Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman is convicted in the NXIVM case

Dear Judge Garaufis,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you directly and take the time to read this. First and foremost, I would like to apologize. I never meant to hurt anyone, but I did and I'm very sorry.

I especially want to apologize to [Editor's Note: The name is redacted but it is clear that she refers to Sylvie, a DOS slave who illegally brought her to the US].

Although I wanted to improve their life, I made it worse. I imagine that my actions and the last few years have been tremendously difficult financially and emotionally painful for her, and I am really sorry for everything she had to go through.

I also apologize to the Court of Justice, my family and others who have suffered as a result of my actions. I wish I could turn back the clock or take the pain away, but I can't. Instead, I will appreciate the consequences this court brings me, learn from the many lessons I have learned over the years, and commit myself to living law abiding lives that owe others to help others.

Your Honor, I wanted to take the time to answer some of the questions that I am sure you will have from me. Please know, however, that I am doing this to share the world out of my eyes with you, rather than forbearance.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to read this, and I am sorry you have even been able to set a punishment for me.

For much of my life I was ashamed of my wealth, I felt that it made me different than anything I wanted to be accepted. Over the years I have tried to honor what has been given to me by working as hard as possible and trying to help others have opportunities, such as my hope [edited {Sylvie}].

Unfortunately, I was unable to get out of my own struggle, to think about how different she is from me, how different her life experience is and how unfair it was to burden her with my struggles and solutions for her. In doing so, I hurt her instead of helping her, which I'm very sorry about.

One of the toughest times in my life was the death of my father [billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr.]. Of the many gifts my father gave me, our relationship was the most meaningful, especially the last two years of his life. Taking care of him was both painful and beautiful and when he died the emptiness and pain beyond anything I have ever experienced was a feeling that haunts me to this day.

Shortly thereafter, I learned that one of my closest friend's cancers had grown to stage 4 [Pam Cafritz]. For the next two years, I did everything I could to find medication to help her, but the inevitable day came.

In all honesty, I still couldn't feel the pain of her death. After my father, I didn't think I could handle it. Pam was also Keith's 20 year old partner as well as his closest friend.

Since our office handled all of Pam's personal finances, we continued to do so. I avoided looking at the estate or discussing it with Keith, imagining the pain he was going through and not wanting to interfere.

In retrospect, there were other options. I could have asked someone else to deal with it, I could have put my feelings aside and been responsible, but I didn't. I failed Pam and I failed this dish.

Your Honor, I am really sorry. I have spent numerous hours in self-reflection and while I cannot change the fact that I made these decisions and acted as such, I hope to correct the effects of those decisions.

I would also like to take this opportunity to answer some of the other questions people may have about me, hoping to share things out of my eyes so that others can understand me and some of my choices.

Many people, including most of my own families, believe that I should reject Keith and NXIVM and that I do not find it difficult to understand or accept them. For me, however, NXIVM and Keith have made a huge difference in my life for the better. For most of my teenage years and early 20s, I felt ashamed of who I was, constantly focused on my shortcomings, and filled with self-loathing.

NXIVM has changed that. I learned a sense of who I am, beyond my flaws and the tools of how to turn things I didn't like about myself into qualities and behaviors that I do. I started hugging and turning outside to care for and help others.

One of the most important aspects of NXIVM for me was the people and the community. For the first time in my life, I wasn't afraid to be around people. I made meaningful friendships and was surrounded by people who wanted to improve their lives. They supported and helped me to overcome patterns of self-loathing, insecurity, shame and fear. I found the things that were most important to me, that I fulfilled and that were very dear to my heart, and I also found areas where I could excel outside of horses.

I also had a deep desire to learn how to be a responsible leader and how to do business so that I could honor the wealth and position my father and grandfather [Samuel Bronfman] gave me, and through Keith's guidance, I could stop being ashamed of my wealth and accept and take responsibility for it.

I was given the opportunity to build myself and my newfound love for business within the various companies, and Keith encouraged and supported me in building business outside of NXIVM.

During my many years at NXIVM, I began to enjoy life, feel accepted, loved, and happy. As a result, many members of the community became like family to me, and I cannot find myself turning my back on those friendships or denying how deeply Keith and NXIVM have influenced my life. Although some of them have now been classified as bad for remaining friends, I experience them to be some of the most kindhearted and well-meaning people I know.

I am also deeply grateful that many people and family members have submitted letters of support that can lead to further financial, reputational and social damage. I believe that the family does that, they stand behind those who love them despite negative consequences, and I have the great privilege of having that not only with my blood relatives but also with my friends.

While I am deeply grateful for the support I have received, I am also very sorry that you have caused so much grief and hardship for everyone.

People also think I should have refused DOS, but from the information I had, it made no sense to me to do so. When I found out about DOS and the blog [Frank Report] reported a lot of allegations, there were certainly things I was afraid of and questions I had about them, but I never assumed bad intentions so I asked some of my friends about it I help to understand.

I have never been told anything sexual or harmful, and I and professionals have been reassured that: no harm has been done; nobody was forced to do anything; and on the contrary, people experienced improvements in their lives through membership of DOS.

I also understand, when people ask how I couldn't know about DOS, I actually asked myself the same question. While some of my closest friends were members of DOS, it was never uncommon for them to do projects that I wasn't involved in. In fact, there were many companies within NXIVM that I wasn't involved in, much less social attitudes. I also traveled a lot and when I was home in Albany I was usually busy working and when I was with my friends no one talked about anything unusual and I had no reason to believe that a secret society existed. I am a private individual and I am always respectful and believe that if people don't share their personal life with me they probably don't want me to ask, so I don't.

I really didn't know about it and that is my solemn word before this court.

Your Honor, I have seen things turn out very differently from what the media and the court have portrayed. I never believed that I was supporting anything bad or wrong, I never wanted to protect anyone from criminal behavior, I never intended to intimidate people. I have not supported anyone who abuses or uses violence against someone. I was just trying to do what I thought was best to honor my role as a leader in NXIVM and a good friend.

The past two years have been immensely painful, many people's lives have been changed, a community where many of us thrived, felt purposeful and really enjoyed our lives has fallen apart and everything has caused tremendous pain for many people and their families.

For the past two years, I've spent my time thinking about how all of this happened, where I attended, and why. I tried to understand the bad choices I made and to overcome the struggles that make me choose them. I read each of the victim's statements that relate to me and I become aware of many blind spots. Reading these letters, some from people who are still close to my heart, was extremely painful, but it was also helpful in understanding how my actions are perceived and how some people have experienced and felt influenced by me.

As a result, I believe that I am a better person here, a person with a deeper understanding of humanity, the differences between people and the severity of my impact on others.

I also took the opportunity to keep a promise I made to my father that I had not yet kept. got my GED. In the process, I fell in love with education and took many online college courses on many subjects, studied bar exams, and read many books by a variety of authors on many subjects.

Plus, I've reconnected with my maternal family, engaging with their lives, and trying to be a good friend, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, and niece as everyone has overcome the recent pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and impacts.

Your honor, I deeply regret the choices I have made to stand before you and I am genuinely sorry for the damage it has done to others in particular and for the difficulty, time and cost it has caused cost the court. I take full responsibility for my actions and will respect and honor any punishment you deem just.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Received letter from Frankreport.com