Ivana Trump is tired of eating spaghetti in NYC after being classified as a "fanatic" for immigrants

Ivana Trump was spotted eating al fresco in New York City on Monday and tucking herself into a plate of spaghetti for lunch after being branded "Bigot" for an earlier appearance on British television.

The 71-year-old former wife of President Donald Trump dressed in all black and went to a local Italian restaurant with her Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, which is also a certified comfort dog.

Ivana seemed to be asleep, however.

Aside from looking up to speak to a waiter while ordering food, Ivana kept her head and eyes down for most of the experience while her therapy pet, Tiger, stood watch.

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Ivana Trump was spotted eating al fresco in New York City on Monday and was put in a plate of spaghetti in an Italian restaurant

She ordered food for one and was accompanied by her Yorkshire terrier dog named Tiger

She was also pictured walking with the pooch, a recognized comfort dog that can go anywhere with her

She covered herself with a fabric face mask before and after eating.

It was the fallout of her appearance on the talk show Loose Women on social media.

During the broadcast, which aired at 7:30 a.m. EST, Ivana claimed immigrants were required to enter the U.S. legally and insisted they pay taxes, as she said of the rest of the Americans.

The native Czech – a businesswoman – also generalized to the hosts that undocumented immigrants could rape women or not dress in “American” clothes.

Ivana – a legal immigrant herself to the US – said she was "very proud" of her former partner.

"I see that he can do a great job, he's for everything I believe in. He's a Republican and so am I. He has achieved so much – especially with immigration," she said in the interview.

“I'm an immigrant and I have no problem with the immigrants, but they have to come into the country legally and get a job and pay taxes like the rest of Americans and just live and be part of society.

"There are some people who don't even dress American, they dress whatever they wear and they don't get a job and they steal and they rape the women and that's not the idea."

Her comments left viewers outraged, with one calling the outbreak "disturbing" while another calling the mother of three an "embarrassing fanatic".

She combined a black and gold ensemble with Christian Dior's black Cannage Quilted patent leather Micro Lady bag

Ivana seemed sleepy when she ordered her pasta dish in Manhattan on Monday afternoon

Ivana wore her signature beehive hairstyle

Ivana Trump

Ivana wore her signature beehive hairstyle and her eyelids were heavy as she served herself spaghetti with a knife and fork

Ivana Trump

She kept her eyes lowered

The hearty meal has been criticized on social media for her previous appearance on UK national television

Ivana Trump

You can see her dozing between bites

Ivana must have had a very early wake-up call as she dozed off between bites of the Italian dish

Ivana grew up in Czechoslovakia and moved to Canada in September 1973. She met Trump in 1976 at a modeling event in New York City and they were married in April 1977.

The couple's first son, Donald Trump Jr., was born later in December. They welcomed their daughter Ivanka in 1981 and their son Eric in 1984.

All three children were born in New York and are therefore US citizens. Ivana was living in the country legally at the time, but did not become a U.S. citizen until 1988, despite being eligible for naturalization and citizenship three years after being tied to Trump.

They divorced in 1990.

When asked if her opinion on immigration could be perceived as inhuman, she continued, “It's inhuman, but everyone needs to recover.

"You have to properly apply for the visa so you can come to America and properly cross the border and get a job, a house, a family."

Exhausted: The 71-year-old mother of Eric (36), Ivanka (38) and Donald Jr. (42) weighs her head while eating

You can see Ivana nodding off

Ivana Trump

Nodding off: on the left you can see Ivana Trump fighting in her sleep to keep her eyes open, and on the right a waiter comes to check on her

Ivana seemed even more tired after rounding off her lunch, while New York City maximized the opportunity for al fresco dining

Ivana Trump

The businesswoman wore a cloth mask before and after the meal to be safe in the coronavirus pandemic

The businesswoman wore a cloth mask before and after the meal to be safe in the coronavirus pandemic

She quit to dine at a restaurant in the busy city, despite having previously caused a negative reaction from her UK fans

Hostess Jane Moore interjected, "But these possibilities are very few and far apart these days, aren't they?"

"They are, but the people who will prevail, the people who want to work will prevail, the people who get food stamps and want to sleep on the benches, we don't want that," Ivana insisted.

During the interview, Ivana was asked how often she can speak to the President, with whom she has three children: Eric, 36, Ivanka, 38 and Donald Jr., 42.

She replied, "I can talk to him anytime."

However, she admitted that she never speaks to his current wife Melania (50), whom she referred to as his "ex-wife" because she does not like to be "involved in his private life".

"I speak to Mr President directly," said Ivana, "I am not concerned with his private life, we talk about our children, but I don't give him any advice." I tell him what I think is right and wrong, but we're not talking about ex-wives. & # 39;

When asked if Melania was a good first lady, she said, “I'm not sure she is very calm and she doesn't go too many places. She leaves when she has to go, but she is silent. & # 39;

Ivana was also asked if her daughter Ivanka could one day follow in her father's footsteps and become president, and she insisted that it would certainly be an option for her.

“Definitely,” she said, adding, “I think she's at the White House every day, she's next to her father every day, she knows everything that's going on … I think she might one day die be first president, definitely. She is damn smart, she is beautiful. & # 39;

Ivana made extensive genralizations on Monday about illegal immigrants at Loose Women hosts

Donald Trump's ex-wife Ivana, pictured with her ex-husband in New York in 1989, has been labeled a "major embarrassment" for making "disturbing" comments today about US immigration

Ivana made broad generalizations about illegal immigrants on Monday with hosts of Loose Women (left). That's right, Ivana is pictured in New York in 1989 with her former husband Donald Trump

Ivana has been labeled a “bigoted embarrassment” for making “disturbing” comments on US immigration on Monday

Who is Ivana Trump and where was she born?

Donald Trump's first wife was born Ivana Zelníčková in Zlín, Czechoslovakia.

She started skiing at the age of four and was encouraged by her father to join the junior national ski team. Sport has given her the opportunity to travel beyond skiing Communist borders of the Soviet era of the then Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

She moved to Prague to do a Masters in Sport and married her boyfriend Alfred Winklmayr in 1971 while studying, although she had been with another man, Jiři Syrovatka, since 1967.

Marriage was only for the convenience of one Austrian passport so she could go Communist Czechoslovakia without overflowing.

It meant she could keep the right to return to her parents, and her passport came through in 1972 – the same year she graduated from her Masters.

The following year she divorced Alfred Winklmayr in Los Angeles, where he had moved to teach skiing.

She then began a relationship with the copywriter and playwright Jiři Staidl, who was killed in a car accident in 1973.

After his death, Ivana moved to Canada to live with Jiři Syrovatka, who had left and owned a ski boutique in Montreal.

She lived in Montreal for two years, where she continued to improve her English through night classes at McGill University and also worked as a model and ski instructor.

In 1976 she met Donald Trump in New York on a modeling trip after being sent to the city to promote the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.

She married and had three children, and became a naturalized US citizen in 1988.

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