Number 10 failed to deliver on all coronavirus testing within 24 hours by the end of June

Number 10 missed its promise to run all corona virus tests within 24 hours by the end of June, as test and trace data show that only 1.8% of Britons given home kits achieved results in a day

The government has failed to deliver all of its coronavirus test results within 24 hours by the end of June.

Just over half of all test results (55 percent) are received within a day of the smear, according to data from the Department of Health today.

Nine out of ten tests performed in large test centers were performed within one day, but only two out of 100 for home tests.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised on June 3 that each test would be completed within one day by the end of the month.

Experts say it is important to get test results quickly and do contact tracking immediately to stop the spread of the coronavirus, as there is only a short window to alert people that they are at risk of infecting others without knowing that they are sick.

The Prime Minister was grilled on June 3 in the House of Commons by former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is now chairing the selected Committee on Health and Social Care, on the subject of test lead time.

Mr. Hunt had asked the Prime Minister to indicate how many tests are currently being processed within 24 hours and to undertake to publish this number regularly.

Mr. Johnson replied, “The answer is that we can run 90 percent of the tests within 48 hours.

& # 39; The tests done at the 199 test centers as well as the mobile test centers are all done within 24 hours and I can now oblige him to turn all tests within 24 hours except for the end of June, except for Difficulty with post tests or such insurmountable problems. & # 39;

Today's data shows that of the tests performed at the major drive-in test centers, 91.8 percent completed within 24 hours between June 25 and July 1.

This was 80,479 people – most of the tests performed.

For mobile test units, such as those set up during the local outbreak in nursing homes or parks in Leicester, the 24-hour response rate for 46,061 people was 89.6 percent.

Response rates were significantly lower at the smaller test sites, including the satellite test centers used in hospitals. The response rate was only 25.7 percent.

Home tests performed on people at home gave a bleak 1.8 percent – one in 50 – a result within 24 hours. Two thirds lasted between one and two days.


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