It's Never Too Late To Start A New Career: How To Make The Jump

New career: Andrew Winterbotham lost his job as a mechanical engineer in December

Andrew Winterbotham is among a number of blue-collar workers who have made a career as a teacher since their lockdown.

Andrew, who spent 35 years as a mechanical engineer in Africa and Central Asia, lost his job in December after his company was restructured.

He said he had been looking for another role in the industry for three months but decided to look elsewhere when the pandemic caused a job shortage.

Andrew, of Nutfield, Surrey, says he was interested in education because his daughter was just starting high school.

Personal contacts put him in touch with Now Teach, which helped him find a training provider.

The charity says that between March and May of this year, the number of applications for its training program increased by 70 percent.

Andrew is taking a skills enhancement course to familiarize himself with the physics curriculum he will be teaching when he begins his internship at a nearby secondary school in September.

The year-long program costs £ 9,250 and he applies for a scholarship to cover living expenses.

Andrew says he's glad he made the change even though the pandemic forced the move on him.

He adds, “I never thought that teaching would be an option because of my age, but it wasn't an obstacle. In retrospect, I'm happy to have found something new. & # 39;

He says his experience of speaking at conferences and working with people from different cultures should help him in the classroom.