The zip code checks which pubs and restaurants offer up to £ 10 off meals in August

A newly released postal code checker shows which pubs and restaurants offer up to £ 10 off meals in August as part of Rishi Sunak's new program.

In August, guests receive a 50 percent discount up to a maximum of GBP 10 per head on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays as part of the Eat Out to Help Out program.

The Chancellor announced the diner discount, which only applies to participating companies, earlier this month to boost spending on the stricken British high streets.

It is slated to start next week, just a few days after the government launched a new obesity strategy that would put an end to candy store displays and offers like "Buy One and Get One Free" for unhealthy foods.

Yesterday, experts warned the Chancellor's 50% discount, which applies to fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonald’s that could undermine the health initiative.

To use the postal code checker, which shows participating restaurants within three kilometers of your place of residence, visit it website.

The government has introduced a postcode verifier for Eat Out, which you can use to find out which restaurants in your area are participating

What offers can you get from popular chains?

Nando & # 39; s: Quarter Peri Peri Chicken and Two Sides – £ 3.38 instead of £ 7.75

Costa: Wurstbap: £ 1.29 instead of £ 2.95

Wetherspoon: Traditional breakfast £ 1.75 instead of £ 3.49

Pizza Express: American Hot Pizza £ 7.25 instead of £ 14.50

KFC: Bargain Bucket (6 pieces) £ 6.95 instead of £ 13.99

McDonald & # 39; s: Big Mac meal £ 2.45 instead of £ 4.89

Amelia Lake, a professor of public health nutrition at Teesside University, told The Guardian: “Offering subsidies for foods that are particularly linked to lower health completely contradicts the other message about reducing obesity.

“On the one hand, we hear that combating obesity is an urgent public health challenge, and on the other, we see measures that we know do not help us reduce obesity. There must be clear messaging and common actions. & # 39;

Boris Johnson was pictured walking his dog Dilyn yesterday and said his personal weight loss trip had so far lost more than a stone.

The prime minister said that since his recovery from coronavirus, he has focused on getting fitter by running his dog in the morning.

He urged the nation to follow suit and insisted that the government's "better health strategy" would help people "lose weight" and better protect the NHS.

Dr. Duane Mellor said, however, that the approach prioritizes high-fat and salt meals.

Dr. Mellor told the Guardian: “Instead of bringing the UK agricultural sector closer to the public after a year of wasting a lot of fresh produce, we seem to have something that supports half-price high-fat and low-sugar meals and low nutrient density.

Diners receive a 50 percent discount on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August, up to a maximum of GBP 10 per head, under the "Eat Out to Help Out" program run by Rishi Sunak

Diners receive a 50 percent discount on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August, up to a maximum of GBP 10 per head, under the "Eat Out to Help Out" program run by Rishi Sunak

What's in Boris Johnson's new obesity strategy?

– Shops

Shops will be prohibited from buying promotions for unhealthy products as the government tries to reduce temptation to take a snack.

Supermarket managers are also prohibited from placing confectionery in tempting locations such as shop entrances and next to cash registers. Instead, they are advised to offer more discounts on fruits and vegetables.

– Advertising

The Prime Minister's strategy will put an end to junk food advertising on television and online at 9 p.m. to protect young people at a time when their food preferences are set.

The government will also hold a consultation on whether the proposed restrictions on internet advertising might go further, considering a complete ban on advertising foods high in fat, sugar, or salt.

– Count calories

Ministers will introduce new laws that will force restaurants and food stalls with more than 250 employees to add calorie labels to their menus to help guests make more informed decisions.

The Ministry of Health said that a consultation would follow before the end of the year to decide whether the same type of calorie labeling on alcohol should be required.

– Healthcare interventions

To help people lose weight, NHS weight management services are expanding and more smartphone apps are being introduced to improve lifestyle and overall health.

The NHS Diabetes Prevention Program will also see improvements.

General practitioners are encouraged to prescribe exercise and other social activities to keep people fit. Cycling pilots in the poorest areas are said to provide bicycles to entice people to improve their activities.

– Labeling of food parcels

A consultation – the third related to the strategy – will gather evidence of how the current traffic light labeling system is used for food packaging by consumers and industry and compare it to other international examples.

"Even worse, the inclusion of soft drinks seems to subsidize beverages whose consumption has been drastically reduced by the extremely successful sugar tax."

However, the government's strategy was welcomed by television chef Jamie Oliver, who has been working to fight childhood obesity for 20 years. He said the measures were "a big step in the right direction," but the "devil will be in the details."

In addition to fast food chains, inexpensive meals are offered in a number of popular restaurants such as Nando & # 39; s and Pizza Hut, as well as in thousands of independent restaurants.

The discount applies to meals you sit in the restaurant with and includes everything on the menu, except alcoholic beverages. The sharp price cut will be applied when you receive your invoice.

With the Eat Out to Help Out deal, companies will reclaim the money from the Treasury, which is expected to spend £ 500m on the program.

The government has already released 59 chains participating in the program, including Five Guys, Wetherspoons, Pizza Express and Wasabi.

You have also started a zip code checker that allows you to search for participating restaurants within three kilometers of where you live.

A number of chains have already passed on Mr. Sunak's savings, which have reduced VAT from 20 to 5 percent, so that prices in combination with the new system should be much cheaper for consumers.

The new system enables consumers to make huge savings in popular restaurants across the country.

Customers hoping to order a cheeky Nando can get a quarter of Peri Peri chicken and two side dishes for £ 3.38 instead of the usual £ 7.75.

Caffeine addicts can get a sausage bap for £ 1.29 instead of the usual £ 2.95.

This is more than half a price discount as the coffee chain increases the VAT on items, making them even cheaper.

The pub chain Wetherspoon quickly released a new, cheaper menu on July 15, when the VAT cuts began. Thanks to the new system, you can get the popular traditional breakfast for £ 1.75.

Fans of the Italian Pizza Express restaurant can get a half-price America Hot Pizza for £ 7.25.

And roast chicken fans can buy a 6-piece bargain bucket for £ 6.95 instead of the usual £ 13.99.

And a medium-sized Big Mac meal with fries and a drink costs £ 2.45

The discounts are only available when you sit and eat. They are not available for Drive-Thrus and takeaways.

The idea behind the Chancellor, who was created by politics, is that people sit on the high street and spend money.

Mr Sunak said earlier this month that the move will help protect 1.8 million jobs.

"To encourage people to eat safely in restaurants again, the government's new food discount program in August 2020 will offer a 50% discount on seated meals every week from Monday to Wednesday," he said.

Eating out to help: How the scheme works and how you can best combine "stacking" with other discounts to increase your savings

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August, Britons can eat out at a discounted price.

Companies participating in the program receive a 50 percent discount up to a maximum of £ 10 per person.

If a meal costs £ 20, dinner gets a £ 10 discount, but if a meal costs £ 30, dinner still only gets £ 10 discount.

Companies will reclaim the money from the Treasury, which is expected to spend £ 500 million on the program.

Restaurants and pubs are expected to announce their commitment in the coming weeks.

The discount applies to non-alcoholic drinks, but no alcohol.

Can you also use OTHER discounts?

Yes, you can stack the discount in addition to other offers to get more savings.

The government requires retail outlets that join the program to apply the 50% discount on the entire menu AND in addition to the food offerings or vouchers offered that day.

That is, the only way for a participating restaurant to avoid double savings for guests is to cut their own discounts.

Chains like Wetherspoon and Pizza Express have all stated that they have no plans to change their existing offerings.

Discount programs such as the Tastecard are also offered throughout August.

According to the Money Saving Expert, this should mean that you can stack the usual discount that comes with the car with the 50% discount offer.

Which chains and restaurant groups are registered for the program?

Atalian Servest

Atlas Hotels

Bakers + baristas

Bannatyne Health Club

Bar + grills


Black sheep coffee

Blue diamond

Boparan restaurant group


Brew dog

Burger King

Buzz Bingo


Coffee Nero

Center Parcs

Coffee # 1

Company of cooks

The Cornish Bakery

Costa coffee


Cote Brasserie

D&D London

David Lloyd clubs

Deep blue fish and chips

Dobbie's garden center

Euro garages

Every man

Five types

Franco Manca



GAIL's bakeries

Giggling squid

Gourmet burger cuisine

Green king

Grosvenor casinos

Hall & Woodhouse


Hollywood Bowl

Honest burgers



JW Lees

Joe & the juice

Joseph Holt

Juries Inn


Kew Green Hotels

Leon restaurants

MacDonald Hotels


MC Donalds



Mitchells & Butlers

Morrisons – Cafe and Barista Bar

New World Trading Company

Park holidays

Patisserie Valerie


Pizza Express

Pizza Hut

Pret A Manger



Revolution Bars Group

Raj Douth

Raj Gate

Road boss

Selfridges & Co.

Shepherd Neame Ltd.

Spice garden

St. Austell brewery


TGI on Fridays

Team sport


The ivy collection

The National Trust

Tony Macaroni


Turtle Bay


Village hotels

Viva Italia



Wild forest

YO sushi


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