"He's dangerous": Tory MP's wife Sasha Swire attacks Michael Gove again

Tory MP's wife, Sasha Swire, has rated Michael Gove as "dishonest with ambition" and "dangerous" in her latest comments on her upcoming memoir.

Lady Swire, who referred to the Cabinet Secretary as a "sucker" in her book, launched yet another attack on him in an interview with The Observer today.

She told the newspaper, “I love Michael. I can forgive anything if they have color.

“The more dangerous, the more alcoholic, the angrier they are, the better.

But she added: “Where Michael is a little dishonest is his ambition. He always lied about that. He's a typical hack.

“He loves to be at the scene of an accident. I think he's pretty dangerous. & # 39;

Lady Swire, pictured with husband Hugo, described senior Tory Minister Michael Gove as "dangerous" and "dishonest with ambition" in an interview prior to the publication of her book

Lady Swire describes Gove in her forthcoming memoir as

Lady Swire describes Gove as "Bonkers" in her upcoming memoir

In the interview, she admits "maybe I was naive" about possible setbacks to the book and describes Samantha Cameron as "left-handed".

Hardly a single high-ranking member of the governments of Boris Johnson, Theresa May and David Cameron appears unscathed in the memoir "Diary of the Wife of a Member".

At some point, after a meeting of the National Security Council, her husband Hugo says he's starting to think Gove is a little crazy. She adds that William Hague "looked annoyed every time Gove spoke".

Cameron "gave Gove a king" and "went ballistic" when Gove publicly attacked the "absurd" number of Etonians in Cameron's inner circle.

Gove's goal was to destroy Boris Johnson's chances of succeeding Cameron, explains Lady Swire, who adds, "Gove is a" loose cannon "and, as an ex-journalist," mistake headlines for success ".

She describes Gove's close ally, Dominic Cummings, Johnson's # 10 chief of staff, as "one of those strange amoebas you find in jars in school science laboratories." Cummings is a & # 39; raging Rasputin & # 39 ;.

Matching him with Gove, the "most volatile member of the government, was always an explosion waiting to happen".

Lady Swire accuses Gove of "lying through the teeth" and says when he argued with Cameron about Brexit, Cameron was so angry that he said he would never tell Michael or his wife Sarah Vine – a mail columnist – or have his children in his house again and again.

She says Gove also pissed off former Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart, who was willing to "hit" him when Gove made a joke that backfired because a jihad kissed Stewart's wife. It was & # 39; Nutter Michael in a nutshell & # 39 ;.

David Cameron finds it "weird" to joke with Lady Swire's husband about the size of Michael Gove's manhood – and the former Prime Minister is attracted to Lady Swire for being "indecent".

Lady Swire told the Observer that she was "afraid to cause trouble" and said she was glad she wasn't in politics.

Her husband Hugo, who was knighted upon David Cameron's resignation, resigned as MP for East Devon last year.

She also doubles on comments made about others in the book, including Dominic Cummings, of whom she says, "It will all be with him, it always does." It will explode. "

She also says that Theresa May "had no original idea in mind".

In Lady Swire's memoir, she reveals how David and Samantha Cameron drowned their worries after the Brexit vote.

She shares how she visited the Camerons for a weekend at their Oxfordshire home after the 2016 referendum. She claims that the then Prime Minister asked her husband to bring "two fat Cohibas [Cuban cigars] and lots of alcohol" and chewed "cigars" over "endless bottles of wine".

And she adds that Ms. Cameron had to muster some Dutch courage before joining her husband for his resignation speech, feeling unable to do so "without drinking a great Negroni".

She also says that Mr Cameron told her former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, that he had a two-way mirror in his bedroom.

"I sit next to Dave at dinner," she writes. “He gives us wonderful vignettes of the Sarkozy's forged marital depictions and shows Berlusconi visiting Rome's equivalent no.

"When they walk into his bedroom, he points to a two-way Renaissance mirror over the bed and says with his characteristic grin," Well, they didn't have any porn channels back then, did they? "& # 39;

Boris Johnson is called

Boris Johnson is described as "his blondness" and adds that he used to be a "political calculating machine" with no "political identity or proven ability to grasp difficult questions and decisions".

She describes Gove's close ally, Dominic Cummings, Johnson's No. 10 Chief of Staff

She describes Gove's close ally Dominic Cummings, Johnson's No. 10 chief of staff, as "one of those strange amoebas you find in jars in school science laboratories" and says he is "totally insane."

She withers from Boris Johnson and writes: "It scares me that people don't see [Mr. Johnson] as the adding machine he really is," and she describes Mr. Johnson's fiancée Carrie Symonds as his & # 39; name young vixen & # 39 ;.

In the meantime, Ms. May is Ms. & # 39; Glumbucket & # 39 ;, the & # 39; Maybot & # 39 ;, & # 39; Old Ma May & # 39; or & # 39; old bat & # 39; crippled by lack of intellectual trust.

Lady Swire, 57, does not spare the blush of the royal family in her book "Diary Of An MP & # 39; s Wife". She says the Queen kept her eyes on her at dinner at Hillsborough Castle, Northern Ireland, when Sir Hugo Ulster was Minister in the Cameron Administration.

Prince Philip "scolded" how "appalled" he and the Queen were that guests used laptops during banquets at the palace. And Sir Hugo is distracted by his "thick Hanoverian hands" at a meeting with Prince Charles.

Lady Swire's reaction to Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle in 2017 is to predict "trouble ahead". The future Duchess of Sussex "eats the redhead for breakfast," she explains; he is "clearly not as smart as she".

Lady Swire claims her book is a modern version of the acclaimed and outrageous Alan Clark Diaries of the Thatcher era.

Like Clark, she gives an exciting insight into political skulduggery and the sexual high jinks of the Tory elite.

She also makes out about her husband Sir Hugo or & # 39; H & # 39; funny how she relates to him and speaks openly about her marital problems.

The book – the most indiscreet political treatise in decades – claims Boris Johnson was driven by jealousy of Cameron.

He saw Cameron at Eton as a "paid squit" compared to his own status as King's Scholar at the school.

Mr. Cameron has admitted that the diaries due out next week were "kind of embarrassing".

Sasha Swire's Wife of a MP's diary will be published by Little, Brown on September 24th.