Santa Claus turns green! Nigel Colborn unveils the best gifts for gardeners for Christmas

Santa Claus turns green! Nigel Colborn unveils the best gifts for gardeners for Christmas

  • This Christmas, Nigel Colborn selected a selection of the best gifts for gardeners
  • The British garden expert suggests the book Cambridge College Gardens
  • H recommends traditional Sussex garden trugs for storing tools and flowers

Choosing a gift for a loved one with green fingers should never be difficult. If you need inspiration, you will find a selection of the offered gifts here …

Fabulous fillers

A good garden cord is by no means a boring gift, but a gardener's closest friend.

Naturally soft, but surprisingly strong jute yarn disintegrates after a few years. This means that climbers don't strangle if their stems thicken. This also makes trimming much easier.

Nutscene Garden Twine is widespread and prices vary – usually £ 6 for a 150m spool in a handy dosage can.

Cutting edge: Invest in a robust pair of carbon steel scissors

Get lost in a book

Look no further than Tim Richardson's Cambridge College Gardens with photographs by Clive Boursnell and Marcus Harpur in which the author describes Cambridge's less-visited treasures.

With better soil than Oxford and less crowded environments, these are truly dreamy gardens with fascinating stories.

The photography is excellent of Boursnell and the late and unfortunately missing Harpur.

Available from White Lion Publishing for £ 40.

Say it with gloves!

Try gloves with tough fur to protect wrists and forearms, but with flexible deerskin hands.

They resist thorns, but have the sensitivity required for more complicated cutting tasks.

Gold Leaf Tough Touch deer skin gloves typically cost £ 25.95 for men, smaller sizes are cheaper, rhs.org.uk.

All sown

For several years I have bought several shrubs online at crocus.co.uk. All arrived beautifully packaged and in excellent condition. They have established themselves easily and have grown very well.

Crocus also offers high quality garden accessories such as decorative cloches, containers and unusual water pistons.

Awesome for all gardeners, from beginners to professionals.

Nigel Colborn suggests giving away a traditional Sussex garden to green-fingered loved ones for Christmas

Nigel Colborn suggests giving away a traditional Sussex garden to green-fingered loved ones for Christmas

Great deceptions

These traditional baskets are both useful and beautiful and are made from cricket bat wicker with chestnut frames and handles. I received one on my 14th birthday and have sworn with them ever since.

They are practical for everything from tools to cutting flowers. Because they are made by hand, they are not cheap and take time to make. Order now for delivery after Christmas.

Sussex Garden Trugs cost around £ 50 for a large size – try Thomas Smith & # 39; s at sussextrugs.com.

Sheer joy

For years I have been using light, long-range hedge trimmers for hedge trimming. They are well balanced and easy to use.

But the quality varies and cheap versions don't last long.

The most expensive ARS-KR-1000 scissors has carbon steel blades with a pivot pin for adjustment and costs £ 75.

Darlac DP400 scissors cost around £ 30. Both at amazon.de.

Cool watering cans

Most professional gardeners agree that Haw's watering cans are the best. They are expensive – almost £ 60 for a two-gallon Warley case metal can. However, the extra-long design of the spout and handle leads to a balanced, user-friendly can.

Galvanized and painted dark green, they last a lifetime. Buy from haws.co.uk or retailers for £ 7 to £ 80

Growing genius

Dobies offers a full spectrum LED grow light for £ 40. For healthy seedlings, hang this over your propagator. Even better, the chic Geopod Standard 60cm propagator comes with lights and a thermostat – all for £ 145. Buy at dobies.co.uk or harrodhorticultural.com.

As part of

A cold frame could change your gardening. Uses include growing young plants, rooting cuttings, growing food plants, and more. You could build your own but pre-made frames that save a lot of effort.

Woodpeckerjoinery.co.uk has well designed 6 x 3 foot glazed cedar frames for £ 495. Other shapes and sizes are available.