The MP's wife, Sasha Swire, says Boris Johnson is "a adding machine".

MP's wife Sasha Swire says Boris Johnson is "a adding machine" that is "desperately unhappy from the inside" in a gloriously indiscreet new scrapbook that opens the cover of the Tory Party

  • Sasha Swire will shed light on the political events of the last decade in her book
  • The explosive new book Diary of a MPs Wife will discuss their problems and difficulties
  • Swire, 57, worked as a political researcher for his husband's office from 2001 to 2009

Former Tory MP Sir Hugo Swire's wife will reveal the problems and difficulties behind the political events of the past decade in her explosive new book.

57-year-old Sasha Swire, who worked as a journalist before taking on the role of political researcher for her husband's office from 2001 to 2009, documented her experiences in the world of politics in a secret diary.

Now, in her debut book, Diary of a MP & # 39; s Wife, Ms. Swire will give an open account of life as the wife of an MP, exposing the inner Tory circles she has made friends with over the course of 20 years.

During an entry at the beginning of the book slated to hit the bookshelves later this month, the former MP's wife describes how she fears that others won't see what is now Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "adding machine".

Sasha Swire, the wife of former Tory MP Sir Hugo Swire (pictured together), will reveal her experiences in the world of politics in her new book.

She writes: "It scares me that people don't see (Johnson) as the adding machine he really is."

After she and her husband were invited by the Prime Minister to dinner at No. 10, Ms. Swire came to him and went on to describe how Mr. Johnson didn't want them to leave.

She adds, "Boris has just come across as someone who is desperately lonely and unhappy inside."

Ms. Swire, the daughter of former Defense Secretary Sir John Nott, also reveals that only "ten percent" of politics was "above the surface" and there were many others, including the wives of MPs and officials, all part of the equation.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, she later stated, "So you have these show ponies – the MPs – on top, but there are certain women – Samantha (Cameron), me – we were all part of the equation."

In her scrapbook, Ms. Swire tells the story of her husband who was fired from parliament to shoot, and addresses his joke about people receiving benefits during a Tory fundraiser in 2015.

During the event at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair, London, undercover filming showed Mr. Swire – a former Sotheby's director – trying to convince a guest seated at the same table as Iain Duncan Smith to be Increase bid.

In her book, Ms. Swire says that today's Prime Minister Boris Johnson was a "calculating machine".

In her book, Ms. Swire says that today's Prime Minister Boris Johnson was a "calculating machine".

“£ 60,000?” He says. “Ian, talk him into it. It has no advantages, does it? If he is, he can afford it. & # 39;

In her book, Ms. Swire questions former Prime Minister David Cameron's conviction for his resignation list and asks why the politician was asked to list his friends if he wanted to.

Your comments come years after Mr Cameron was placed on the Gongs Honor Roll for Friends and Allies by senior Conservatives for his resignation in 2016.

The list of 48 recommendations included a gong for Isabel Spearman, a personal advisor to Samantha Cameron.

Ms. Swire initially decided to email the excerpts from her diary to a literary agent after her husband resigned in 2019.

Within three weeks she signed a non-fiction contract and became a debut author.

Old Etonion Sir Hugo was MP for East Devon from 2001 to 2009 and also served as Secretary of State for the Foreign Office.

He left the Commons on November 6, 2019.


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