The second body is in the sea off Brighton

A second body was recovered from the sea off the Sussex coast after police recovered a small rubber dinghy yesterday at noon.

The first victim was found on Lancing Beach in West Sussex at 1.40pm yesterday.

The RNLI recovered a second body this morning. It is believed that none of the victims were migrants trying to cross the canal.

The striking green dinghy without a motor was loaded with a shopping cart on wheels and a mobile phone.

Two bodies have been recovered from the Sussex coast in the past 24 hours. It is believed that the victims used this small inflatable boat. The victims are not believed by migrants

A man's body was recovered off the West Sussex coast yesterday

A man's body was recovered off the West Sussex coast yesterday

A major search operation started yesterday after the body was reported in the water

A major search operation started yesterday after the body was reported in the water

On Monday 116 people were rescued from the sea by the Coast Guard and the RNLI

On Monday, 116 people were rescued from the sea by the Coast Guard and the RNLI

Sussex police are trying to identify the body of a man found in the sea off the coast of Brighton yesterday afternoon.

The man was rescued from the sea at 1.40 p.m. in Lancing yesterday. A dinghy with a shopping cart and a mobile phone was discovered nearby.

Sussex Police told The Argus: “A second body was recovered from the sea by RNLI lifeboat crews and the HM Coastguard searching for a dinghy that was found floating empty in the sea off Shoreham on Monday 10 August has been.

A man's body was recovered from the sea off Brighton on Monday afternoon shortly after 5 p.m. on the RNLI Shoreham lifeboat.

“He was not officially identified at the time, but it is believed to be a man associated with the small, vacant dinghy that was found at 1.40pm.

Investigations to confirm the man's identity revealed that his friend was also missing, and the search continued at sea Monday evening and continued Tuesday morning.

At around 8:45 a.m., a body was discovered by the crew of a Coast Guard helicopter and picked up by the Shoreham lifeboat crew.

& # 39; It has not been officially identified, but it is believed to be that of the missing man.

The Maritime and Coast Guard Agency told MailOnline, “The Lee-on-the-Solent search and rescue helicopter, RNLI lifeboats from Shoreham, Brighton and Newhaven and the Shoreham and Littlehampton Coast Guard rescue teams assisted Sussex Police today during a search off Shoreham (August 11th) for more information on a rubber dinghy that drifted off Shoreham yesterday (August 10th). & # 39;

169 incidents were reported to the Coast Guard on Monday, including 87,999 emergency calls.

The RNLI searched for the second victim for nine hours yesterday before resuming surgery this morning at dawn.

The RNLI launched both its coastal and all-weather live boats at 6am.

Hundreds of thousands of Britons are flocking to the beach as a result of the current heat wave and the difficulty of vacationing abroad.

On Friday alone, the Coast Guard responded to 70 missions by noon, which is above average for this time of the year.

The Coast Guard reported its busiest day in more than four years, handling 329 incidents on July 31, when the UK recorded the hottest day of the year and third warmest ever, with mercury hitting 37.8 ° C (100.04 ° F ) rose heathrow airport.

Matt Leat, director of infrastructure and technology at HM Coastguard, said there had been a similar number of deployments this weekend when families took advantage of the heatwave.

Mr Leat urged the public not to use inflatables on the beach when they are being blown out into the sea and to check the tide to ensure safety and watch out for each other.

On Saturday, HM Coastguard handled 340 individual incidents across the UK – the highest number of operations in four years.

On Friday they had 329 emergency calls.

According to HM Coastguard, “Overcrowded coastlines and beaches kept us busy on yet another hot day of heatwave with Coast Guard rescue teams involved in 221 incidents.

& # 39; Both the RNLI and independent lifeboats were called together 155 times, and aircraft (30 duties) were also used to provide support on the coast and at sea.

HM Coastguard responded to 186,999 calls yesterday and coordinated search and rescue responses to a wide variety of incidents, including people cut off from the tide and children being washed up at sea on rubber dinghies.

In total, the service saved 146 people and supported a further 371 people. & # 39;

Figures released by the Coast Guard compared to August 2019 show a 145 percent increase in emergency calls. .

Richard Hackwell, Head of Coast Guard at HM Coastguard, said, “We have seen a sharp increase in the number of incidents this weekend as more people visit coastal areas and go to the beach. We understand that people want to have fun on the coast and enjoy the heat wave, but we urge everyone to respect the sea and take responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves, their friends and family.

"We are at a time of better weather, so we would like to remind you to check and verify the tides as currents and tides can detect even the most experienced swimmer or keen water sports enthusiast." Plan your day trip, always be careful and make sure you can contact us if you run into trouble. & # 39;

He added, "Our latest statistics show that whenever someone calls 999 and asks about the Coast Guard, we will always respond. However, help us help you by not making decisions that could put you and others at risk."

“Every time our front teams react – as always and always – please remember that they too are at risk. Be especially careful around the coast today and in the days ahead. We don't want you to remember your day trip for the wrong reasons. "

In the meantime, the RNLI has urged beach goers to follow water safety advice and stick to social distancing.

Last week the charity carried out 30 rescues in one day on just one beach in Cornwall.

Anyone who sees a person in trouble should alert lifeguards or call 999 and ask about the Coast Guard.

A Coast Guard helicopter was also involved in yesterday's search and rescue operation

A Coast Guard helicopter was also involved in yesterday's search and rescue operation

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