Michael Gove's wife Sarah Vine defends her disagreement over Covid-19

It's sexist to say that I have to think the same way as my husband, says Michael Gove's wife Sarah Vine … after arguing that Brits should get on with their lives during Covid – while he is the driving force behind the "Rule of Six." "was.

  • Michael Gove and his wife Sarah Vine have different views on the Covid-19 rules
  • Mr. Gove enforced strict rules prohibiting meetings of more than six people
  • Ms. Vine, a mail columnist, thinks the new rules are too draconian

Households across the country were divided over the dramas of Brexit and how best to deal with the coronavirus crisis – but not many have demonstrated it as clearly and publicly as Michael Gove's.

The Cabinet Office Minister got to the heart of the matter when he was grilled in an interview yesterday about the views of his wife, columnist Sarah Vine.

Ms. Vine argued last week that the nation should find the courage to get on with life – discovering "an air of religious zeal in the way some seem to enjoy the more draconian aspects of the lockdown" – just as Mr. Gove introduced the controversial new one Rule that restricts social gatherings to no more than six people. When asked yesterday if the pandemic was "more divisive than Brexit", Mr Gove laughed and said, "I know what you mean … there are a number of views in the Gove budget on a number of issues … it is an environment where almost any opinion can be expressed. & # 39;

Michael Gove pictured has been identified as the driving force behind tomorrow's new restrictions, which his wife, mail columnist Sarah Vine, has described as "draconian."

Sarah Vine said he was

Sarah Vine said he was "confused" why people in 2020 cannot accept that a woman may have a different opinion than her husband

After the interview, Ms. Vine wrote on Twitter that she was "confused about why the media in 2020" seems to believe that a woman can't have any other opinion than her husband "before adding" #everydaysexism ", her libertarian view on the coronavirus was highlighted by journalist Petronella Wyatt, who wrote, “My old friend Michael Gove was the driving force behind the dictation“ rule of six, ”“ cancel Christmas. ”A few days ago, his wife, the mail columnist, wrote Sarah Vine that we should ignore Covid and get on with our lives. Is something wrong with Gove's household? "

In response, Ms. Vine sarcastically thanked Ms. Wyatt for her "touching" concern before adding, "It's quite simple that [Mr. Gove] is not the kind of man to tell his wife what to think."

Throughout her career, Ms. Vine has been ruthless in the details she has given about living with a front line politician. When Boris Johnson was criticized last month at the height of the exam crisis for vacationing in Scotland, she wrote: “Being Prime Minister is 24/7. The stress alone is incomprehensible. People make bad decisions when they are tired and stressed out. "

Last month, Ms. Vine launched a sharp assault on government performance over the A-level grades fiasco.

Ms. Vine – whose husband served as Minister of Education – wrote: “Parents and students must not forgive a conservative government that has hung them up to dry in their eyes. And honestly, who can blame them? Surely we could have done better with our young people? "