The billionaire Ron Burkle denies reports that he bought the National Enquirer

Californian billionaire Ronald W. Burkle, 66, has contradicted reports that he is interested in buying the National Enquirer, which was put up for sale by American Media Inc on Wednesday.

On Thursday, it was reported that the grocery chain friend, who is friends with Clintons and AMI President David Pecker, was in "intense talks" to buy the tabloid, but a spokesman denied that no such talks had taken place.

"We are not interested in AMI, we did not look at AMI and did not contact him to buy the National Enquirer," an official from Burkle's investment firm Yucaipa Companies told The Wrap on Thursday afternoon.

The spokesman added that despite the New York Times report released on Thursday alleging that Burkle was buying the newspaper, no NYT reporter had contacted the billionaire's press office.

The news comes when Jeff Bezos is said to be meeting Prosecutors in New York this week over his blackmail claims against the National Enquirer.

Californian billionaire Ronald W. Burkle has denied reports that he plans to buy the National Enquirer that American Media Inc offered for sale on Wednesday. Burkle pictured right with Barack Obama

He is a well-known democratic donor who is closely associated with Bill Clinton. Pictured center with Clinton

Burkle is friends with AMI's CEO and President, David Pecker

Burkle is a friend of David Pecker, CEO and President of AMI (right), and has had joint media ventures in the past. He is also a well-known democratic donor who has close ties to Bill Clinton (together left)

"We are not interested in AMI, we did not look at AMI and did not contact him to buy the National Enquirer," said a spokesman for Burkle's Yucaipa Companies investment firm on Thursday

Amazon CEO claims Saudi Arabia hacked his phone and "received private information," such as his news with loved one Lauren Sanchez, which came into the hands of American Media Inc.

The company's tabloid National Enquirer reportedly threatened the billionaire after he launched an investigation into how they had received the news related to his affair.

Bezos, in turn, wrote a blog post accusing the newspaper of extortion and extortion and threatening to publish embarrassing photos of him and his girlfriend.

American Media Inc announced on Wednesday that it plans to sell the National Enquirer (along with its Globe and National Examiner papers) months after the outlet revealed the Bezos affair on its front page.

The decision to put the paper up for sale was made after the AMI company's stakeholders were reportedly "disgusted" by the Enquirer's reporting tactics, the Washington Post said.

Jeff Bezos is due to meet prosecutors in New York this week for his extortion and hacking allegations against the National Inquirer and Saudi Arabia

Jeff Bezos is due to meet prosecutors in New York this week for his extortion and hacking allegations against the National Inquirer and Saudi Arabia

Prosecutors investigating Bezos' allegations are currently trying to gain access to the CEO's electronic devices to investigate Saudi hacking allegations.

His lawyers have been negotiating his electronics and have recently submitted federal agency documents and other materials, but not his devices.

Gavin de Becker, Bezos & # 39; security advisor, has accused AMI of being "in a league" with Saudi Arabia, targeting the billionaire and gaining "access" to his phone and private information.

Bezos believed he was targeted because of his ownership of the Washington Post and its coverage of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Despite Bezos' allegations, it is unclear whether federal prosecutors have evidence to confirm the hacking allegations or whether there is a connection with the National Enquirer's story about the affair.

Matthew Schwartz, Bezos & # 39; attorney, did not comment on the meeting with the prosecutors.

As for AMI, the company was involved in a scandal after admitting to being involved in a hush money program to affect the 2016 presidential election.

Who is Ron Burkle?

Ronald W. Burkle is a 66-year-old Californian who co-founded the private equity firm Yucaipa Companies in 1986.

The company is working on mergers and acquisitions of supermarkets and food chains with companies such as Fred Meyer, J├╝rgensen and Ralphs.

His net worth was estimated at $ 2 billion on February 12, 2018.

He is a well-known democratic activist and fundraiser and has close relationships with Bill Clinton, who worked as a consultant in his company after he left office.

The company was out to silence a woman who claimed she was having an affair with Trump. This hush money payment was partially orchestrated by Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen.

In a law enforcement agreement reached last year, AMI agreed not to commit crimes for three years.

Prosecutors are now trying to determine whether AMI broke this agreement as part of the Bezos National Enquirer scandal.

Since AMI – led by President and CEO David Pecker – is affected by scandals, shrinking conditions and debt, much of the company relies on the support of Anthony Melchiorre, a hedge fund manager and managing partner at Chatham Asset Management, who owns an 80 percent shares in the company.

Melchiorre encouraged the sale of National Enquirers, motivated by financial difficulties and his "aversion" to the Enquirer's tactics.

It is not clear until Thursday whether AMI will talk to someone about the purchase after Burkle has denied rumors that he is an interested buyer, although he previously worked with the company.

Burkle and Pecker are known as friends and have invested together in media business in the past.

Together they have withdrawn Radar when it started as a print magazine in 2003. Burkle retired in 2008 and the magazine was closed and later reopened as an online site.

According to the New York Post, he is currently a junior partner at AMI at RadarOnline.

The divorced father of three is currently on the board of Yahoo.

He also got on a plane from Millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of promoting sex at the invitation of teenagers Bill Clinton, who went on a humanitarian trip to Africa with the Boeing 727 along with Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker, according to Vanity Fair.

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