SNP accuses Boris Johnson of treating Scotland as "stupid".

The SNP today accused Boris Johnson of treating Scotland as "too small, too poor or too stupid" to cope with alone, as the Prime Minister claimed to be part of the Union, which created 900,000 Scottish jobs during the Corona Virus Saved the crisis.

Mr Johnson will be visiting Scotland today for the first time since last December's general election and said overnight that the pandemic "has once again demonstrated the sheer power of our union".

However, his words sparked the Scottish nationalists' anger when SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford suggested that the Prime Minister consider Scotland a small partner in the United Kingdom.

The controversy comes after a series of recent polls showed that support for Scottish independence is now more popular than staying part of the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will visit Scotland for the first time since the 2019 general election

The Prime Minister will claim that membership of the Union saved 900,000 Scottish jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. But SNP's Ian Blackford accused the Prime Minister of treating Scotland as "too stupid" to deal with alone

The Prime Minister will claim that membership of the Union saved 900,000 Scottish jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. But SNP's Ian Blackford accused the Prime Minister of treating Scotland as "too stupid" to deal with alone

Scotland's corona virus billions from UK coffers

Scotland has received billions of pounds from the UK government to fight the coronavirus and support to create almost a million jobs.

Earlier this month, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the country had received an additional £ 4.6 billion as part of its UK program to deal with the worst economic effects of the pandemic.

The disbursement was based on the Barnett formula, a convention that has been used since the late 1970s to pay a grant to decentralized administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The aim is to ensure that despite a much smaller population than England, they receive an appropriate share of public spending.

Critics say, however, that the way it is calculated means that Scotland receives more than its fair share of UK taxpayers' money.

Since decentralization, Scotland has had its own powers to set its own tax levels and generate its own income.

Even Joel Barnett, who created it, asked for it to be scrapped.

In addition to Coronavirus cash, the Chancellor's Job Retention Scheme (JRS) supported 736,500 Scottish workers. In addition, government figures show that it has spent £ 449 million to support 155,000 self-employed under the self-employment income support system.

During his visit today, Mr. Johnson will meet with coronavirus outbreaks, green energy workers, and military personnel to thank them for their efforts in responding to the fatal outbreak.

However, given the growing tension between Downing Street and Holyrood, there are no plans for Mr. Johnson to meet the SNP leader and Scottish Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Ms. Sturgeon said yesterday that she was ready to meet with the prime minister.

Before the visit, Mr. Johnson said: “When I was on the Downing Street steps a year ago, I promised to be prime minister for every corner of the UK.

“Whether you are from East Kilbride or Dumfries, Motherwell or Paisley, I have promised to improve across the UK and close the opportunity gap.

"The past six months have shown exactly why the historic and cordial connection that connects the four nations of our country is so important and the sheer power of our Union has been demonstrated again."

However, Mr Johnson's claim that he saved 900,000 Scottish jobs as part of the UK during the pandemic sparked the SNP's anger.

Ian Blackford said he did not think Mr Johnson's message about Scotland's apparent dependence on the Union during the coronavirus crisis was well received during his visit.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today program, he said, “I think he will find that this message will be particularly badly received in Scotland.

"Does he really say that another small nation in Europe and another part of the world is unable to cope with the Covid crisis?

“I think the days when we told Scotland that we were either too small, too poor or too stupid are really over.

"I think what we have shown in the areas of shared responsibility and public health over the past two months is that the leadership that our first minister (Nicola Sturgeon) has shown is in sharp contrast to the noise that is we saw Boris Johnson. & # 39;

In addition to the employment claim, Mr. Johnson has pledged £ 50 million to Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles today to develop the islands economy through a growth agreement.

The Scottish government said it would invest the same amount in the islands, which means that every area in Scotland is now funded by the UK and Scottish Government's joint initiatives.

Nicola Sturgeon had offered to meet with Mr. Johnson during today's visit, but a meeting with the First Minister is not planned

Nicola Sturgeon had offered to meet with Mr. Johnson during today's visit, but a meeting with the First Minister is not planned

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis today insisted that the government was right to suggest that Scotland could only survive the effects of the corona virus because of the "strength of the Union".

He told the BBC: "The reason we could provide so much support to almost a million people whose jobs were protected in Scotland – the £ 4.6 billion they got from the Treasury Department, £ 1.6 billion and about one half a million jobs in Northern Ireland, similar to Wales – that's because we had the strength of the Union, all four nations together. & # 39;

When asked if he was proposing that an independent Scotland could not have saved businesses and jobs during the pandemic, Mr Lewis said: "I am absolutely certain that we as the UK have been able to provide unprecedented support that The Chancellor was able to take care of businesses and individuals because we are part of an entire United Kingdom. & # 39;

Regarding polls that support Scotland's independence, Lewis added: "We should all be very careful if we are driven too much by polls. We have seen some interesting results that are contrary to what has been said in recent years. "

The Prime Minister's visit, which is preparing for his one-year anniversary on Downing Street, is following a surge in election support for Scotland's independence in recent months.

Two Panelbase surveys recently showed that 54 percent of respondents want Scotland to be separated from the UK.

The same polls predicted that the SNP will win the majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament in next year's elections.

Scotland voted 55-45 percent against an independent nation in a referendum in 2014.

Ms. Sturgeon has called for the survey to be repeated this year, but Mr. Johnson firmly believes that he will not allow another referendum.

Sturgeon corona virus disasters

Nicola Sturgeon's handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland has pushed support for independence so far that it would win a new referendum.

However, your SNP administration has been seriously criticized.

In April, she was embarrassed when Scotland's chief physician quit after violating her own blocking rules.

The Scottish Prime Minister said it was "far from ideal", Dr. To have lost Catherine Calderwood, who twice went to a second home despite the crucial guidelines.

Ms. Sturgeon said she "tried to make the best judgments" after trying to Dr. Keep Calderwood on the job before finally admitting that she had to go.

In May, Ms. Sturgeon furiously denied the allegation of a cover-up after an investigation linked a group of coronavirus cases to a Nike conference in February.

A BBC Scotland disclosure investigation found that more than 70 Nike employees from around the world attended a conference at the Hilton Carlton Hotel in Edinburgh on February 26 and 27.

It is assumed that a visiting participant has passed the virus on. Investigations showed that at least 25 people had Covid-19 related to the event, including eight in Scotland.

However, the case was not announced and Scotland's first official case was announced on March 1st, regardless of the conference.

The First Minister blamed patient confidentiality concerns that details of the event had not been released earlier.

And in June, she was hit by a crisis in nursing homes after official figures showed that more people died in the facilities than in the hospital.

Nearly 1,000 elderly patients were discharged from nursing homes at the start of the outbreak without being tested.

Statistics from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) showed that Covid-19 was mentioned in the death certificates of 1,818 nursing home victims, more than 1,815 in hospitals.

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