The failed celebrity singer sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl after promising to help her become a star

The failed celebrity singer who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl during music lessons promised to help her become a backup singer for Britney Spears

  • Jason Stan will spend three years in prison for raping his 13-year-old vocal student
  • The 49-year-old told the girl that he loved her when he accepted her virginity
  • The girl thought they were "best friends" and texted her teacher at home

A failed singer was jailed for raping a teenager and forcing her to give him fellatio while promising her a future career as a famous singer.

Jason Stan, aka Stanczeowski, will spend at least three years in prison after being found guilty of inappropriate relationships with his 13-year-old student in Melbourne's suburbs.

The 49-year-old used the girl to give her singing lessons at his Taylor & # 39; s Hill home and his father's home in Berwick during the time he spent.

Jason Stan, aka Stanczeowski (piuctured), was found guilty of raping his former student during singing lessons in Melbourne's suburbs

Stan started teaching the victim when she was 12 years old in 2003 after her mother hired him from a newspaper ad.

The singer seduced the mother with the promise that she would get her daughter a record label. Former students now claimed that they would act as substitute singers for Britney Spears and perform abroad.

After convincing the victim's mother to stop attending class, Stan focused his attention on the child, who called her after hours and texted her.

Attention quickly escalated and Stan told the victim that "she had found his weakness" when she wore a skirt to one of the lessons before touching it for the first time.

The teacher then asked the victim if she trusted him before he entered while telling her that he loved her.

The loss of innocence is stated in statements by the now 29-year-old victim, which were brought to the Victorian County Court in a lawsuit against the singer.

Jason Stan, aka Stanczeowski (pictured), started giving singing lessons in Melbourne's suburbs, where he promised a 13-year-old student to make her a star before raping her

Jason Stan, aka Stanczeowski (pictured), started giving singing lessons in Melbourne's suburbs, where he promised a 13-year-old student to make her a star before raping her

At that time, the victim was only 13 years old – and was thinking of Stan as her "best friend" as her relationship with her mother became strained.

The indecent behavior continued until 2005 when Stan told the victim that he had to see her less because she was likely to fall in love with someone her age.

Court documents show that the victim's behavior and passion for life have faded after their interactions with Stan.

The young girl who once loved netball and singing began to skip school, drink and smoke in her bedroom in her Nan's house.

The police arrested Stan in April 2018 and he was charged with two cases of sexual penetration for a child under 16.

He was also accused of not supporting the police because when he was arrested, he initially refused to give passwords to his phone or laptop.

He was sentenced to a maximum of five years and eleven months in prison after pleading guilty.

When the verdict was handed down, Judge Pullen spoke of Stan's problematic personality traits and said he "may have enjoyed the victim's attention".

Stan's website describes his career advancement before his dramatic fall from grace and imprisonment.

The singer began his musical career at the Australian National Theater of Performing Arts before being "discovered" in 1996 by 7LA's program manager, Bruce Neels.

His highlight of his career was the portrayal of Johnny O’Keefe in the hit musical "Sing, sing, sing – the Johnny O’Keefe Show" in October 2017.

His portfolio also includes four studio albums and a pop song written in 2005 condemning drug-smuggler Schapelle Corby.


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