Teenage boy accused of murdering his mother in the first-named village of Hampshire

The teenager who is accused of murdering his 50-year-old mother, who died of neck injuries in the sleepy village of Hampshire, is mentioned for the first time

  • A woman in her fifties was found dead in Hambledon, Hampshire in July 2019
  • The victim was then locally named as the "withdrawn" mother of two, Joanna Thompson
  • The teenager who is awaiting trial because of the murder of his mother can now be named
  • Rowan Thompson, accused of murder, turned 18 earlier this month

For the first time, a teenager can be named who is waiting for the trial because he murdered his mother.

Registration restrictions were lifted at Winchester Crown Court after Rowan Thompson, who is accused of killing 50-year-old Joanna Thompson, turned 18 earlier this month.

The mother of two Joanna Thompson (pictured) lived in a converted pub in the village where properties can be sold for up to £ 1.6m

Ms. Thompson was found dead on a plot of land in the village of Hambledon in Hampshire last July.

An autopsy revealed that, according to the Hampshire police, she died of neck injuries.

During a remote hearing, judge Susan Evans QC adjourned the case against Thompson for another hearing on August 21, with a trial scheduled for October 2.

The suspect detained under the Mental Health Act did not attend the short hearing.

A woman living in the region said about Ms. Thompson after the shocking incident last summer: “I didn't really know her well, but I sat next to her on a trip to France a few years ago, which we do A village because we have one Have partnership with a place in Normandy.

She was very shy, very calm. So no one really knows what happened or much about them. & # 39;

The residents said she lived on the property with one of her sons and had an older son who had left the house.

Among the many people who spoke of her sadness was Caroline Vine, who had known the victim for years.

She said, "I feel sick and so sad. She was such a nice woman. "Nobody had a bad word to say about her."

This map shows where the woman's body was found in the village of Hampshire

This map shows where the woman's body was found in the village of Hampshire

Ms. Thompson lived in a converted pub in the sleepy village, where properties can be sold for up to £ 1.6 million.

Hambledon near Waterlooville is known as the "Cradle of Cricket" after the establishment of one of the first cricket clubs in England in 1750.

Hambledon was England's leading cricket club from around 1765 until the establishment of the MCC in 1787.


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