Primark gives an insight into what newly opened stores will look like

Primark gives customers an insight into what their reopened "Covid Secure" stores will look like next week – but changing rooms and toilets will remain closed for now

  • Boss confirms that there are no discounts or sales in reopened stores
  • A wide range of social distancing measures implemented by the retailer
  • This includes plastic umbrellas, floor markings and additional security guards

Primark will reopen 153 of its stores on June 15th, and today has released images showing what customers can expect in its store at the Westfield Shopping Center in London.

The company's boss has confirmed that no sales or promotions will be offered to Primark buyers when stores reopen next week.

The popular chain was hit hard during the ban because it doesn't have an online shopping website and was forced to close all of its high street stores.

Everything new: Primark's store in the Westfield shopping center in London will reopen next week

The number of shoppers allowed to enter a Primark store at the same time is limited, and the company claims to have hired “additional security guards” to curb the influx of buyers.

Toilets, changing rooms and cafes as well as beauty concession areas in which they are installed remain closed. Primark said this will continue to review the situation as the government continues to lift the restrictions.

The buyers have to stay two meters apart and are confronted with markings on the floor and further information about social distance on the shop walls.

Primark added: & # 39;Tannoy announcements are often made in the store to remind customers to stick to social distance measures. & # 39;

Designated queues have been set up outside of stores to ensure that customer flow is limited.

Paul Marchant, General Manager of Primark, said: “We missed our customers very much and look forward to being back on June 15th and offering them the high quality and affordable products they love from Primark.

“While it may take a little longer for the store to finish, customers will find all their favorite Primark products and, as usual, a large selection.

“We worked hard to ensure that there were clear signs and additional help to guide them through the changes we made to enable social distance.

"We also urge customers to respect the measures we take to ensure that shopping at Primark is a pleasant and safe experience for everyone."

Owner Associated British Foods closed all of its Primark stores in March due to the Corona virus, resulting in a loss of around £ 650m for each month that all stores were closed.

It said it cut more than 50 percent of Primark's overheads to help stabilize its finances during the pandemic.

Primark, which employed 68,000 people across Europe during the pandemic, has already opened most of its stores across the continent.

Earlier this month, Primark said its purchasing team had reviewed its spring-summer inventory and scheduled "certain products" for sale next summer "without requiring special discounts beyond our normal practices."

It said: "We will continue our policy to offer the best everyday low prices and try to avoid a discount on excess inventory."

The company, which was criticized last month for supplier cancellation in Asia, said its inventory had reached £ 1.5 billion and that it is expected to draw £ 284 million from inventory in its warehouses.