Femail unveils the spectacular gifts that you can order in time for December 25th

If you're struggling to find the ideal gift, a team of behavioral researchers have developed a method to identify the perfect gift based on the personality of your loved one.

Leading behavioral expert Mike Hughes worked with TK Maxx to create a series of prompts based on Maslow's pyramid, which created a hierarchy of human needs based on three categories: the things you need to reach your full potential, Your psychological needs and basics, everyday needs.

Drawing on this, they identified four personality types: Curious Spirit, Social Connector, Big Achiever and Simplicity Seeker and determined which gift would best suit their needs.

Inquisitive mind

"This person loves getting lost in their passions and interests, and this year they will have missed discovering new sights and sounds more than most," said Mike.

"As they look to the New Year, they will likely be planning a new adventure and trying to rediscover the hobbies and activities they missed out on in the past year," he added.


Inquisitive minds like to follow, so would love a trendy device, Mike suggested.

& # 39;They also love new discoveries, so introducing them to something new will likely be a good thing, ”he added.

"Ideal gifts for this personality type could be anything including cutting-edge new technology, a book that triggers a new hobby, or a craft or cooking kit to help get them out of their comfort zone," he added.

Social connector

“The social connector is happiest when it is surrounded by loved ones. They love hanging out with friends and family and unfortunately video calling hasn't done anything for them this year, ”said Mike.

"Looking ahead to 2021, they will find new and exciting ways to stay connected with those they love, beyond the standard Zoom and FaceTime calls," he added.


"The Social Connector cherishes special memories so that they will love gifts that remind them of a favorite moment you shared together," suggested Mike.

"The thought counts to them too. Personalizing their gifts ensures that they feel special," he added.

Mike also said that this personality type lives off a good time with friends and family and will look for ways to connect with them by buying scents or sounds that will remind them of these people.

"When it comes to the perfect gift, think of scented candles, dinner party sets, or even a camera to set the scene and bring back memories," he said.

Great achiever

"This creator keeps taking up new challenges and this year they really missed being recognized for all the great things they do and achieve," said Mike.

"In 2021, for the most part, they will crank up their next big project and pursue one of their many passions," he added.


"The Big Achiever prefers gifts that remind them why you think they are great. They love celebrating their successes," said Mike.

“Gifts that recognize their best qualities will hit the mark this year. They also love to push themselves, so a gift that can help them pursue a new goal is likely to mean a big win, ”he added.

He said a diary or planner for 2021, or maybe health and wellness gear, would be the best fit for this personality type.

Simplicity seeker

"This person loves the comforts of home and the simple things in life and actually needs very little – they always make the most of what they have," said Mike.

"For the Simplicity Seeker, we will really focus on living the good life and celebrating the things that matter most to them," he added.


Mike said that this personality type likes to make sure that they and those around them have everything they need, so gifts that they probably could use are a treat.

“The Simplicity Seeker is all about the practical things in life. So is there a special gift that could make your life easier? Not one to spoil themselves (as much as they should!), What unexpected treat could you give away to make them feel very special? Said Mike.

"Think of gifts like books, baking accessories, and cozy winter accessories that you will never miss, maybe with a touch of personalization to add an extra layer of thoughtfulness," he added.

Mike explained how the team achieved its results.

"In our research, we discovered the psychology behind human needs and what makes us feel special," he said.

'This is based on the work that a psychologist named Maslow did in the 1950s and reviewed it with a 2020 lens to identify updated needs based on the rather unique year we had.

"After identifying our four new needs – The Curious Spirit, The Social Connector, The Big Achiever, and The Simplicity Seeker – we looked at psychological research to understand which behavioral principles might most motivate this person," he said .

For example, for the curious mind, we found that the idiosyncratic fit principle is what makes them special, meaning that they place more emphasis on things that have been personalized to be their unique selves fit, "he said.

"Conversely, that person needs a heightened sense of connection for the social connector so that they can become more motivated by core emotional reactions to words, images and events," he added.

"That's why we've created prompts for them to help them cherish special memories and moments, and to create a sense of connection with their giver, even when they may not be able to be together in person."

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