How Diet May Have Saved Matt Hancock

How nutrition could have saved Matt Hancock: The health minister lost weight in the 2019 election campaign … and the doctor suggests that this was a key factor in his recovery from coronavirus

  • GP David Unwin said Matt Hancock lost 10 pounds last year by reducing carbohydrates
  • He said that losing weight might have helped Mr. Hancock recover from the corona virus
  • Research has shown that obesity doubles the risk of hospital treatment
  • Here's how you can help people affected by Covid-19

Matt Hancock believes that reducing carbohydrates has helped him fight the virus.

The health minister is believed to have lost £ 10 in elections last year – and friends confirmed that he believed this was a key factor in his recovery.

GP David Unwin announced that Mr. Hancock had told him that he had lost weight by "reducing sugary and starchy foods."

Dr. Unwin, who promotes a low-carb diet, said losing weight might have helped him get better so quickly after getting infected with coronavirus.

After a low-carb diet

Dr. Unwin, who promotes a low-carb diet, said that losing weight may have helped him (before losing weight on the left) get well soon after he was put down with coronavirus (after losing weight on the right)

It comes as Boris Johnson prepares to launch a "much more interventionist" campaign against obesity after the coronavirus threat has passed.

Research has shown that obesity doubles the risk of coronavirus treatment in hospital and increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.

The prime minister, who is overweight and has an illness in the intensive care unit after becoming ill, wants to get more people on bicycles.

The NHS will also offer more people health checks to nip the problem of obesity in the bud.

It is understood that Mr. Hancock lost about two stones about six or seven years ago when he lost weight while training for a horse race.

He did this by reducing bread and other foods high in sugar and starch.

The Minister of Health has put some of it back on since then, but lost about £ 10 during the November and December campaign.

Dr. Unwin said: “I recently met our health minister, Matt Hancock, who saw firsthand the benefits of healthy eating.

“He told me back then that he lost two stones (from July 13th to July 11th) by reducing sugary and starchy foods. I can't help but wonder if that helped him recover from Covid so quickly. «

Mr. Johnson is believed to be convinced that the reason he ended up in the intensive care unit was his weight, which was 17.5 stones before he was hospitalized.

Boris Johnson is determined to get Britain to ride a bike, colleagues say, when he declares war on fat after coming into contact with coronavirus

Boris Johnson is determined to get Britain to bike, colleagues claim, when he declares war on fat after he has been exposed to coronavirus

He is said to have lost a stone since he came out of the hospital a month ago.

The government's roadmap to easing the blockade announced last week that ministers would invest in more disease-fighting programs to “empower people to live healthier and more active lives”.

It said: "This includes expanding the infrastructure for active travel (cycling and hiking) and expanding health care, particularly through the currently reviewed NHS Health Check program."

The Times reported last week that when discussing the disease on Downing Street, Mr. Johnson noted that "everything is fine for you."

Mr. Johnson believes the pandemic is an opportunity for the government to reaffirm the message that people must lead a healthy lifestyle. He is said to be "obsessed" with encouraging more people to cycle to work and believes it is a good time to "get Britain on his bike".

The Prime Minister's proposal to want a "more interventionist" approach comes despite his longstanding criticism of the "nanny state".


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