Test data estimate that only 33,000 people in England have Covid-19

Only 33,000 people in England have Covid-19: official test data show a "significant downward trend" in the national epidemic, as the estimated number of cases drops by 100,000 within 14 days

  • The percentage of positive sample tests fell from 0.1% to 0.06% within a week
  • According to the National Statistics Office, 4,500 people contract the virus every day
  • Only 11 people from a sample of 19,933 tested positive, as data show
  • Here's how you can help people affected by Covid-19

According to estimates by the Office for National Statistics, only 33,000 people in England currently suffer from the corona virus.

The data, based on tests by nearly 20,000 people in the community, show that the number of people with the virus is falling outside of hospitals and nursing homes.

When the same estimates were released just two weeks ago on May 28, they suggested that 133,000 people carried the virus, many without knowing it.

However, according to statisticians, the outbreak of England continues with around 31,600 new infections per week – around 4,500 per day.

This shows that fewer and fewer people are infected with the deadly virus because the R value remains below one – the latest estimate is between 0.7 and 0.9.

According to ONS data, only 0.06 percent of the population is infected.

Statisticians wrote in their report this morning that a complex study of the data "confirms that there is a clear downward trend," but warned against the interpretation of raw numbers.

According to the statisticians, the range of possible current cases is between 14,000 and 68,000, while between 22,700 and 43,5000 new cases occurred every week.

They added: “As the proportion of people who tested positive in England decreases over time, it is likely that the incidence rate will also decrease.

"However, due to the small number of new positive cases, we cannot currently measure a statistically significant reduction."

ONS estimates were based on only 11 positive tests from a sample of 19,933 people tested in 9,179 households.

Although the small numbers mean that a two-way error could change the estimate significantly, it does indicate that a tiny fraction of the population has Covid-19.

The statistics announced today show a clear decline compared to the statistics published in the two weeks since the first availability of the data.

When the information was first published on May 21, it was believed that 0.25 percent of the population was infected with the virus.

It has since dropped to 0.1 percent last week, June 4, and to 0.06 percent today, June 12.

The estimated number of members of the public who carry the virus at the same time has dropped from an estimated 137,000 in May to just 33,000 today. Today's figure was accurate on June 7, but is the latest data.

The dates cover biweekly periods, so some overlap. For example, the data released today includes one of the same weeks (the week ending May 31) as the data released last Friday.


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