Father stumbles across paramedics trying to save his son's life after a traffic accident has occurred on his street

A father feared that an accident that blocked his street had brought his son home late, and was dismayed to find paramedics desperately trying to save the boy's life on the roadside.

Terry White saw flashing blue lights outside his home and turned to the police to see if his 14-year-old son Louis was trapped on the other side of the emergency barrier.

Instead, he was devastated to see rescue workers struggling to save the teenager who had been knocked off his mountain bike by a raging driver.

Terry White (left) was concerned that his son Louis (right) was arriving late due to a traffic accident on his street, but was appalled that his son, like the 14-year-old, had been overturned by a raging car

Louis suffered severe head injuries and died in the hospital the following day – his 15th birthday.

Yesterday, when 25-year-old Mohammed Hussain was detained for four years, Mr. White relived the terrible moment in March last year.

He said to Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court, “Louis said he would be back at 9:00 p.m. but he hadn't got home.

“When I looked through the window in the front room, there were blue lights at the end of the street about 100 meters away.

I went out and found the street cordoned off while paramedics were working on someone. I asked a police officer if there was a boy at one of the other barriers who was trying to get through since he was late at home.

"I have to find out that the person on the floor was our son Louis."

Mr White said Louis' organs had been donated before he died.

"We will never get over it, we have to live with it," he added.

& # 39; Louis had so much to look forward to. Nobody can understand the effects of losing a child if it has not happened to them. We know that now. & # 39;

The court heard that Louis, a 10th grade student at Rochway's Kingsway Park High School who performed well in his GCSEs, divided his time between his father's and mother's Julie Julie homes, which are separated.

The night of the accident, Louis had gone to a friend's house while his father drove his wife Marieclare to work.

Louis was on his way home when his bike was cut off by Hussain driving a high-performance VW Golf GTI that he had bought from a friend only five days earlier.

The court heard that he was traveling on Milnrow Road in Newbold, Rochdale, at almost twice the top speed of 30 km / h, and was only discovering Louis at the last second.

Prosecutor Charlotte Crangle said: “It was too late to take evasive action.

He claimed that the street was not well lit and there were shadows from trees that impaired his view.

"He agreed that he only braked after the collision."

The court heard that Hussain was convicted of speeding on a highway in December 2017 for which he received three points on his license.

Judge John Potter told Hussain, who admitted that he had caused death from dangerous driving, that his actions were "senseless and selfish".

"You decided to drive a high-performance vehicle at a very high speed and may have tried to test the performance of the car that you only had for a short time," said the judge.

“Your actions were clearly dangerous and had fatal consequences. It was a senseless loss of a young life. & # 39;

Louis (picture left) died in the hospital one day after the incident - on the same day as his 15th birthday. He was described as a "sporty", "polite" and "very caring" boy

Louis (picture left) died in the hospital one day after the incident – on the same day as his 15th birthday. He was described as a "sporty", "polite" and "very caring" boy

A tearful Miss Ryan told the court that Louis & # 39; four siblings had difficulty coping with the loss of their brother, who was described as an "athletic, polite, and very caring boy".

"I live from the love of my babies and I cry for the love that I can't shower Louis with now," she said.

"Your world has been conquered and a nightmare has taken its place where nothing is as before."

Gordon Hennell, who defended himself, said Hussain admitted that he was "driving too fast" and wanted to express his "deepest suffering and regret and remorse" for Louis' family.

"He realizes that he has done them a terrible injustice and takes full responsibility for what he did," said Hennell.

Rochdale's Hussain was banned from driving for five years.

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