It took the police hours to respond to a paranoid, schizophrenic partner killed during the night

It took police hours to respond after receiving multiple calls the night he killed his partner about the deteriorating mental health of a paranoid schizophrenic by stabbing her 173 times in their home

  • Suzanne Browne, 33, was stabbed 173 times by Jake Neate in Braintree in 2017
  • It took officers hours to respond to concerns that Neate's family raised on the night
  • Neate's mental health reportedly deteriorated in the weeks leading up to her death

A report found that family members of a paranoid schizophrenic person called 999 multiple times the night he stabbed his partner and worried about his well-being.

Suzanne Browne, 33, was stabbed 173 times by boyfriend Jake Neate at her Braintree, Essex home in 2017.

It took Essex police officers three hours to respond to two calls from Neate's parents on the night of the attack, a report highlighted today.

His parents, who were in Spain at the time of the murder, raised concerns about the well-being of Neate and Ms. Browne, but the police only responded after they called a second time.

They arrived at the property and found Ms. Browne dead. Neate was arrested by police but found unable to stand on trial and was later given an indefinite hospital warrant.

Paranoid schizophrenic Jake Neate's family (pictured) called 999 multiple times with concerns about his well-being the night he stabbed his partner. An investigation into the case has shown

Neate's mental health had deteriorated in the weeks prior to Ms. Brown's murder. He stopped taking an antipsychotic drug two months before she died.

In a report commissioned by the Braintree Safety Partnership, Essex Police and the Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT) were asked to have a psychiatrist in the armed forces control room with access to mental health records.

Had that been the case at the time of Ms. Browne's death, operators would have been able to better assess Neate's needs and ensure police responded more quickly, the review said.

A 2018 report from the Independent Police Conduct Office found that police response was slow as calls from the control room were incorrectly categorized.

33-year-old Suzanne Browne (pictured) was stabbed 173 times by boyfriend Jake Neate at her home in Braintree, Essex in 2017

33-year-old Suzanne Browne (pictured) was stabbed 173 times by boyfriend Jake Neate at her home in Braintree, Essex in 2017

However, the IOPC exempted the troops from wrongdoing – although two employees who operated the control room "did not meet the expected standards".

In response to the recommendations, an EPUT spokesperson said: “In recent years the partnership between EPUT and Essex Police has been strengthened to better respond to people in crisis.

"EPUT Mental Health Service nurses have been working with police colleagues since 2018 and have been involved in all mental health incidents since 2019."

EPUT is now working with Essex Police Department to introduce a referral system.


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