Pints ​​ordered by post, football at school but not at clubs: the strange new rules in the new lock

If you're sad that you can't drink at your local pub during the new lockdown, drown your worries at home – order your pints in the mail instead!

Official regulations confirmed that pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and most stores must close by midnight tonight, provided MPs approve Boris Johnson's lockdown plans tonight.

However, the detailed legislation also revealed a number of strange anomalies. Pubs can sell take-away drinks to customers who order online or by phone, text, or mail.

Pubs can sell take-away drinks to customers who order online or by phone, text or mail (image used)

What are the rules and penalties?

The complex rules, enforced by fines of up to £ 10,000, misled two cabinet ministers yesterday.

Michael Gove apologized after mistakenly suggesting playing tennis and golf with someone else – both sports are, in fact, prohibited.

And community secretary Robert Jenrick mistakenly said a family could meet with a friend in the park.

Downing Street confirmed that unless they are in a support bubble, only an adult can meet another adult from a different household outside.

Although pubs and restaurants are allowed to sell take-away food, Downing Street had previously announced that they would be banned from selling alcoholic take-away beverages.

However, the new regulations of the state pubs can sell beverages to take-away customers if ordered through a website or by phone, text or mail.

The quirks of the new blocking rules

  • You can get a beer to go, but only if you order online, by phone, or by mail
  • Children can play team sports in school, but not outside
  • Public parks and stately gardens can remain open, but botanical gardens cannot
  • You can jog with a friend, but you cannot play singles tennis
  • Public land fishing is allowed, but visiting a fishing club is prohibited
  • You can go for a walk with a friend and your three year old, but not your six year old
  • Swimming pools and lidos are closed, but you can swim in the sea or in a lake
  • Private prayer is allowed in places of worship, but not in the community
  • Cleaners, supervisors and craftsmen are allowed to work at your home
  • You can meet people you don't live with – but only one-on-one and only outdoors to play sports or to relax

The move was welcomed last night by the Society of Independent Brewers, which said small brewers and pubs "have demonstrated their ability to act responsibly during Covid."

Can i go to work

Everyone who can work from home must do so.

If you can't, you can continue to work.

What are the rules for schools?

People are allowed to attend a school, university, or other place of education or training.

This also means that there is room for lessons and tutoring at home, such as music lessons. However, the government has recommended switching to online classes whenever possible.

Children are allowed to play soccer and other team sports in school, but are not allowed to play with schoolmates in local clubs.

What are the rules for sport?

Ministers faced a growing backlash to the fight against sport.

Students cannot play football or other team sports outside of school, although the virus does not spread well among children.

The rules aroused anger among athletes who claim they are "nonsensical" and endanger the health of children.

Yesterday athletes protested the government's ban on playing sports outside of school.

Football expert Robbie Savage called the plans "nonsensical" as he said there was disagreement when children could mingle at school but not when they play grassroots sports on weekends.

And Damian Collins, who previously chaired the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, urged the government to reconsider its position.

Children are allowed to play soccer and other team sports at school amid a series of strange anomalies (stock image).

Children are allowed to play soccer and other team sports at school under a number of strange anomalies (stock image).

He said, “If we realize that children are better off in school, even with Covid, then we should realize that they are better off doing mass sports than … being stuck at home.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said: “Sport is allowed in the school. In terms of the exterior, we need to reduce household transmission.

"As soon as popular sport for children can be resumed, we will do it."

What are the rules for outdoor venues?

Nature lovers can visit parks and gardens, including paid venues like the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens in Wisley, Surrey.

However, they will be prohibited from visiting many botanical gardens and sculpture parks.

However, Kew Gardens in southwest London said it will remain open – although its buildings, including the greenhouses, will be closed.

Can i visit my second home?

According to the new blocking rules, funerals with up to 30 guests can be held (archive image used).

Funerals can be carried out with up to 30 guests according to the new blocking rules (image used)

Individuals will be prohibited from visiting second homes unless they are required to perform work necessary to potentially sell or rent the property.

What about funerals and weddings?

Funerals can accommodate up to 30 guests, but weddings are limited to six.

Can I go the country?

No. The government advises against all but essential international travel and only for work. However, reasons for the trip are not verified.

Travel within the country is also not recommended.

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