Labor Civil War 2.0: uprising after former leader Jeremy Corbyn was hung in a string of anti-Semitism

The indictment against Labor in a damn 130-page report

  • Labor violated the Equality Act 2010 by “unlawful harassment” in two of the complaints investigated. They included "using anti-Semitic tropes and pointing out that anti-Semitism complaints were fake or smeared".
  • One of the cases concerned Ken Livingstone, who in 2016 defended MP Naz Shah on allegations of anti-Semitism, claiming there was an "Israel lobby" smear campaign to undermine and disrupt Mr Corbyn's leadership. He later resigned from the Labor Party after being suspended.
  • Another 18 cases were “borderline” and involved councilors, local election candidates and Constituency Labor Party (CLP) officials.
  • Analysis of 70 anti-Semitism complaint files revealed 23 cases of "political interference" by the office of Mr. Corbyn and others. This included "clear examples of interference at various stages in the overall grievance process, including decisions about whether to investigate and whether to suspend party members".
  • The party's complaint process was "inconsistent, poor and not transparent".
  • In cases where a complaint about anti-Semitism was upheld, it was "difficult to draw conclusions about whether the sanctions imposed were fair and coherent".
  • The watchdog's recommendations include hiring an independent process to deal with anti-Semitism complaints and recognizing the effects of political interference and implementing clear rules to prevent recurrence.

The work exploded into a brutal civil war over anti-Semitism after former leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended following an official report that led to party racism under his leadership.

Hard left in the party, including union baron Len McCluskey, former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Diane Abbott, line up to support Mr Corbyn against the moderate work led by Sir Keir Starmer.

Former socialist leader Corbyn, previously featured in an exclusive online video titled "British Zionists Don't Understand English Irony", was whipped for hours after a damned report found Labor guilty of violating equality laws had found.

Lord Mann, the British anti-Semitism tsar, said it was "the moment of greatest shame in the history of the Labor Party".

Party leader Sir Keir Starmer suspended him for issuing a statement rejecting many of the EHRC's conclusions, claiming that the extent of anti-Semitism during his tenure was from our opponents inside and outside the party, and from many of them on political grounds The media & # 39; has been overrated.

It was this comment that moments before Starmer delivered a speech in which he accepted the conclusions, which led Labor Secretary General David Evans to suspend him.

Starmer reportedly called Corbyn on Wednesday night to assure him before the report was released that he would take no action against him.

But the Labor leader was forced to act after Corbyn's testimony sparked a shock at Labor headquarters around 11 a.m. Thursday, The Guardian said.

A senior Labor source revealed that Vice-Chair Angela Rayner spoke to Corbyn and his team, telling him to apologize immediately and to make a statement in a video he taped shortly after at lunchtime.

But the former Labor leader refused, and at 1 p.m. Labor announced his suspension.

It is believed that Corbyn did not intend his testimony to pose a direct challenge to Starmer, despite condemning the "political intervention".

The Shadow Ministers have backed Starmer so far, with one calling it his moment in Clause IV.

The suspension was immediately welcomed by the moderates, but it plunged the party into civil war. Union leader Len McCluskey said the decision was a "grave injustice" that would lead to "chaos" and the fate of Labor in the election defeat.

These fights could last for months as the former leader's fate is decided. Mr Corbyn vowed to fight the suspension while there are proposals that his supporters on the front bench are considering stepping down and his supporters in the party are ripping up their membership cards.

Last night, the Anti-Semitism Campaign called for its grievances about Mr Corbyn's behavior – like supporting an anti-Semitic mural – to be re-investigated. It also filed complaints against 15 other MPs, including Diane Abbott, Richard Burgon, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and Vice-Chair Angela Rayner.

A quick YouGov poll found that 58 percent of respondents thought Mr Corbyn's suspension was the right decision, compared with 13 percent who said it was wrong.

Union leader Len McCluskey warned Sir Keir Starmer last night that the move to suspend Jeremy Corbyn would create chaos within Labor and defeat it in the next election.

Unite chairman Mr. McCluskey made calls to Sir Keir to reverse the decision and called it a "gross injustice" when Mr. Corbyn's closest allies gathered around him.

Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell described Mr Corbyn's suspension from the party as "deeply wrong," while former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott retweeted a statement against his suspension.

But amid the anger of Mr. Corbyn's supporters and allies, Mr. McClusky urged members to stay in the party instead of going in protest, and Mr. McDonnell and Ms. Abbott called for calm and "party unity".

This came amid speculation that Corbyn supporters on the front bench were considering resigning and that his supporters in the party would tear up their membership cards.

Mr. McCluskey said, “This was a day for our party to defeat the evil of anti-Semitism. However, the decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn threatened that opportunity.

Mr Corbyn's supporters broke out in a barely suppressed revolt after the hard-left icon, 71, was stripped of the whip for comments that downplayed the Commission's long-awaited investigation on Equality and Human Rights.

The landmark 130-page report identified "significant shortcomings in the Labor Party's handling of anti-Semitism complaints over the past four years" with "concrete examples of harassment, discrimination and political interference".

Among the charges brought against Labor was the fact that out of 70 anti-Semitism complaints analyzed, 23 showed signs of "political interference" by Mr. Corbyn's office and others.

They also exploded "a lack of leadership within the Labor Party on these issues" which is "difficult to reconcile with its stated commitment to a zero-tolerance approach to anti-Semitism".

But Mr Corbyn was suspended this afternoon after issuing a statement that "the scale of the problem has been dramatically overstated by our opponents inside and outside the party and by much of the media on political grounds".

The decision prompted the party's left and moderate wings to turn on each other, deepening a split that was deep in the abyss after years of factional struggle.

Mr Corbyn urged his Labor supporters to "stay in the party" to fight for leftist principles after the decision to suspend him, as many showed their cut membership cards on social media.

In a radio interview in Islington after the whip was removed, Mr Corbyn called for calm and encouragement for members to advocate left-wing values ​​internally.

But when the Corbynites sparked their anger at his successor, Sir Keir Starmer, the current Labor leader insisted the decision was the right one.

Sir Keir Starmer said he was "disappointed" with Jeremy Corbyn's testimony, adding: “I want to unite the Labor Party and bring our groups together as one party.

“But I have made a clear commitment to rooting out anti-Semitism, and I will join that commitment. We can't say "zero tolerance" and then turn a blind eye.

Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell endorsed his former boss, Mr Corbyn, and described the suspension on Twitter as "deeply wrong."

"On the day we should all move forward and take all steps to fight anti-Semitism, the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is deeply wrong," he tweeted.

“In the interests of the unity of the party, we want to find a way to reverse and resolve this. I urge all party members to keep calm as this is the best way to support Jeremy and each other. Let us all urge the leadership to lift this suspension. & # 39;

And unite Union Kingpin Len McCluskey, a close reassurance from Mr Corbyn, added that it was & # 39;an act of grave injustice which, if not undone, creates chaos within the party and threatens Labor's chances of a general election victory. "

In other developments:

  • Mr Corbyn said he did not accept all of the report's findings but added: “Jewish members of our party and the wider community were right to expect us to look into this and I regret that it has taken longer to implement this change, than it should. & # 39;
  • Sir Keir said the report was & # 39; difficult to read & # 39; adding: & # 39; I.It is a day of shame for the Labor Party. We failed the Jewish people. & # 39;
  • Labor MP Dame Margaret Hodge said Jeremy Corbyn "shamed" the party by "sitting at the center of a party that enables anti-Semitism".
  • But the Jewish MP declined calls for deportation, saying, “He's yesterday's man. It is absolutely irrelevant. & # 39;
  • Former Labor MP Luciana Berger said the results were "damned" and "I don't think they could have been worse than what we heard and seen today".
  • The Anti-Semitism Campaign said it had filed complaints about 16 MPs with Labor. They are Mr. Corbyn plus Diane Abbott, Tahir Ali, Mike Amesbury, Apsana Begum, Richard Burgon, Barry Gardiner, Kate Hollern, Afzal Khan, Rebecca-Long Bailey, Angela Rayner, Steve Reed, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Barry Sheerman and Zarah Sultana .

Jeremy Corbyn, who is due to return to his home Thursday night, has been suspended by Labor following an official report that led to party racism under his leadership

Sir Keir apologized to British Jews today, warning that those who still felt that allegations were "exaggerated or a factional attack" should be "away from the Labor Party".

Sir Keir apologized to British Jews today, warning that those who still felt that allegations were "exaggerated or a factional attack" should be "away from the Labor Party".

Labor's catalog of anti-Semitism errors

The Equality and Human Rights Commission today outlined numerous examples of anti-Semitism within the Labor ranks and the failure of the party leadership to address it.

Some were committed by prominent figures while others were carried out by relatively unknown local officials and councilors.

Some errors were due to logistical and recording errors, while others were caused by direct interference by Jeremy Corbyn's top team in the party's complaint process.

The following examples were highlighted in the report released today:

Anti-Semitic tropics:

Pam Bromley, a councilor for Rossendale Borough Council in Lancashire, wrote on Facebook: “If Jeremy Corbyn and the Labor Party had pulled up the drawbridge and stifled the false AS (anti-Semitism) allegations, we would not be where we are now and the fifth Column in the LP (Labor Party) would not have managed to find such a hold. & # 39;

& # 39;Fakes and smears:

In April 2016 media interviews, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, a member of the Labor Party's National Executive Committee (NEC), referred to anti-Semitic social media posts by Bradford MP Naz Shah. He repeatedly denied that they were anti-Semitic, claiming there was an "Israel lobby" smear campaign to undermine and disrupt MP Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

In April 2019, Ms. Bromley posted information on Facebook about AS's false allegations of undermining Labor. On December 15, 2019, she posted an article on Jeremy Corbyn on Facebook in which she mentioned "the false allegations of anti-Semitism in the LP".

Anti-Semitic behavior:

The EHRC said party members told him that Mr Livingstone's remarks caused shock and anger among members of the Jewish Labor Party. They found his comments appalling, most offensive, and very worrying. & # 39;

They also said that Pam Bromley's behavior, including the Facebook posts above, "contributed to a hostile environment in the Labor Party for Jewish and non-Jewish members".

Political interference in anti-Semitism investigations:

In April 2018, a complaint was filed over alleging Mr Corbyn's support for an anti-Semitic mural. In an email to the party's Governance and Legal Unit (GLU), the chairman of the Opposition Office (LOTO) stated that the complaint should be rejected, stating: “The complaint itself appears to be well below the threshold required for investigation , and if so certain, the decision to discharge it can now be made & # 39 ;. The staff modified and approved the GLU's written response to the complainant to include details of Jeremy Corbyn's actions in relation to the mural.

The commission said there was evidence that LOTO staff were directly involved in the decision to investigate the second anti-Semitism complaint against Mr Livingstone.

Political interference in suspensions of anti-Semitism;

In July 2016, the Labor Party wrote to Mr Livingstone confirming that he had been suspended from the party "following talks between the Labor Party leader and his staff".

In March 2018, Christine Shawcroft, the Chair of the NEC Disputes Panel, emailed GLU staff, other NEC members, and then Secretary General Jennie Formby to reinstate a member who was suspended for anti-Semitic social media posts so that you can stand as a candidate in the elections. The NEC was not empowered to be involved in any decision to suspend administration by the GLU at that time.

Political interference in NEC and NCC panel hearings:

After investigating a second anti-Semitism complaint against Mr. Livingstone, the meeting notes show that a LOTO employee reported the timing of the GLU investigation, reported to the NEC in March 2018, as: “V difficult timing – lots of politics. Discuss with (initials removed) if you would like to submit it later. Need to discuss timing in LOTO & # 39 ;.

In June 2016, Labor reopened an investigation into Corbynite MP Chris Williamson after he was initially dismissed with a formal warning after being charged with anti-Semitism amid a major political outcry. He successfully challenged the decision to reopen the appeal in the High Court, which ruled: "It is not … difficult to conclude that the real reason behind the decision in this case was that the members were frustrated." of the outcry following the June decision. & # 39;

Political interference in complaints as unlawful discrimination

In March 2018, the GLU asked LOTO for help with a proposal to suspend a member for alleged anti-Semitism. Mr Corbyn's team replied that they wanted "immediate suspension of (name) and a robust press line to that effect".

In April 2018, emails indicated that GLU employees were seeking a "green light" from LOTO employees to see whether Mr. Livingstone could be given a formal interview. Thomas Gardiner (seconded to the GSO at the time) and Andrew Murray (former senior political advisor to Jeremy Corbyn) of LOTO confirmed that there was no alternative but to approve the interview. A LOTO employee Laura Murray commented, "We have dragged the Ken case out for far too long and if the GLU tells the press that we have stopped his investigation, it will look more than terrible."

Lack of a clear and fair process for respondents

In 2016, one member was suspended with no details of the underlying allegations. Although they had requested this information several times, they were not informed of the specific allegations until months later. They won an injunction from the High Court for the "unfair" timing, but were later expelled.

A party member allegedly made anti-Semitic comments during a parliamentary candidate selection process and in emails with other members of his constituency labor party. They were never given details of the allegations and later resigned.

A party member reportedly made anti-Semitic comments on social media and at a meeting. The Labor Party did not tell the member which meeting this was part of, what they supposedly said or who was complaining

An investigative note was sent to one member containing comments that might fit the definition of anti-Semitism. They were not told what these comments were, when they were supposed to have made them, where or to whom they were supposedly made.

Inconsistent use of suspensions

In May 2016, a complaint was filed against a party member. The member's suspension came about four months later, after the opposition office chairman told the media that an administrative suspension was likely.

Two members were administratively suspended many months after the Labor Party received the complaint, one in March 2018 and the other in February 2019. This was an obvious response to social media interest with no new evidence available.

Unclear decision-making by NEC and NCC

The NCC's decision in March 2019 to expel a member did not include details of the decision-making process or the reasons for his decision, even though the defendants were in absentia after she and her legal team left at the beginning.

In March 2019, the NEC decided to issue a formal warning overriding the guidelines in order to refer the case to the NCC. They gave no reason.

Inaction and delay

In 2016, a labor council posted a picture on its Facebook page by Jewish banker Jacob Rothschild claiming that the Rothschild family and other institutions including the City of London and the Vatican own our news, our media. our oil and even our governments. There is no evidence that it has been investigated.

The Labor Party was informed of Pam Bromley's Facebook activity on May 24, 2017. No action was taken until April 4, 2018, and the NCC hearing did not take place until March 21, 2019.

A complaint was filed against a member on September 13, 2016, but no action was taken against the complaint by April 7 of the following year. The NCC closed the case against the member over a year later.

No reasonable grounds for punishment

Mr. Williamson was accused of making public comments on anti-Semitism smears, supporting members expelled for anti-Semitism, and sharing social media posts on others accused of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.

The GLU report recommended referral to the NCC – which could result in expulsion – and said it had shown no understanding and no understanding of why his behavior amounted to a pattern of behavior that appeared to demonstrate hostility or prejudice towards Jewish people why he shouldn't share platforms with former members expelled for anti-Semitism. Instead of referring the case to the NCC, the NEC Disputes Panel issued a formal warning. There was no reason for his decision.

On April 23, 2019, an NEC Disputes Panel issued a formal warning to a member of anti-Semitism posts on social media, despite the GLU recommending referring the case to the NCC. Comments on social media included, “How can we not have empathy with the Palestinians when they go up against these murderous, cesthetic (sic) b * stards? Her NAZI masters taught her well. & # 39; Detailed records of the NEC Disputes Panel meeting and the reason for the sanction have not been retained.

Bad records, enforcement and monitoring of sanctions

The NEC decided that a member should receive a formal warning and delete their anti-Semitism social media posts. It warned that if they were insulted again, the complaint would be forwarded to the NCC. However, the warning letter sent did not mention the deletion of the posts in question.

In January 2019, the NEC issued a formal warning and mandatory training for a local council. Instead of issuing a formal warning, the GLU incorrectly issued a behavioral reminder with no training.

Use of education and training as a sanction

The behavior of one member towards another member was viewed as anti-Semitism. They did not express remorse and suggested that the complainant (who was Jewish) should be held responsible for the actions of the Israeli government. In 2018, the NEC issued the member a formal warning and continued its administrative lockdown for another year. The member was given the reservation that the suspension would automatically be lifted if he / she attends training from a "recognized provider". However, no training was offered.

Anti-Semitic behavior on social media

One member was suspended in 2016 for a series of anti-Semitic tweets containing other people's content. The suspension has been lifted despite the member reporting more Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on social media. The person remained a member until stepping down two years later.

One member shared a meme in March 2018 expressing that "an anti-Semite is now someone Jews hate." They had also shared other anti-Semitic content on social media, including an article on Holocaust denial. This has not been investigated, but the Labor Party said the member was suspended in 2019 after "historic audits".

In 2018, complaints were filed about multiple retweets of Rothschild conspiracy theories. This was not investigated, but following historical reviews, the member was re-examined in 2019.

The Left MP's socialist campaign group, led by former Shadow Justice Minister Richard Burgon, condemned Mr Corbyn's suspension, saying: “We will work tirelessly for his reinstatement.

"The fight against anti-Semitism and all forms of racism is central to the fight for a society based on justice and equality."

And the pro-Corbyn Momentum advocacy group said, “This suspension could politicize Labor's response to anti-Semitism.

"It is a massive attack by the new leadership on the left and should be lifted immediately in the interests of the unity of the party."

The EHRC noted that Labor violated the Equality Act on two counts, including a case in which former London Mayor Ken Livingstone "used anti-Semitic tropes and pointed out that anti-Semitism complaints were fake or smeared" in 2016, before going left the party.

There was until December 10th to respond to recommendations in the report or to go to court.

Sir Keir was on the side initially this morning to avoid the question of whether he would take direct action against his predecessor following the report when he reached out to reporters.

This despite the statement: “If – after all the pain, all the grief and all the evidence in this report – there are still those who believe that there is no problem with anti-Semitism in the Labor Party, that everything is exaggerated or a factional attack, so, frankly, you are part of the problem too. And you shouldn't be anywhere near the Labor Party either. & # 39;

But the comments in Mr Corbyn's statement forced the party to act and threatened to see Labor embroiled in another civil war over anti-Semitism.

This afternoon Mr Corbyn denied he was "part of the problem" and told broadcasters he would not leave Labor:

& # 39; Of course not. I am proud to be a member of the Labor Party. I joined the Labor Party when I was 16. I have fought racism all my life and I will fight racism for the rest of my life, ”he said.

He later tweeted that the suspension was "political intervention".

However, Jewish Labor MP Dame Margaret Hodge said: “This is the right decision after Corbyn's shameful reaction to the EHRC report.

“The work finally says that enough is enough, anti-Semitism can never be tolerated in our party. Now we can finally go on. & # 39;

Mr Corbyn urged his Labor supporters to "stay in the party" to fight for leftist principles after the decision to suspend him.

In a radio interview in Islington after the whip was removed, Mr Corbyn called for calm and encouragement for members to advocate left-wing values ​​internally.

"Clearly, the decision was made very quickly, and I would just say wait a minute, let's all calm down a little, let's think again about this whole issue," he said.

"Our party comes together to fight racism and injustice, but we also come together to achieve economic justice for the people of this country."

“This is what unites our movement and our party, and that is what I appeal to members to focus on.

“Don't go away, don't leave the party. Stay in the party and stand up for economic and social justice in our society. & # 39;

During the interview, the Islington North MP refused to withdraw his earlier testimony, saying the "public perception" of how many members were investigated for anti-Semitism was "very different" from reality.

But he added, “I explained what I said, I explained what I meant by that. I am not reducing or minimizing the issue of anti-Semitism.

& # 39; It's serious, it's real, it exists.

“I explained what the statement was supposed to say, simply the size of the problem.

"But one anti-Semite is one too many, and I made that clear to everyone in the party."

Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell described Mr Corbyn's suspension on Twitter as "deeply wrong".

"On the day we should all move forward and take all steps to fight anti-Semitism, the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is deeply wrong," he tweeted.

„Im Interesse der Einheit der Partei wollen wir einen Weg finden, dies rückgängig zu machen und zu lösen.

„Ich fordere alle Parteimitglieder auf, ruhig zu bleiben, da dies der beste Weg ist, Jeremy und einander zu unterstützen. Lassen Sie uns alle die Führung auffordern, diese Aussetzung aufzuheben. & # 39;

EHRC's Alasdair Henderson spoke to reporters today: “The failure of leadership was when Jeremy Corbyn was the leader.

"As a party leader with signs of political interference in his office, he is responsible for these failures."

The EHRC opened an investigation last year into allegations that the Jeremy Corbyn party victimized Jews and turned a blind eye to leftist racism.

It was only the second time that such an investigation had been opened to a political party – the first time for the BNP.

Die Partei ist für drei Verstöße gegen das Gleichstellungsgesetz (2010) verantwortlich, die sich auf Folgendes beziehen: politische Einmischung in Beschwerden, unzureichende Schulung von Personen, die mit Antisemitismusfällen befasst sind, und Belästigung.

Der Partei wurde eine rechtswidrige Handlung zugestellt, und sie erhielt bis zum 10. Dezember Zeit, um einen Aktionsplan zur Umsetzung der Empfehlungen des Berichts auszuarbeiten, der von den Gerichten rechtlich durchsetzbar ist, wenn er nicht erfüllt wird.

Der EHRC fand Hinweise auf politische Eingriffe in das Beschwerdeverfahren, wobei 23 Fälle unangemessener Beteiligung des Vorsitzenden des Oppositionsbüros (LOTO) und anderer in den 70 vom Wachhund untersuchten Akten vorlagen.

Dazu gehörten Mitarbeiter von LOTO, die Entscheidungen beeinflussten, unter anderem über Suspendierungen oder die Untersuchung von Ansprüchen.

Der EHRC befand die Situation als indirekt diskriminierend und rechtswidrig, da er die Person, die die Beschwerde einreicht, benachteiligte.

Der Wachhund stellte fest, dass die mangelnde Ausbildung von Personen, die mit Antisemitismusbeschwerden umgehen, die jüdischen Mitglieder bis August 2020 indirekt diskriminierte. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war Sir Keir Starmer Parteivorsitzender.

Labour hat sich zu einer angemessenen Schulung verpflichtet. Der EHRC empfiehlt, dass diese obligatorisch ist und innerhalb von sechs Monaten vollständig umgesetzt wird.

Lord Mann, former Labor MP and independent government adviser on anti-Semitism, tweeted: “The moment of greatest shame in Labor history.

And to think, as many said, that it was all made up and exaggerated. Which of them will stand up and say that I'm really sorry? & # 39;

The Jewish labor movement said the report shows that & # 39; the blame for this filthy, shameful chapter in Labor Party's history rests firmly with those in leadership positions – those who had both power and influence to drive growth to prevent anti-Jewish racism, but not acted. & # 39;

A statement said: “The report shows that the Labor Party leadership has actively intervened in the anti-Semitism-related processes for political reasons worse than simply not acting.

“This failure of the leadership was illegal behavior that allowed anti-Semitism to normalize within the Labor Party. This situation continues to this day, must be stopped and must never happen again.

The EHRC report said it uncovered "serious shortcomings" in handling complaints until at least 2018, during which time Jeremy Corbyn was Labor leader.

The report said: “We found that the Labor Party's response to anti-Semitism complaints was inconsistent, poor and not transparent in terms of the process used, the reasons for decisions, the keeping of records, delays and the lack of communication with complainants .

"Some complaints were wrongly not investigated at all."

The report also found "evidence of political interference in the treatment of anti-Semitism complaints throughout the period under review".

The report added, “We concluded that this practice of political interference was illegal. The evidence shows that Opposition Office (LOTO) staff were able to influence decisions about complaints, particularly decisions about whether someone should be suspended.

"Sometimes these decisions were made based on likely press interest rather than clear formal criteria."

Caroline Waters, Interim Chair of the EHRC, said: “The Labor Party is committed to zero tolerance for anti-Semitism. Our research has highlighted several areas where his approach and leadership in combating anti-Semitism have been inadequate.

“This is inexcusable and appeared to be due more to unwillingness to fight anti-Semitism than to inability.

& # 39; It is encouraging to see the party's new leadership committed to fully implementing our recommendations. If the party is genuinely to restore confidence in its members and the Jewish community, it must recognize the impact that numerous investigations and years of failures in combating anti-Semitism have had on the Jewish people and take swift and sincere measures to improve it.

“Politicians on all sides have a responsibility to set standards for our public life and to lead the way in combating racism in all its forms. Recently, there have been examples of behavior by politicians from different parties that are well below expected standards.

“While freedom of expression is essential to proper political debate, politicians must recognize the power of their language to sow division. Our recommendations provide a foundation for leaders to ensure they are complying with Equality Act and to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion through their words and actions. & # 39;

The campaign against anti-Semitism said: “The debate is over. Unter der Führung von Jeremy Corbyn wurde die Labour Party institutionell antisemitisch. Almost half of British Jews were considering leaving the country.

For five miserable years all efforts to force Labor to reform failed. We had no choice but to refer the party to the EHRC, which opened an investigation with us as the complainant.

'Die heutigen Erkenntnisse und Empfehlungen des EHRC – dass Labours Führung und Kultur ein rechtswidriges Umfeld geschaffen haben, das Juden diskriminiert – stimmen eng mit den Hunderten von Seiten mit Beweisen und Argumenten überein, die wir dem EHRC über viele Monate hinweg vorgelegt haben.

“To be honest, this report wouldn't be much different if we had written it. It is the handover of the British judiciary that British Jews have been eagerly awaiting, but which has been rejected for too long.

Jeremy Corbyn's Full Statement:

„Antisemitismus ist absolut abscheulich, falsch und für einige der größten Verbrechen der Menschheit verantwortlich. As the leader of the Labor Party, I have always been determined to eradicate all forms of racism and eradicate the cancer of anti-Semitism. I have promoted Jewish people and communities all my life and will continue to do so.

& # 39; The EHRC's report shows that when I became Labor leader in 2015, the party's complaints handling procedures were inadequate. The reform was then stalled by an obstructive party bureaucracy. But as of 2018, Jennie Formby and a new NEC who supported my leadership made significant improvements, making it much easier and faster to get rid of anti-Semites. My team acted to speed up the process, not to hinder it.

Jeder, der behauptet, es gäbe keinen Antisemitismus in der Labour Party, ist falsch. Of course, as there is in society as a whole, there is, and it is sometimes voiced by people who consider themselves to be leftist.

“Jewish members of our party and the wider community rightly expected us to look into this, and I regret that it has taken longer to make this change than it should.

„Ein Antisemit ist einer zu viel, aber das Ausmaß des Problems wurde aus politischen Gründen von unseren Gegnern innerhalb und außerhalb der Partei sowie von vielen Medien dramatisch überbewertet. This combination hurt the Jewish people and must never be repeated.

“I sincerely hope that relationships with Jewish communities can be rebuilt and these fears overcome. While I do not accept all of the results, I trust that the recommendations will be implemented quickly in order to get out of this time. & # 39;

In a joint statement today, leaders of Britain's Jewish community beat up Mr Corbyn.

Marie van der Zyl, President of the House of Representatives for British Jews, Jonathan Goldstein, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, and Mark Gardner, executive director of the Community Security Trust, said, “This report is a damned judgment on what Labor Jews did to Jeremy Corbyn and his allies. It shows why British Jews were so desperate, and it shames those who attacked us for speaking out against anti-Jewish racism.

“Our Jewish community never wanted this fight, but we had to defend ourselves and we are proud of it. We thank everyone who stood by us, despite the abuse it received.

Jeremy Corbyn is rightly blamed for what he did to Jews and workers, but the truth is more troubling as he was little more than a figurehead for anti-Jewish attitudes, old and new.

"All dies wurde von denen ermöglicht, die absichtlich ein Auge zugedrückt haben."

According to the Jewish labor movement submission for investigation, Jewish members were ill-treated and Mr. Corbyn's office interfered in anti-Semitism cases.

Nine cases were cited in which the former leader had personally "dealt with" anti-Semitism and concluded that the party "is no longer a safe place for Jewish people or for those who campaign against anti-Semitism".

The saga began in 2017 when the anti-Semitism campaign reached out to the EHRC after the Daily Mail revealed that there was a guest speaker on the sidelines of the Labor conference who said the Holocaust should be open to debate.

Labor received a copy of the report in July, but it was kept under lock and key over the summer so that anyone named on its pages has the right to reply.

Dave Ward, Generalsekretär der Communications Workers 'Union, sagte, die Entscheidung, Herrn Corbyn zu suspendieren, sei "grundlegend falsch und müsse geändert werden".

In der Zwischenzeit ist Geld in einen Crowdfund geflossen, der darauf abzielt, die Rechtskosten von Herrn Corbyn zu bezahlen, falls er wegen früherer Kommentare zur Antisemitismus-Reihe diffamiert werden sollte.

Angela Rayner, stellvertretende Arbeitsleiterin, sagte gegenüber der Sendung World At One von BBC Radio 4: „Ich bin am Boden zerstört, dass es dazu gekommen ist. Heute sollte es darum gehen, wirklich zuzuhören, den Bericht zu lesen und den Bericht aufzunehmen.

Die jüdische Labour-Abgeordnete Dame Margaret Hodge sagte: „Dies ist die richtige Entscheidung nach Corbyns beschämender Reaktion auf den EHRC-Bericht. „Die Arbeit sagt endlich, dass genug genug ist, Antisemitismus kann in unserer Partei niemals toleriert werden. Jetzt können wir endlich weitermachen. & # 39;

Die jüdische Labour-Abgeordnete Dame Margaret Hodge sagte: „Dies ist die richtige Entscheidung nach Corbyns beschämender Reaktion auf den EHRC-Bericht. „Die Arbeit sagt endlich, dass genug genug ist, Antisemitismus kann in unserer Partei niemals toleriert werden. Jetzt können wir endlich weitermachen. & # 39;

Andrew Cassidy, ein 10-jähriges Mitglied der Labour Party, trat aus Protest gegen die Suspendierung des ehemaligen Führers Jeremy Corbyn von seiner Mitgliedschaft zurück

Andrew Cassidy, ein 10-jähriges Mitglied der Labour Party, trat aus Protest gegen die Suspendierung des ehemaligen Führers Jeremy Corbyn von seiner Mitgliedschaft zurück

„Es ist ein Tag der Schande für die Labour Party und die Ergebnisse waren stark.

"Jeremy ist ein völlig anständiger Mann, aber wie Margaret Hodge sagte, hat er einen absolut blinden Fleck und eine Ablehnung, wenn es um einige dieser Probleme geht, und das ist verheerend."

Sie wies die Behauptung von Herrn Corbyn zurück, der Antisemitismus sei übertrieben, und sagte, die Ergebnisse des EHRC bräuchten uns.

"Und das lässt sich nicht abmildern, und wir müssen das anerkennen und etwas dagegen unternehmen", fügte Frau Rayner hinzu.

Karie Murphy, who was himself accused of meddling in anti-Semitism cases, claimed: “Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, anti-Semites have been removed from the Labor Party faster, more transparently and more effectively than ever before.

"As his former chief of staff, I am proud of this record."

Der ehemalige Londoner Bürgermeister Ken Livingstone hat sich der "rechtswidrigen Belästigung" jüdischer Labour-Mitglieder schuldig gemacht

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone launched a tirade against 'parts of the media and by political opponents' today after a major report into Labour anti-Semitism found that he committed 'unlawful harassment' of Jews.

The hard Left politician, 75, who ran the capital from 2000 to 2008, was castigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) over comments in made in 2016 in support of Bradford MP Naz Shah.

Mr Livingstone is involved in one of two cases where the EHRC ruled that Labour broke equalities law.

The watchdog accused him of 'unwanted conduct related to Jewish ethnicity' in his defence of Ms Shah, who was caught out over a Facebook post made before she became an MP.

In a statement posted on his website today, Mr Livingstone said: 'I am proud of my record as an anti-racist and a leading campaigner against the far-right and their hate, from when I joined the Labour Party in 1969, through my life since, including serving as a local councillor, Greater London Council member, MP, Mayor of London and Labour National Executive Committee member.

'I have always implacably opposed anti-Semitism. As a life-long anti-racist, I am deeply hurt by – and fully reject – the accusations again being circulated across parts of the media and by political opponents that I am anything but 100 per cent committed to fighting all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism.'

The EHRC served Labour with an unlawful act notice under the Equality Act over two cases - one of which involved comments made by former London major Ken Livingstone

The EHRC served Labour with an unlawful act notice under the Equality Act over two cases – one of which involved comments made by former London major Ken Livingstone

Under the Equality Act 2010, the Labour Party is legally responsible for unlawful conduct carried out by its agents in the course of their authorised functions or duties

Mr Livingstone is a longstanding ally and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, and had a strained relationship with the Labour leadership under Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

In 2016 the former mayor waded into the row over anti-Semitic Facebook posts by Ms Shah in 2014, before she was Bradford West MP.

She shared a graphic which was headlined 'Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States' and she added: 'problem solved.'

In a series of apologies, Ms Shah admitted the posts were not 'excusable' and vowed to help build relations between faith communities in penance for her statements. She remains a Labour MP.

But as the row broke out, Mr Livingstone went public to back her, even though she had apologised.

The EHRC report noted: 'He sought to minimise their offensive nature by stating that they were merely criticism of Israeli policy at a time of conflict with the Palestinians.

'He also alleged that scrutiny of Naz Shah's conduct was part of an apparent smear campaign by ''the Israel lobby'' to stigmatise critics of Israel as anti-Semitic, as well as being aimed at undermining and disrupting the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn MP. These comments were made on radio shows with large audiences.'

It added: 'Ken Livingstone's comments, set out above, were unwanted conduct related to Jewish ethnicity.

'The evidence referred to above shows that these statements had the effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for members, and prospective members, of the Labour Party, particularly those who were Jewish.'

Mr Livingstone was suspended by the party in 2017 over further alleged anti-Semitic comments and resigned the following year amid calls for his expulsion.

Work tainted with anti-Semitism charges during Jeremy Corbyn's five-year tenure

The anti-Semitism scandal has haunted Labor since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader in 2015.

Here is a timeline of the controversy:

April 2016:

Labor MP Naz Shah has been suspended for anti-Semitic posts – including one in which she appears to support demands for Israelis to be deported to the United States.

She apologizes and receives a formal warning.

Ken Livingstone goes on the radio to defend Ms. Shah – but sparked new controversy by claiming Hitler supported Zionism.

Naz Shah

Naz Shah

He is being suspended by Labor but refuses to apologize and has repeated the claim many times.

He left Labor two years later, saying his suspension has become a distraction.

June 2016:

A two-month investigation by civil liberties activist Shami Chakrabarti found Labor is not being overrun by anti-Semitism.

The start, however, is overshadowed when Jewish Labor MP Ruth Smeeth flees in tears after being accused of collaborating with the press by Corbyn supporter Marc Wadsworth.

Critics accuse the report of being whitewashed, and Ms. Chakrabarti has been widely criticized for accepting a peerage from Jeremy Corbyn shortly afterwards.

October 2016:

The Home Affairs Select Committee says Labor is guilty of incompetence in dealing with anti-Semitism and creating a safe space for people with "heinous attitudes toward Jewish people".

March 2018:

It is revealed that Jeremy Corbyn was defending an artist who painted an anti-Semitic mural, saying the offensive art should be removed.

He apologizes for not viewing the picture properly before posting.

Jewish leaders are taking the unprecedented step of holding a demonstration in front of parliament to protest Mr Corbyn's failure to fight anti-Semitism.

Several Labor MPs address the crowd.

April 2018:

Marc Wadsworth was expelled from the Labor Party after being accused of anti-Semitism in 2018

Marc Wadsworth was expelled from the Labor Party after being accused of anti-Semitism in 2018

Marc Wadsworth is expelled from work after being accused of anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, Jewish Labor MPs are reporting on the anti-Semitic abuse they have suffered in a powerful parliamentary debate – and their leader for not addressing him.

July 2018:

The Labor leadership is causing new anger by not fully adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism

Peter Willsman, a strong ally of Jeremy Corbyn, secretly railed that Jewish “Trump fanatics” invented the anti-Semitism storm that is devouring Labor.

In a furious shame at a meeting of the ruling Labor Executive Committee, Peter Willsman said he was "amazed" that there was evidence that party members hate Jews.

In a furious shame at a meeting of the ruling Labor Executive Committee, Peter Willsman said he was "amazed" that there was evidence that party members hate Jews.

In a furious shame at a meeting of the ruling Labor Executive Committee, he said he was "amazed" that there was evidence that party members hate Jews.

He claimed "some of these people in the Jewish community support Trump – they are Trump fanatics" before shouting, "So I am not being taught by Trump fanatics who compile Duff information without evidence."

August 2018:

Jeremy Corbyn publishes a video insisting on fighting racism – but it's being planned by Jewish leaders.

Corbynistas launch a social media campaign to get Labor Deputy Leader Tom Watson to resign after criticizing the party's handling of anti-Semitism.

The Daily Mail exclusively publishes photos of Jeremy Corbyn holding a wreath at a ceremony honoring a terrorist in connection with the Munich massacre.

The Labor leader insists he was there to honor others killed – but faces new demands to end the scandal.

February 2019:

Nine MPs, including Luciana Berger, Joan Ryan and Ian Austin, are among those who have left the Labor Party for inaction over anti-Semitism under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Berger, the Liverpool Wavertree Jewish MP, had faced a barrage of attacks from members of her own local party, as well as major abuse. Labor has become "institutionally anti-Semitic".

Berger, the Liverpool Wavertree Jewish MP, has faced a barrage of attacks from members of her own local party, as well as major abuse. Labor has become "institutionally anti-Semitic".

Berger, the Liverpool Wavertree Jewish MP, has faced a barrage of attacks from members of her own local party, as well as major abuse. Labor has become "institutionally anti-Semitic".

Enfield MP Joan Ryan was attacked for being the leader of the Labor Friends of Israel. And Dudley's Ian Austen, the adoptive father was Jewish, said he was "ashamed" of what the party had become under Mr. Corbyn's leadership.

November 2019:

Rep. Chris Williamson, a close ally of Mr Corbyn, resigns from the party after being banned from taking up his seat in Derby North in the general election. He was suspended after he said Labor had "apologized" too much for anti-Semitism.

Mr Corbyn later found himself facing his own anti-Semitism series after a major intervention by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. He accused the left of letting the "poison" of anti-Semitism gain a foothold in Labor. His comments were later endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Mr Corbyn repeatedly declined to apologize to British Jews in a scorching interview with BBC's Andrew Neil, saying that Mr Mirvis was "wrong".

December 2019:

The work is humiliated in general elections that it voted to trigger. Mr Corbyn leads the party to its worst defeat since the 1930s, handing Boris Johnson a majority of 80 seats. The losses include a wide range of seats on the Red Wall – core Labor areas that have voted for the party for decades.

Mr Corbyn announces that he will step down as party leader and trigger a leadership election. He is replacing Corbynite Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey.

April 2020

Moderate ex-shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer beats Ms. Long-Bailey in leadership, but he keeps her as shadow education secretary in his shadow cabinet.

That month, an internal party report found that anti-Semitism was so widespread in Labor that some members' views resembled those of neo-Nazis.

Investigators said prejudice against Jews was widespread in the party and revealed that until two years ago, Mr Corbyn had done little to discipline offenders.

The report highlighted "a litany of mistakes and missed opportunities" in the strained relationship between Mr Corbyn's office and Laboratory Headquarters, but since then a better approach to anti-Semitism complaints had been established.

Almost 900 members have been investigated or suspended for anti-Jewish hatred in the past three years, and 63 have been expelled.

June 2020

Sir Keir fires Ms. Long-Bailey after praising an interview in which actress Maxine Peake launched an "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory".

The secretary for shadow formation posted a link to an interview in which Peake – one of her constituents – claimed that US police had learned "kneeling neck" restraint techniques from Israeli spies that were used on the murdered black man George Floyd. The comment has been described by Labor MPs as "textbook casual anti-Semitism".

Ms. Long-Bailey caused anger when she called the ex-communist star an "absolute diamond" on television programs like Shameless. She later tried to excuse the news by claiming that she did not approve of the entire content of the article.

July 2020

Labor unreservedly apologizes to seven whistleblowers who were smeared by the party after raising concerns about anti-Semitism.

Sir Keir Starmer agrees to pay "substantial damages" to former employees who contributed to a BBC investigation into whether the party had killed Jews.

In a humiliating statement before the High Court, the party accepted that it had made "false and defamatory" comments on the whistleblowers and caused them "distress, embarrassment and harm".

The party also paid damages to John Ware, the veteran journalist behind the Panorama program. The matter is believed to have cost Labor up to £ 500,000 in legal fees and damages.

However, former hard-left leader Mr Corbyn said it was "disappointing" that the party settled the claim, adding that it was a "political decision, not a legal one" which the campaign is against led anti-Semitism to demand that it be suspended from the Labor Party.

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