Perth psychologist Gabby Goodier reveals 12 warning signs that mean it's time to break up

Should you end your relationship? The 12 Warning Signs it's time to break up with your partner – from obsessive thoughts to constant distraction

  • Psychologist Gabby Goodier revealed 12 red flags to look out for in relationships
  • Obsessive thoughts, fatigue, fear, and constant distraction are warning signs
  • Being overly critical of yourself or your partner is also a cause for concern
  • As well as losing interest in hobbies and feeling like you can't be yourself
  • Ms. Goodier says contempt for your partner is the "last nail in the coffin".

Obsessive thoughts, constant distraction, and a sudden loss of interest in hobbies you once enjoyed are among the early warning signals that something is wrong with your relationship, a clinical psychologist has found.

Gabby Goodier of Perth, Western Australia shared a list of 12 red flags on Friday proving that you have reached a limit on certain elements of your partner's behavior.

According to the founder of the Sage Society, an online practice that specializes in parenting, love, and personal development, unexplained insomnia, anxiety, increasing resentments, and a lack of time for friends and family include.

Ms. Goodier said there is also cause for concern about being overly critical of yourself or your partner, as well as the uncomfortable feeling that you cannot be your true self with her.

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Clinical psychologist Gabby Goodier (pictured) says obsessive thoughts and a sudden loss of interest in hobbies that you once enjoyed are warning signals that all is not all right in your relationship

Perhaps the most obvious alarm bells are the inability to say no to your partner and develop harmful habits such as eating badly, avoiding exercise, and drinking too much.

If you have any of these problems, Ms. Goodier said it was time to reassess your boundaries and decide what you really want from the relationship.

"Recognizing and recognizing your red flags is one of the best ways to take action before problems arise," she told Daily Mail Australia.

If you're not sure whether to end it, Ms. Goodier says that your partner's disdain is usually an indicator that the relationship is over.

"When you're immersed in a vortex of negativity, contempt is usually the final nail in the coffin," she said.

The 12 red flags of the relationship

1. You are overly critical of yourself or your partner

2. You think obsessively about your partner

3. You feel angry

4. You feel like you don't have enough time to spend with other people in your life

5. You feel exhausted or depressed

6. You feel anxious

7. You feel like you cannot say no to your partner

8. You forget to take care of yourself

9. You are easily distracted

10. You feel that you cannot be completely yourself

11. You have lost interest in activities that you previously enjoyed

12. You have trouble sleeping

Source: Clinical psychologist Gabby Goodier on The Sage Society

Obsessive thoughts about your partner are a tell-tale warning sign

Suddenly there is destructive behavior such as neglecting diet and exercise and drinking excessively

Obsessive thoughts about your partner (left) and suddenly destructive behaviors such as neglecting diet and exercise and drinking excessively (right) are tell-tale warning signs

“Even these subtle shapes are slowly starting to undermine any connectivity that once held you together.

"Once your relationship is at this point of breakup, it is extremely difficult to find a path to each other, and sometimes it's really healthier to get out sooner rather than later."

And when it comes to reducing toxicity before it starts, Ms. Goodier tells her clients that there are three main sins that should never be accepted: abuse, addiction, and infidelity.

"It's definitely possible to love a person with these variables too, especially with the help of a psychologist, but that never means you need or 'tolerate' the behavior," she said.

For more advice on love and relationships, see The Sage Society Here.


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