The fraternity in St. Andrews "suspends two members" after "multiple" allegations of sexual assault

A fraternity at St. Andrews University "suspended two members" after "multiple" allegations of sexual assault were made.

Instagram account St Andrews Survivors started sharing anonymous reports of allegations at the world famous Scottish university last week.

Several claims were reportedly made against members of the 50-member Brotherhood Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), who "immediately suspended members who were involved in current allegations" and swore to do so Inclusion of information about mandatory consent and information about the culture of rape into the programming of new members and chapters.

A university spokeswoman told MailOnline that AEPi is not an official St. Andrews Society, but has vowed to "take action" and "facilitate police reporting."

According to The Daily Telegraph, a fraternity at St. Andrews University has reportedly "suspended two members" after assault charges (stock photo).

According to his biography, the St. Andrews Survivors report aims to "uncover the reality of sexual abuse at our university" and "empower survivors".

A spokeswoman for the university informed MailOnline that not all of the accounts shared by the broadcaster were in St. Andrews and some former students were there.

In an anonymous post it said: “I was drinking and had met a brother through friends. I had a breakdown outside the Union and it comforted me. I explained that I had been sexually assaulted another night.

He offered to take me to him to get some water because he lived nearby and I didn't. I was very drunk so he put me to bed and he would sleep on the floor.

According to his biography, the St. Andrews Survivors report aims to

According to his biography, the St. Andrews Survivors report aims to "uncover the reality of sexual abuse at our university" and "empower survivors".

"I woke up some time later and he was in bed with me and felt awake. I can't believe anyone can. & # 39;

A student described a suspected incident from February and told The Daily Telegraph: “I was at a liaison party and got very drunk. One of the boys I knew said he would take me home. I thought he was someone I could trust.

"He put me to bed and the next thing I remember is waking up when he raped me. I ran out and I was in pretty good shape. In the end, I locked myself behind the bathroom door because I didn't want to go out. & # 39;

She has not reported the alleged incident to the university or the police.

"It is difficult if you know that these people are still there and I will still see them. I want them to get what they deserve, of course, but I was just discussing how best to do it and how to do it, ”she added.

The 50-member Brotherhood said in a statement, “Alpha Epsilon Pi St. Andrews has been alerted to allegations of sexual assault, harassment, and rape against several members of our Brotherhood, including incidents at chapter events. We find the content of these allegations hideous and take them extremely seriously.

ALPHA EPILSON PI eradicate vows of sexual assault and harassment

In a statement, the fraternity said, "The Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity unconditionally opposes any behavior that is considered" sexual harassment "or" sexual assault ", and its membership terms absolutely prohibit this. This includes behaviors such as repeated suggestions, forced pressure, unwanted touching, and physical violence. & # 39;

She then drew up a list of reforms, including suspending all members involved in current allegations and reviewing the leadership team to hold them accountable for their members' actions:

“Moving forward in every role requires tremendous courage, and we would like to thank everyone who told their stories and those who helped them overcome these difficult problems. We hear you and want to help. & # 39;

It added, “The chapter was unaware of these allegations before they were brought to light. As soon as the chapter management was made aware of the allegations, we gathered our members to collect additional information.

"After these discussions, members who recognized a role in the alleged incidents were immediately suspended and included in the Alpha Epsilon Pi expulsion process, which allows for a thorough investigation. This standard is used whenever further evidence comes to light."

A university spokeswoman told MailOnline: "We welcome the efforts of the St Andrews Survivors account to provide a space for people of all sexes to share their experiences of sexual misconduct.

& # 39; The Proctor met with the account creator this week to find out how we can work together to provide support and reporting mechanisms to the students who need them. It is categorically wrong to say that the university tried to suppress survivor testimonies, as the account creator made clear.

& # 39; The primary concern of the university is to ensure that the survivors know that we are ready and ready to support their decisions and take action to facilitate police reporting and, accordingly, provide ongoing support.

"We know it's difficult to talk about these issues, but our Student Services team has a 90 percent satisfaction rating among students, and survivors who want an investigation into the perpetrators must be willing to report on the appropriate channels to create.

& # 39; We have clear and established procedures to investigate such allegations. However, the details of all investigations must be kept confidential in order to provide reasonable support and fair results to all concerned.

“It would be inappropriate to comment on whether a particular person or group is being examined.

The police ask the victims to report and theirs

Police Ask Victims to Report and Put "Attackers" on Trial (Stock Photo)

“The university will act whenever incidents are officially reported and commit to working with students to promote a culture of responsibility and respect in which everyone can trust our procedures and our community does not take any form of sexual misconduct tolerated. & # 39;

Police Scotland informed MailOnline that no crime was reported, but confirmed that they were working with St. Andrews University.

Yvonne Stenhouse, Community Inspector for North East Fife, told MailOnline: “We know these online reports and are working with the university to ensure that St. Andrews students feel safe while living and studying in the city .

“We are committed to bringing sex offenders to justice and treating all reports of sex crimes with the utmost seriousness. Anyone wishing to report such offenses should do so at Police Scotland by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency.

“Officials are regularly deployed in busy city centers such as St. Andrews to ward off such offenses and provide a visible and reassuring presence to our communities. We will continue to work with the university on this matter and all criminal complaints will be processed accordingly. & # 39;

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