How to hide this & # 39; Corona Stone & # 39;: Dress up curves with Whistles & # 39; new collaboration

How to hide this & # 39; Corona Stone & # 39;: Dress up curves with the relaxed look of Whistles' new collaboration

  • Anna Pursglove advised how to look fresh when you show up
  • The British style expert announced that Whistles worked with L.F. Markey
  • She recommended that the crop-free overalls in the collection be considered

These are very strange fashion times. Shops are closed, factories are closed, and shows are canceled, taking seasonal trends with them.

In the meantime, nobody is worried about dressing up, because the big no-no for summer 2020 looks too chic. If it is not a uniform or an outfit with "practice" or "essential journey" in it, this is viewed with slight suspicion. There is also the "corona stone" that needs to be taken into account when making new purchases, in other words, the £ 14 most of us put on during the closure.

Of course, we all wanted to limit ourselves to a size of eight, but in stressful times banana bread tends to trump burpees.

Anna Pursglove gave fashion tips to emerge from Lockdown and selected a selection of the best items from the new Whistles collection. Pictured: Dress, £ 175 All clothing

Pictured: denim boiler suit, £ 180, and above, £ 55

Pictured: denim boiler suit, £ 180, and above, £ 55

Coat, £ 180, and pants, £ 95

Coat, £ 180, and pants, £ 95

How can we best look fresh and composed without resembling the guest who didn't know the party was canceled?

Some retailers have responded to this style problem by focusing on casual wear and burying everything else in the niches of their websites.

Others hope that discounts on high heels, unusual dresses and everything else that stands out as a “pre-virus inventory” will make customers happy for the time being. However, some brave souls are launching new collections that they hope will live up to the spirit of today: neat but useful when they are suddenly limited to barracks.

Overall, £ 190

Boiler suit, £ 180

Left picture: Overall, £ 190. Right picture: Boiler suit, £ 180

One of the best is a collaboration between Whistles and Australian-born designer Louise Markey & # 39; s label L.F. Markey. For those who do not want to advertise an (enlarged) diaphragm, but do not want to submit to the elastic waist, the crop-free overalls of the collection are worth considering.

If you feel like you've been living on a denim and jersey diet for the past two months, check out the dusty pink pants or mint green midi dress that works with almost any other color and color, like sneakers or Sandals.

L. F. Markey is known for expert cutting and comfortable, practical designs. In other words, if you are suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to drop on the floor for a push-up, these clothes will not be in your way. Just make sure you put the banana bread down first.

Jacket, £ 180, top, £ 55 and pants, £ 95

Jacket, £ 180, top, £ 55 and pants, £ 95

Dress, £ 175, and earrings (worn throughout), £ 26.25

Dress, £ 175, and earrings (worn throughout), £ 26.25

Full-length sandals, £ 60,


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