Police met ex-Tory minister arrested by Commons researchers on suspicion of rape

Police meeting DROP investigation into ex-Tory minister arrested on suspicion of rape of Commons researchers

  • Met Police confirmed the case "failed the evidence test" yesterday
  • Friends of the MP said last night of relief that the investigation was over
  • You have consistently insisted that the allegations are not true

The former Tory minister arrested on suspicion of rape of a Commons researcher will take no further action after police shut down their investigation, The Mail reported on Sunday.

City police yesterday confirmed that despite a thorough investigation into the allegations, the case "failed the evidence test."

Friends of the MP, who has consistently maintained his innocence, spoke last night of his relief that the investigation was over.

The move will give the former government minister, who has voluntarily stayed away from the Commons since his arrest, the opportunity to return to Westminster this week.

The Palace of Westminster, which consists of both Houses of Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords, is pictured in the late autumn sun in central London (file photo).

Just last week, allies of the politician appealed to Scotland Yard to "end his ordeal" and said that after four months of investigation, the police should be able to stop their investigation.

The Sunday mail revealed in August how the politician was arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault against a young Commons researcher.

His accuser alleged that she was assaulted four times between July 2019 and January this year, including allegations of rape requiring hospital treatment.

After his arrest, the MP was released on police bail, which was eventually lifted in mid-October, despite police insistence that he continue to be investigated for assault, sexual assault and rape.

However, in a statement yesterday, the Met said, "After a thorough investigation and on the basis of all evidence provided to the officers, a decision has been made that the case does not pass the evidence test and no further action will be taken.

"The complainant's attention was drawn to the decision."

The Sunday mail revealed last week that the police investigation included the taking of evidence by Conservative chief Whip Mark Spencer, who allegedly met the complainant before going to police, but did not advance the allegations, in part because he did not believe it was from spoken of a sexual assault.

Last night a friend of the MP said: “The last four and a half months have been a nightmare for this MP.

"But hopefully, after the Met finally completes a thorough investigation and recommends that the case be closed, he and his loved ones can finally return to a normal life."


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