Premier League, EFL and FA agree on transfers after Brexit

Premier League, EFL and FA reach agreement on post-Brexit transfers – new signings from the European Union are required to meet the work permit threshold via a points-based system

  • FA, Premier League and EFL have agreed on a plan for players after Brexit
  • The three bodies have set requirements for a player to participate
  • After Brexit, clubs cannot freely sign players from the European Union
  • Instead, these EU players need a GBE (Governing Body Endorsement), which currently functions as a points-based system for non-EU players

Premier League clubs will only be allowed to sign six foreign players under the age of 21 from next season. After finalizing new post-Brexit immigration rules with the FA, no foreign players under the age of 18 need to be signed.

Sportsmail announced last month that after a four-year battle, the clubs had reached a late compromise with the FA over a new points-based access system. This agreement has now been ratified by the Ministry of the Interior.

The new rules will make it more difficult for clubs to sign foreign players, while the current restrictions that apply to players from non-EU countries are universal. The FA hopes this will provide more opportunities for local youth.

Players from European Union countries will have to earn 15 points in a new transfer eligibility scheme once the UK has completed Brexit and leaves the EU early next year

Under a new football-specific system of board participation, where signings are given a score based on their national team, the quality of the selling club and the league they play in, all foreign players need 15 points to come

the United Kingdom.

As Sportsmail announced last month, the Premier League wanted the immigration quota to be nine points, but the FA pushed for an 18-point cut-off to claim victory on that issue.

Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, said the major leagues welcome the new plan

Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, said the major leagues welcome the new plan


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