Rudy Giuliani claims "process through struggle" only "Game of Thrones quote"

Rudy Giuliani claimed he was quoting Game of Thrones when he yelled "Let's try a fight!" At the Save America rally last Wednesday. before members stormed the Capitol.

In an interview with The Hill newspaperPresident Donald Trump's personal attorney said he was referring to "the kind of trial that came about for Tyrion in that very famous documentary about fictional medieval England".

When Tyrion, who is a very little man, is accused of murder. He hasn't committed murder, he can't defend himself, and he's hiring a champion to defend him, ”Giuliani said.

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's private attorney, told The Hill that he quoted "Game of Thrones" when telling the Save America rally crowd last Wednesday that he wanted a "trial by struggle" . Members of the crowd later attacked the U.S. Capitol

Giuliani told the newspaper that he was over

Giuliani told the newspaper that he was talking about "the kind of trial that was going on for Tyrion in this very famous documentary about fictional medieval England". He was referring to Tyrion Lannister, played on HBO's & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; by Peter Dinklage (picture)

Giuliani said he was talking about one

Giuliani said he spoke of a "process through struggle" in which someone from both sides had the Dominion voting machines investigated and insisted that his proposal be non-violent. In & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; the trial led Bronn (left) to slit Ser Vardis Egen's (right) throat.

Bronn (right) then throws Ser Vardis Egen (center) through the & # 39; moon door & # 39; a hole in the floor that causes the knight to fall to his death if the neck wound didn't make it. Giuliani said his remarks to the crowd had

Bronn (right) then throws Ser Vardis Egen (center) through the & # 39; moon door & # 39; a hole in the floor that lets the knight fall to his death if the neck wound didn't make it. Giuliani said his remarks to the crowd "did not provoke a violent response".

Giuliani was referring to Tyrion Lannister – the character of actor Peter Dinklage – and an incident that happened to him on the first season of the HBO hit show.

& # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; is a fully fictional series based on books by fantasy writer George R. R. Martin.

In the particular episode Giuliani was likely referring to, Lannister was falsely accused of murdering one character, Jon Arryn, and plotting to kill another, Bran Stark.

"I request a fight," Lannister said as Arryn's widow Lysa tried to throw him back into her dungeon.

She chooses Ser Vardis Egen to fight in her honor, while Lannister receives help from Bronn, a knight he met at an inn on his journey.

In his interview with The Hill, Giuliani tried to advocate the idea that the "process through struggle" proposal was nonviolent.

On the show, Egen and Bronn fight. Bronn cuts Egen's throat. And then Bronn throws Egen through a & # 39; moon door & # 39 ;, a hole in the floor through which the knight falls to his death if the neck wound doesn't make it.

In a later episode of Game of Thrones, in which Lanniser is embroiled in yet another attempt at combat, a character nicknamed "The Mountain" wins the challenge by crushing the skull of Oberyn Martell, played by the "Mandalorian" star Pedro Pascal.

Giuliani told The Hill that at the rally he asked for an "attempt between machines" – essentially asking for the "crooked" Dominion voting machines to be examined.

"I am ready to assert my reputation, the President is ready to reassert his reputation that we will find crime there," said Giuliani at the rally that sparked the uprising on Capitol Hill. “Is Joe Biden ready to maintain his reputation that there is no crime there? No. & # 39;

Commenting on The Hill, he said, “I urge you to allow us to examine your machines. And then I say the consequences of the struggle will be, if they prove they are wrong, we will be extremely ashamed, we will be embarrassed. & # 39;

"If we prove they are wrong, they go to jail," added Giuliani.

Election officials, including in states like Georgia, where top officials are Republicans, have labeled claims made by Dominion machines as nonsense.

Dominion has sued another Trump associate attorney, Sidney Powell, on defamation charges of "wild allegations" made against the company.

The former New York mayor reiterated that he had put "process through struggle" in the "right context".

"It didn't spark any violent reaction from the crowd," he insisted. & # 39; None. The crowd didn't jump up and said, "Lock him up, put him in jail, go to hell." I've had speeches where people jumped up and said, "Lock him up." It wasn't emotional. It wasn't an emotional part of the speech. & # 39;

"Trying to take it out of context and use it is typical of the crooked left and press," argued Giuliani.

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