The 15-year-old girl dies after a speedboat crashes into a buoy in a marina near Southampton

The 15-year-old girl dies after a speedboat crashes into a buoy in a marina near Southampton when 12 more people are taken to hospital on board

  • The 15-year-old teenager died after a rigid inflatable raft crashed in Marchwood Marina
  • The RIB hit a buoy, causing the 12 inmates to be taken to the hospital
  • The girl's next of kin have been informed and are being assisted by officials

A teenager has died and 11 others have been hospitalized after a speedboat crashed into a buoy this morning in troubled conditions.

The teenager was injured when the 12-person rigid inflatable boat struck the navigation buoy near the entrance to Southampton Water, Hants, when high winds hit the south coast.

Two more were thrown into the water with minor injuries, but the teenage girl, who was sitting on the charter boat with members of her family, sustained fatal impact injuries as a result of the high-speed crash.

A passing pleasure boat rushed to the scene, followed by lifeboats, and the victims were brought ashore before being taken to Southampton General Hospital for treatment.

A 15-year-old girl was pronounced dead at the hospital around 10:10 am after the collision near Southampton. The picture shows a view of the sea from Netley

Tragically, the girl, who was conscious when she was brought ashore, later died of her injuries in hospital.

The girl's next of kin have been informed and will be assisted by Hampshire Constabulary officials.

An RNLI spokeswoman said tonight: “It was a tragic accident that happened around one of the navigation buoys off Netley up on Southampton Water.

“It was very windy out there, but the pleasure boat that went out there was very capable.

When the RIB and the buoy met, 12 people had to be rescued – some were wounded and others were okay.

Two people were thrown into the water. The girl wasn't one of those, but there are consequences if you bump into anything at speed and she suffered impact injuries.

She was with a family that was relatively unharmed.

& # 39; The girl was picked up by a private pleasure boat that was on site first and was conscious at the time.

Lifeboats were present and people were taken ashore and then taken to the hospital by ambulance.

"I understand the boat left Southampton and was on the water for about an hour before it was supposed to return."

It is understood that the girl and her family got on the boat at Ocean Village Marina in Southampton, but it is not known where the girl is from.

Hampshire Police said tonight they have started an investigation in collaboration with HM Coastguard and the Maritime Casualty Investigation Department.

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: “We are working with the Coast Guard and Maritime Casualty Investigation Department at around 10:10 this morning after a RIB and a buoy crashed into Southampton Water off Netley.

Twelve people who were on board were then taken to hospital.

Unfortunately, one of the passengers, a 15-year-old girl, was pronounced dead in the hospital.

“The girl’s next of kin have been informed and are being assisted by Hampshire Constabulary officials.

"The investigation into the circumstances is still ongoing and we ask anyone who witnessed the incident or may have taken pictures of it to contact the police."

A spokeswoman for HM Coastguard said: “Three lifeboats, a Coast Guard rescue team and the rescue service have been called in for assistance.

& # 39; There were some injuries and the 12 people on board were brought ashore and placed in the care of the emergency services. The marine casualty investigation department has been informed. & # 39;