Suicide bombing in Russia: Six police officers are injured near the Russian FSB headquarters

The suicide bomber "Allahu Akbar screams" injures six people in an attack on a Russian FSB headquarters

  • Russian officers drafted to arrest the bomber when it blew itself up
  • Six people were reportedly injured in the explosion, including officers and a passerby
  • It happened on Friday near the office of an FSB counterintelligence agency, Uchkeken
  • The village is located in the volatile, mainly Muslim region of Karachay-Cherkessia

A suicide bomber yelling "Allahu Akbar" blew himself up and injured six people in an attack in southern Russia near FSB headquarters today.

Officers attempted to stop the bomber when it tried to force its way into an area where they were conducting a search operation, the National Counter-Terrorism Committee said in a statement.

The explosion occurred near the FSB counterintelligence office in the village of Uchkeken in the volatile, mainly Muslim, Karachay-Cherkessia region.

"After the explosion, six people, including police officers and passers-by who happened to be near the scene, sought medical help," a source told Interfax.

The unknown man with explosives died on the scene.

The video shows his body on the ground, and an image was created that supposedly shows part of the explosive device.

"According to preliminary information, the man shared the views of extremist groups and the militant underground," the source said.

The incident took place near the FSB counterintelligence office in the village where a "clap" could be heard.

The attacker got out of a car and approached a group of FSB officials who were conducting a "criminal intelligence operation".

"When law enforcement tried to arrest the person, he detonated explosives that he was carrying himself," said the Russian National Counter-Terrorism Committee.

"Six officers were slightly injured and they are receiving medical attention."

One of those injured was named Asker Abdurazakov, deputy head of the forensic center department in the region's Ministry of Interior.

There was reportedly an earlier explosion five hours before the suicide bomber's attack.

According to reports, the authorities are trying to determine the identity of the attacker.

Russia has been hit by bomb attacks by Islamist rebels from the North Caucasus in the past, although Moscow has largely put down their uprising.

According to the Moscow Times, the FSB and NAC said earlier this week that they had prevented 41 terrorist attacks so far in 2020.

Karachayevo-Cherkessia is one of the seven predominantly Muslim regions of Russia in the North Caucasus of Russia.

You have seen a lot of violence in the two decades since the separatists' defeat in nearby Chechnya.