The retired pastor, 85, scratched the married pastor, the court hears

The 85-year-old retired minister, who got used to a married minister after jumping on her "like a rabbit out of a rabbit hole", hears the court

  • The 85-year-old told the trainee, "I really miss being cuddled," while stroking her hair, as a court heard
  • The jury at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard Reverend Geraint Hughes hugging the married woman and attempting to kiss her
  • The former pastor denies sexual assault and claims it was a misunderstanding

An 85-year-old retired pastor sexually assaulted a curate after jumping on her "like a rabbit out of a rabbit hole," a court heard.

The jury heard the Reverend Geraint Hughes say to the would-be minister, "I really miss cuddling."

The shocked married woman tried to fend off the older clergyman and even suggested, "Let's pray," to distract him.

But Hughes, as pictured, continued to stroke the woman's neck and hair while pressing unwanted kisses on her, the jury was told.

The pastor was visiting Hughes' house to discuss Sunday services when he suddenly "shot off his chair" and wrapped his arms around her, it said.

Reverend Geraint Hughes, the former Dean of Brecon, arrives at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court

At the Crown Court in Merthyr Tydfil, District Attorney Nicola Powell said, “He told her he really missed having cuddles and needed some. As he hugged her, he said, "It's nice physical contact." He tried to kiss her and caught her on the lips once. & # 39;

Oxford-educated Hughes, the former dean of Brecon Cathedral in Wales, lost his wife and daughter the previous year when he allegedly attacked the curator.

Miss Powell said, “The touch was sexual and she disagreed with it. She confessed to her husband and mother before the Archbishop of Wales got involved. & # 39;

The curator – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said she gave Hughes a quick hug when she arrived at his home for the 90-minute meeting on February 20 last year.

But she added when she got up to leave, "he got up like a rabbit from a rabbit hole".

She told the jury, “He came up to me pretty quickly with his arms outstretched … it wasn't like a normal hug, he had my arms pinned, we were locked together. My brain didn't calculate what was happening.

"He tried to kiss me a few times, I don't know how I managed to break away." The curator felt like ants on her head after Hughes stroked her hair while trying to peck her.

Hughes, Dean of Brecon from 1998 to 2000, claims it was a misunderstanding and denied getting sexual satisfaction from the encounter.

He admits hugging the curator and kissing her, but said he didn't cross the line.

Hughes of Llandrindod Wells, Powys denies sexual assault, and the trial continues.