Stephen Miller, Senior Trump Advisor, tests positive for COVID-19


Ronna McDaniel, 47th President of the Republican National Convention

McDaniel is said to have been the first positive case. It wasn't released until after Trump's diagnosis.

She was last in contact with Trump on September 25. McDaniel began isolation on September 26 when a member of her family tested positive. She got her results a few days later.


Hope Hicks, 31, adviser to the President

Hicks was the first reported case and was tied to the president's positive test.

She flew him through the week leading up to the diagnosis and felt uncomfortable on the way back from a rally in Minnesota Wednesday night.

She quarantined Air Force One to stay away from him.

President Donald Trump, 74

Confirmed positive diagnosis on Friday October 2nd at 1am. Was taken to Walter Reed on Friday evening, where he stayed on Monday afternoon.

Symptoms reported included difficulty breathing, lethargy, and fever.

On Friday he received an antibody cocktail and other treatments.

First Lady Melania Trump, 50 years old

Confirmed positive diagnosis on Friday October 2nd at 1am. She has been quarantined in the White House.

She suffered from mild symptoms such as coughing and headaches, but has repeatedly said that she feels “fine”.


Ms. John Jenkins, 66, President of Notre Dame University

Jenkins attended the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett as Trump's Supreme Court nomination without a mask on Saturday, September 25th.

It is widely believed that the White House Rose Garden event is the source of many infections.

It is not believed to have severe symptoms.

Mike Lee, 49, Republican Senator from Utah

Lee also attended the event in the rose garden and hugged other participants without a mask.

It is also not believed to have severe symptoms.

Bill Stepien, 42, Trump's campaign manager

Stepien tested positive after Trump.

He had mild flu-like symptoms and planned to continue working from home.

He competed in the Cleveland rally on Tuesday night after flying to and from the event with Trump and Hicks on Air Force One.

Michael Shear, 52, White House correspondent for the New York Times, and two other unnamed journalists

The positive diagnoses of the journalists were announced on Friday.

Two attended the SCOTUS event where they said they had been forced into pen-like housings on the back with little space between them.

Hardly any of the guests at the event wore masks, they said.


Thom Tillis, 60, Republican Senator from North Carolina

Tillis announced that he tested positive after routinely testing negative.

He said he was asymptomatic.

"I have been routinely tested for COVID-19 for the past few months, including the negative test last Saturday, but tonight my rapid antigen test was positive again," he said in a statement.

Chris Christie, 58, former New Jersey Governor

Christie has been to the White House a lot over the past few weeks and has been to the SCOTUS event.

He tested positive on Saturday and was hospitalized out of caution because of his health problems, including asthma.

Nicholas Luna, 29, Head of Oval Office Operations and "Body Man"

One of Luna's professional requirements is to follow Trump at all times.

He tested positive on Saturday night, more than 24 hours after President Trump

Ron Johnson, 65, Republican Senator from Wisconsin

Johnson was still attending an Oktoberfest Friday night, waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test, despite knowing he'd come into contact with others who had tested positive.

He defended it and said it was asymptomatic


Kellyanne Conway, 53, former adviser to the President of the White House

Conway and her daughter both tested positive.

Daughter Claudia revealed to Tik Tok that her mother had coughed all over her house


Kayleigh McEnany, 32, White House Press Secretary

McEnany had tested negative last week after Trump's diagnosis and continued to give press conferences without a mask until Sunday

Chad Gilmartin. Deputy press officer

Karoline Leavitt, deputy press officer

Two unnamed employees who work in the White House residence.

According to the New York Times, they were told to use "discretion" in the discussion


Stephen Miller, 35, White House Policy Advisor

Miller had worked remotely for five days and tested negative for coronavirus every day before testing positive, the administration said.