the officers and arrested for drug supply.

O & # 39; Neill was confident he'd gotten away with it, but met his Nemo sister in the NST officers when they discovered the precious cargo floating down the river.

One of the officers, who did not shell the clam, made the decision to jump into the river and crab the evidence. Thanks to cod, the drugs had surfaced, not sunk.

& # 39; It was a fateful outcome, reclaiming several packs of crack cocaine and heroin and over 700 pounds of drug supply proceeds.

"On Thursday, November 19th, O & # 39; Neill pleaded guilty to being obsessed with intent to supply crack cocaine and with intent to supply heroin."