NHS patients may miss WEETABIX in British hospitals after the Brexit price hike

NHS patients have to have breakfast without Weetabix or Bran Flakes, as the Brexit crisis is driving up the price and hospital heads are forced to consider canceling care

  • EXCLUSIVE: The NHS Supply Chain team sent an internal announcement last week about the price increase for cereal bars from Weetabix, Bran Flakes and the Alps
  • It informed the hospitals that Weetabix had raised its prices so that the NHS supply chain would no longer store the products in their warehouses
  • Hospitals can still order Weetabix through the supply chain through wholesaler frameworks
  • The former manager of Weetabix had predicted that prices would increase after the Brexit vote and the resulting devaluation of the pound

A price increase associated with Brexit means that NHS patients may miss two of the UK's healthiest and most popular breakfast cereals.

One of the NHS's supply chain, NHS Supply Chain, warned hospitals that once a manufacturer's price hike, seven products from an important path to the market would become unavailable once stocks were exhausted.

The statement warned: "Given normal buying patterns, this is likely to happen in the week from April 8, 2019 for the fast moving lines."

Bran flakes

Have you had YOUR Weetabix? Not when you're in the hospital, you don't have it. The NHS procurement department canceled their orders for Weetabix (left) and Bran Flakes (right) from the company.

You can't have YOUR Weetabix: The seven lines that patients may miss on the NHS

NHS Supply Chain said that after a price hike, the following lines from an important path to the market would become unavailable after inventory ran out, which was expected this week:

Alpine cereal bars from Weetabix are also no longer stored by the NHS

Alpine cereal bars from Weetabix are also no longer stored by the NHS

  • Muesli breakfast Weetabix (pack of 48)
  • Cereal breakfast Weetabix single biscuit (96 x 1)
  • Cereal breakfast Weetabix individual (48 x 2)
  • Muesli breakfast bran flakes 500g
  • Muesli bar Strawberry-yoghurt breakfast bar (Alpine bar, manufactured by Weetabix)
  • Muesli bars Fruit and nut chocolate breakfast bars (Alpine bars, manufactured by Weetabix)
  • Muesli bar Fruit and nut breakfast bar (Alpine bar, manufactured by Weetabix)

The NHS statement goes on to say: “Potential direct and indirect alternative products can be ordered through our online catalog or through wholesale suppliers.

"Customers are encouraged to identify and purchase alternative lines through the NHS supply chain catalog or through other Multi Temperature Food Solutions Framework wholesalers."

After Theresa May failed three times to get her Brexit deal through parliament, last night she had to ask the EU to extend Britain's departure date from the block.

Ms. May asked other European leaders to postpone the UK's departure until June 30 while speaking to Jeremy Corbyn. However, this was rejected. The prime minister was in a precarious position after repeatedly declaring that he could no longer stay Britain in the EU date.

This morning she accepted a flexible Brexit delay until October 31st, which means the UK can leave until May when its deal closes. However, no renegotiation of the redemption agreement including the backstop is possible during this period.

She also agreed to take part in the European elections next month, which will cost taxpayers up to £ 108 million unless she reaches an agreement on Parliament by May 22nd.

At the beginning of 2017, the then managing director Giles Turrell said Weetabix could become another consumer brand to raise prices as a result of the pound's slump since the Brexit vote.

The breakfast cereal maker said that if prices went up, the increases would likely be in the "low single digits."

During a BBC interview, Giles Turrell, managing director of Weetabix, said price increases were a "last resort".

Though the company harvests wheat in Northamptonshire, it is sold in US dollars on world markets, meaning the cost in pounds to buy wheat in the UK has increased.

Like other packaged food manufacturers, it has been pressured by the falling value of the pound sterling, which has increased the cost of imported goods or globally traded goods in US dollars.

NHS hospitals will continue to be able to purchase the discontinued NHS Supply Chain products while supplies last, the procurement team said.

MailOnline asked Weetabix, NHS Supply Chain and the Ministry of Health for comments.

A spokesman for NHS Supply Chain said: & # 39; NHS customers can still order Weetabix through the NHS Supply Chain wholesaler frameworks, and the Weetabix will be delivered to the hospital through the wholesaler.

"Patients can therefore continue to take Weetabix for breakfast in the NHS hospitals that buy Weetabix."


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