Nicola Sturgeon announces 11 council areas moving to the fourth level

Nicola Sturgeon announces 11 local authorities – including the city of Glasgow – will be moved to Scotland's toughest coronavirus level from Friday as she warns that infection rates will remain "persistently high".

Nicola Sturgeon announced today that 11 local authorities will be moved to Scotland's toughest coronavirus level as she warned that infection rates are still "persistently" high.

The First Minister said the eleven council areas, which include the city of Glasgow, will be subject to level four restrictions from 6pm on Friday.

Individuals living in the fourth-level areas are not allowed to meet with other households indoors while only essential stores are allowed to remain open.

Ms. Sturgeon said her message to the people in these areas was that they "shouldn't be on the move" while the restrictions remain.

In addition to the 11 areas that will be raised to level four, two areas will be moved from level three to level two, while 19 will experience no change.

Nicola Sturgeon announced today that eleven local authorities will be brought to the toughest coronavirus level from Friday

The announcements came after Ms. Sturgeon said restrictions on household gatherings put in place in recent weeks have helped control the spread of the coronavirus.

She told MSPs that the country was on track to capture 3,000 new cases per day if no action had been taken.

She said, & # 39; That didn't happen. The daily case numbers make up almost a third of this.

& # 39; The prevalence in Scotland is also lower than in other UK countries.

“So we've made progress, but the overall level of infection remains higher than necessary. And the national picture masks considerable regional differences. & # 39;

Ms. Sturgeon also announced that the total number of deaths from Covid-19 in Scotland will exceed 5,000 this week.