Jim Kerr's brother Paul, the singer of Simple Minds, sent bullying messages to French university employees.

Paul Kerr (pictured above) is said to have followed Elizabeth Vanthof after returning from a trip to Thailand

Jim Kerr, brother of Simple Minds singer Paul Kerr, is said to have sent bullying messages to a French university employee after she ended their relationship.

Paul Kerr is said to have threatened Elizabeth Vanthof with drowning and is also said to have requested that she return half of the gifts he gave her.

The former tour manager of the 56-year-old rock band is accused of persecuting Ms. Vanthof and threatening violence to a Kent couple.

During a trip to Thailand, Ms. Vanthof said Kerr was angry and threatened to push her into a hotel pool. When they returned from the trip, threats via text messages and social media began.

Kerr also accused Ms. Vanthof of theft and even reported the allegation to the president at her university in Normandy.

Ms Vanthof said she was "terribly ashamed" and claimed that Kerr had followed her from April to November last year.

After a trip to Thailand, the relationship broke down and Kerr accused her of being a thief, the court heard.

"He asked the President of the University to help him arrest me and I didn't do anything, yes, it was very annoying."

Jim Kerr

On an undated family photo, Jim Kerr (2nd from left) stands next to his younger brother Paul (also in a striped shirt)

Ms. Vanthof is also said to be far from Kerr's brother Jim (left). In an undated family photo (right), Jim Kerr (second from left) stands next to his younger brother Paul (also in a striped shirt).

At Lewes Crown Court, she said, "The police were a little upset because they said," Everything is in English and we have to translate everything and we have to contact our UK counterparts and it will be a lot of work & # 39 ;.

She was advised to block Mr. Kerr and a few weeks later decided to report him online to the Sussex Police Department – and shortly after receiving an answer from an official.

Ms. Vanthof, who works at a university in her hometown of Caen in Normandy, said she met Kerr for the first time at a New Year's Eve party after speaking to him on Facebook.

The Simple Minds fan said: “After the party we met three times, once in the UK in Winchester, a second time in Dieppe, France and Thailand in April.

& # 39; It was terrible, terrible from start to finish. The first evening, it was in Bangkok, we lost sight of each other for a few minutes.

"He freaked out and started calling my name and people laughed at him. When he saw me – it was only two or three minutes – he had a kind of outburst because he said I did it on purpose and it was me He laughed at him and he screamed and screamed.

"I felt terrible because we were supposed to stay in Thailand for almost two weeks and I didn't know how to get along with him all the time."

Lewes Crown Court (pictured above) heard today that Kerr had sent Ms. Vanthof a series of unwanted texts and emails

Lewes Crown Court (pictured above) heard today that Kerr had sent Ms. Vanthof a series of unwanted texts and emails

She said he was kicked out of her hotel after threatening to drown her at the end of her trip to Phuket, Thailand.

She said, “Paul Kerr screamed, screamed, threatened me, and threw things. He threw a cup of coffee against a wall. He destroyed his own phone and said he would drown me in a swimming pool.

"An hour or two earlier, Kerr was swimming naked in the sea and he asked me to throw in his towel. I joked and said" No, I won't ". Then he got this outbreak again and went out of the water.

"He got his bag, took his things and left me alone in Thailand again."

She said the rest of her trip to Paris was "awkward" and a day or two longer because of an Air France strike.

After that, he started sending her unwanted texts, emails, voice calls, and Facebook messages.

She said, "Sometimes it was okay, but most of the time he bullied and threatened me.

"He sent me a lot of emails with lies and lied about me. He kept copying other people into these emails and I soon told him to leave me alone and stop contacting me.

He started asking for all the money for all the restaurants he paid for. He wanted to pay half. He started to stand up for the Winchester hotel. It started in Thailand.

“Every time I wanted to pay something for him, he didn't accept it, or if I wanted to pay for it, it was already paid for. He bought me a lot of things; Even for a bouquet of flowers, he asked me back for half the money.

"And then there was this first email that he sent to my employer. I work on a university campus in my hometown, that's in Caen, Normandy."

She said she blocked him on Facebook and also blocked his email address, but added that he had just created other accounts.

& # 39; I felt terrible. I thought, "What can I do to make it stop?"

I ignored him, but he just continued. I could no longer concentrate on my work. I couldn't sleep anymore because the sound was getting worse.

Kerr from Brighton, East Sussex, is also accused of hanging two married "super fans" of the rock band over Brighton Pier because of his "bitterness and hatred" of his rock star siblings.

He allegedly followed her and repeatedly raised fear of violence between January and November last year after Mr. Fagan Kerr responded and named his brother's new album "pure s ***" on his own Facebook page.

The jury has heard that he has repeatedly threatened to accuse Mr. Fagan of being a child rapist online, hanging and crippling him, and insulting his wife, who accused him of threatening to rape her.

He claims that John and Julie Fagan from Canterbury, Kent, have conspired with Ms. Vanthof to provide him with fake Facebook profiles.

The process continues.

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