The writer says raw food cleans, younger men date, and yoga makes them look young

This is what 57 looks like: The writer says that raw food cleans, younger men date and yoga makes them look young

  • The writer Kym Vincenti is single and lives in Leigh-on-Sea, where she runs Withdrawals
  • A child's mother says that her previous relationships with men are 10 years younger
  • A raw food cleanser has been added and yoga makes her youthful look every day

Kym Vincenti is single and lives in Leigh-on-Sea. She is a writer and conducts wellness retreats. she has a Son Jordan, 33.


I was cared for as a child and in my early 20s I felt that the world had forgotten me. One day the driver in a taxi asked me how I was and everything came out. He didn't charge me the fare, but said, "Remember that good things can happen to you." It pretty much confirmed me. I managed to find a job as a PA and change my life. Now I keep a daily diary. Writing is therapy.

Kym Vincenti is single and lives in Leigh-on-Sea. She is a writer and leads wellness retreats. She has a son, Jordan, 33


I love making my own beauty products. As a moisturizer, I mix shea butter, coconut oil and sunflower oil as well as a few drops of essential oils. Rosehip oil is ideal to promote collagen, moisturize and soothe sun damage. I use incense to prevent my skin from becoming too oily. and bergamot to help with inflammation.


I got divorced in 2013. During my ten-year marriage, I increased and rose from size 12 to 16. My self-confidence hit rock bottom. So I started doing yoga. Now I do it every day. I leave my mat next to my bed, so I have no excuse not to. In 2016, I did a one-month retreat in the Himalayas to learn how to teach it (£ 1,200, omshantiomyoga.com) – now I'm running courses and posting video tutorials.


I believe that food is medicine, so I try to eat healthy. But last year I also did a 30-day raw food cleaning and only ate cold, uncooked fruits and vegetables. I went to a size eight. I would have a fruit smoothie for breakfast. then avocado with zucchini hummus for lunch; and a "raw shepherd's pie" for dinner with a mixture of mushrooms, onions and herbs as "meat" and a cauliflower-garlic porridge. It is an amazing detox.


I've never met someone older than me – and most of my previous relationships have been with men who are ten years younger. People think that you slow down in mid-life, but I model, sing and do casting work in films, which was so fun. I would now only meet someone my age if he had a youthful attitude.

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