Lifting the holiday airlift: France, Spain and Italy are on the list of destinations without quarantine

Airlifts that allow tourists to travel to France, Italy, Spain, Germany and other countries were confirmed last night.

As of July 4, the State and Commonwealth Office will today make exemptions from a number of countries from its "far from essential" travel guidelines.

However, measures to exempt travelers from quarantine will not take effect until July 10th.

The majority of passengers still have to provide their contact details when they arrive in England.

Those who have visited countries in the quarantine list in the past 14 days must isolate themselves for two weeks.

The changes will be announced today by Secretary of Transport Grant Shapps after a risk assessment by the Joint Biosecurity Center in close consultation with Public Health England and the Chief Medical Officer.

Mr Shapps said today that travelers from around 60 countries and overseas territories to England no longer need to be quarantined when they arrive in the UK.

The government is expected to release a list of the countries that will be part of the quarantine-free airlift to get the tourism industry going again

The transport minister said the government would publish a full list of countries that will be exempted later today.

& # 39; There will be a list of more than 50 countries. If you add 60 in the overseas areas, it will be announced later, ”he told Sky News.

Likely list of Airlift countries

  • Andorra
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belgium
  • Bermuda
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • French Polynesia
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Martinique
  • Monaco
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • NZ
  • Poland
  • reunion
  • San Marino
  • Serbia
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • St. Kitts and Nevis
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Pierre and Miquelon
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam
  • Wallis and Futuna

Source: The Daily Telegraph

& # 39; France, Germany, Italy and Spain will be on this list. It is really important that we have done this very carefully and carefully. The most important thing is to maintain the profits made. & # 39;

However, the government said it "expected" the countries on the list to reciprocate, but gave no guarantee.

The list will be published today and reviewed in the event of disease spikes in other countries.

The FCO has updated its travel notices so that certain low-risk destinations are no longer on its list and prohibit travel "anything but essential".

Secretary of Transport Grant Shapps said: “Today is the next step in carefully reopening our great nation. Whether you are a vacationer who is ready to go abroad or a company that wants to open your doors again, this is good news for the British and good news for British companies.

"The entire nation has worked tirelessly to reach this stage, so safety must remain our buzzword, and we will not hesitate to act quickly to protect ourselves as infection rates increase in countries we rejoin. "

The late announcement came after a day of confusion. The list of nations that Monday to travel to without the need to quarantine the British when they return has been repeatedly hacked and changed.

Greece is believed to have dropped out last night, despite earlier promises that it would be admitted.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also refused to join the plan, which means that the lifting of the quarantine measure only applies to English ports and airports.

The decision to move ahead without the rest of the UK suggests that Scottish Minister Nicola Sturgeon could enforce her threat to quarantine people arriving from England.

And last night it turned out that only three people have been fined since the controversial quarantine policy – blamed for the crippling hopes of tourism revival – was introduced last month.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps told Sky News (top) today that travelers from around 60 countries and overseas territories to England no longer need to be quarantined upon arrival

Transport Minister Grant Shapps told Sky News (top) today that travelers from around 60 countries and overseas territories to England no longer need to be quarantined upon arrival

Ministers agreed last week on a new traffic light system to pave the way for the creation of so-called "international travel corridors" that will allow travelers to visit certain countries this summer without being quarantined at both ends.

The ministers had originally planned to negotiate bilateral "airlifts" with a limited number of countries. Under pressure from the travel industry and fear of legal action, this was expanded to a larger group of almost 80 destinations.

Ministers yesterday agreed to quarantine countries considered safe, even if they quarantine British arrivals.

But in the midst of hectic arguments, they decided that this would be politically unsustainable. The chaos sparked a guilt game between London and Edinburgh. Commons chief Jacob Rees-Mogg accused Miss Sturgeon of behaving like Donald Trump, who wanted to build a wall after refusing to exclude 14-day quarantines on arrivals from England.

Ministers have tried for days to agree on a British approach. In private, they accuse Miss Sturgeon of using politics to strengthen the nationalist mood north of the border.

A passenger with a face mask arrives on Wednesday on Ryanair flight FR2190 to Malaga at London Southend Airport in Essex

A passenger with a face mask arrives on Wednesday on Ryanair flight FR2190 to Malaga at London Southend Airport in Essex

However, a source from the Scottish government said Westminster ministers changed the policy three times within 24 hours so they could not log in. Scottish Justice Minister Humza Yousaf said the number of countries proposed by the UK government rose from 42 to 73 on Wednesday.

He said the original list had 15 countries with a "green" risk rating and 27 with an "amber" rating – but 30 minutes before the meeting at 6:00 p.m. they were shown a list of 40 green and 33 amber nations.

The controversy came when travel agencies abandoned plans to sell vacations this summer due to uncertainty surrounding airlifts.

Lee Hunt, 42, owner of Deben Travel in Woodbridge, Suffolk, said: “When customers pay, we have to guarantee that they get everything they pay for. We cannot do that at the moment. & # 39;

Chris Scoble, 54, of Go Scoble at Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said, "I think we're at the back of the queue, even though we make up so much of the country's economy."

Vacationers return to Portals Nous in Mallorca yesterday when Spain is back to normal

Vacationers return to Portals Nous in Mallorca yesterday when Spain is back to normal

Speaking to the government's decision to lift the quarantine restrictions in England, a spokesman for the travel trade organization Abta replied: "Today's announcement by the government to lift the quarantine restrictions for returning passengers in England from July 10th is now being received with great relief by the travel industry Plan ahead and accept summer vacation bookings.

& # 39; Travel companies have been under tremendous pressure since the pandemic began, and the industry can now begin to satisfy customers' pent-up appetite while traveling.

“Finding the balance between health and economic risk is a difficult challenge and we strongly support the government in taking this initiative.

& # 39; Due to the health and safety measures to limit Covid-19, people's travel experiences will change. In the future, it will be important for customers to speak to their travel agent so that they can book and travel safely.

"And of course continued access to overseas destinations depends on keeping Covid's infection and transmission rates low in that country, so everyone should continue to follow public health guidelines."

Ryanair aircraft arrived at London's Stansted Airport, the airline's UK base, on Wednesday

Ryanair aircraft arrived at London's Stansted Airport, the airline's UK base, on Wednesday

A spokesman for the Scottish government said: “The UK government's recent plans for airlifts, which have been released overnight, involve countries at different risk.

Scottish ministers are actively examining the impact of these proposals on public health, as well as the data and evidence behind them. Once they do, they will announce any changes related to Scotland.

& # 39; Public health interventions related to international travel are an important part of the broader response to this pandemic – to protect people and ensure that we limit the introduction of new virus transmission chains if our own infection rates decrease .

& # 39; We will make decisions based on scientific advice to protect communities in Scotland. Of course, the prospect of cases from elsewhere poses a risk not only to health, but also to our economy.

“It is important to emphasize that changing the spread of the virus at any time can result in quarantine requirements for travel from different countries.

& # 39; It is disappointing that the UK government has decided to make an announcement about the countries they want to exempt before a four-nation agreement has been reached.

"We still want to take a four-nation approach where possible, but that's difficult when the UK government changes proposals and brings them to our attention at the last minute."

Nicola Sturgeon's footsteps on airlifts that leave millions in vacation pending was a cynical trick – she uses Covid to split the Union, says STEPHEN DAISLEY

Every evening at tea time, the Scots turn on the television news for a familiar sight: Nicola Sturgeon looks at her behind her podium, announces the latest coronavirus numbers and shares her sympathy with those affected.

She is a skilful communicator and incomparable emoter who is convinced that Scotland could not survive the rest of this crisis without her television charity.

So we meet every night to see which of their multiple powers the First Minister will use next. How far can we travel? When can our churches open again? Where do we have to wear surgical masks now?

The SNP leader makes all of these decisions without reference to Boris Johnson, as decentralization in Scotland takes up a large part of the Prime Minister's powers and hands them over to the resident of Bute House, the Prime Minister's official residence.

And Sturgeon revels in showing their authority, as their refusal to sign an airlift agreement this week showed us again.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wears a tartan face mask when she visits New Look at the Ford Kinaird Retail Park in Edinburgh

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wears a tartan face mask when she visits New Look at the Ford Kinaird Retail Park in Edinburgh

Downing Street should publish a list of countries on Monday that are no longer subject to the 14-day self-isolation rules. However, thanks to Ms. Sturgeon's excellent position, the decision was repeatedly pushed back, leading to holiday chaos and excitement. Growing anger among companies such as tour operators and airlines that Covid had hit so hard.

The first Scottish minister insists that she only wants to take a little time to examine the impact of the proposal on public health.

What planet is she on? With airlifting arrangements to be made with other countries on a UK basis, she throws millions of families' vacation plans into chaos by refusing to join Downing Street

It is an outrageous demonstration to make politics with the pandemic: holding Britain as a ransom to collect support for their dream of independence.

In response to such allegations, Ms. Sturgeon says primarily that the suggestion that political considerations could be a factor in her decision-making is "frankly a shame". From the high priestess of politicization, this is a spectacular audacity.

It is even considering quarantining visitors from the south of the Scotland border. Boris Johnson's response to the answer that there is no border between England and Scotland was a stupid, casual mistake.

There is a legal boundary with separate legal and legislative systems, but the thunderous outrage of the nationalist leader was theater – and bad theater at that.

"If the Prime Minister questions that now," she snapped, "I'm not sure what he would say if I showed up in Newcastle and tried to implement the Scottish government's policies there."

The truth is that the idea that Sturgeon crosses the Tweed to England and is in quarantine on her return is well received by half of Scotland.

Aside from frivolity, the mere suggestion that the Scottish government even consider the idea of ​​a quarantine is pretty extraordinary. A Scottish quarantine would effectively suspend free movement between the UK's two largest nations.

Passengers arrive today in the middle of the coronavirus crisis at Palma de Mallorca airport in Spain

The passengers arrive in the middle of the coronavirus crisis at Palma de Mallorca airport in Spain

Scotland would set a hard line in the midst of a national emergency and in the run-up to an election to the Scottish Parliament, which will surely focus on the SNP's calls for another referendum.

The political symbolism of the law would overshadow any pretext for protecting public health.

Nicola Sturgeon is not naive. She knows it all. However, she refuses to reject the idea despite sharply dividing the Scots, causing a territorial clash between Bute House and Downing Street, and doing lasting damage to Scotland's vital tourism industry.

In fact, the Scottish Tourism Alliance warns that vacationers from other parts of the UK have already asked for refunds for bookings.

It is now not clear how such quarantine measures would work in practice. This week, Police Scotland said it doesn't even monitor who is entering the country.

Vacationers sunbathe on the beach at Portals Nous today to simplify the closure in Europe

Vacationers sunbathe on the beach at Portals Nous today to simplify the closure in Europe

The coronavirus outbreak required guidance, and at first Sturgeon seemed to grasp the severity of the moment.

She acted cautiously and spoke bleakly, sticking to a four-nation strategy, although the idea that Scotland should coordinate its response with the rest of the United Kingdom antagonized some at the base of its party.

But soon they were overwhelmed by political considerations – as is so often the case with this first minister. When admitted to the group via Cobra meetings, she angered # 10 by anticipating the Prime Minister's announcement that the policy would shift from curbing to delaying the virus.

When Downing Street unveiled the "Stay Alert" slogan, she refused to use it because it was "vague and inaccurate". The following month she announced her own motto: "Stay safe".

SNP's approach to Central England is of striking quality, a compulsive need to highlight small differences and to consider Scotland and England to be naturally separate countries.

Passengers wave as they walk down a gangway while an airplane is traveling from Germany to Greece

Passengers wave as they walk down a gangway while an airplane is traveling from Germany to Greece

However, when it comes to controlling the virus, the SNP's record is at least as sketchy as that of the Tories in England.

Passengers could be subjected to swab tests at Heathrow and other airports, the transport minister said

An announcement on coronavirus swab tests for passengers could be made within weeks, the transport minister said yesterday.

Grant Shapps said he was speaking to the airport handling company Swissport, which is preparing a lawsuit against a system in which travelers are given a swab test after entry and customs.

The tests are similar to those of the NHS and can deliver results in just seven hours.

Passengers with positive swabs are asked to contact the Test and Trace Service and do two weeks of self-isolation.

When asked about airport tests for passengers in the Commons yesterday, Mr. Shapps said, “It is very important to make sure that we can provide security for passengers, but also that we can do something useful in the review that goes beyond what people may be doing request a temperature test.

"That is why we are actively working with Heathrow and other airports to introduce these systems, and I will say more about it in time for the subsequent air corridor review."

The Swissport trials are to take place at an airport to be named.

When asked about the system, Mr. Shapps said: “I am indeed in contact with Swissport and am following these attempts and suggestions very closely. As I indicated in a question or two, we think it is important to provide international standards, and that may well involve certain types of tests. & # 39;

Both governments were slow to provide PSA, and both took too long to understand the importance of testing and tracing. The Scottish government's balance sheet was particularly risky during tests. At one point, only a third of the daily capacity was used.

Sturgeon's health minister, Jeane Freeman, has also come under fire after deciding to take elderly patients from hospitals to nursing homes. Some of them have been relocated without being tested for corona virus.

Already in May, Freeman informed the Scottish Parliament that only 300 older people had been released before the mandatory tests were introduced. The actual number was three times as high.

Sturgeon defended her firm political ally and said she may have been "tired" when she gave the misleading number.

But no breach of duty was as horrific as the Scottish government's handling of the outbreak of the Nike conference.

The sports giant held an international meeting at a hotel in Edinburgh in late February.

By March 3, ministers knew that at least two people connected to the event had tested positive for Covid-19, but the outbreak was kept secret from the public for another 69 days – when a BBC investigation revealed everything . The sturgeon government had returned to old secrecy and cunning habits.

So far, none of this has had any political impact. With a Holyrood election scheduled for next May, Sturgeon is voting far ahead of the Scottish Conservatives, who still haven't recovered from the loss of their former leader, Ruth Davidson.

From a legal perspective, she could focus on her day-to-day work of governing the country and taking another term in Bute House, but that's not Sturgeon's way. She is a wild ideological animal, smart and deadly, and she lives for hunting.

This makes them a deadly enemy to their opponents, but makes them fundamentally unsuitable for governance. The temptation to politicize everything is omnipresent, because for Sturgeon politics is all there is.

Viruses come and go, but the nationalist cause persists and as long as it does, Nicola Sturgeon's top priority will always be.

She is the first chair of the SNP and the first Finnish minister.

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