Ex-soldier accused of murdering BGT singer "strangled his mother"

The 41-year-old Iraq war veteran, who is accused of murdering his British singer Got Talent singer, "previously strangled his own mother until she passed out".

  • Desmond Sylva is brought to justice for the murder of his girlfriend Simonne Kerr
  • He admits that he killed her by repeatedly stabbing her, but says he is depressed
  • The court hears that he was previously arrested for strangling his mother in 2010

An Iraq war veteran accused of murdering his British star friend Got Talent once throttled his mother until she passed out, a court heard.

Desmond Sylva stabbed Simonne Kerr's face and neck more than 70 times after visiting him at his home in Clapham, south London, on August 15.

The 41-year-old, who says he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, now denies the murder and insists that he has reduced responsibility for depression.

The jury heard today that Sylva was intentionally arrested for GBH after an attack on his mother Patricia King in 2010.

Ms. Kerr on the right, pictured with her six-year-old son Kavele, who died in 2015 as a result of sickle cell disease

Desmond Sylva, left, stabbed his girlfriend Simonne Kerr more than 70 times. He denies murder. Ms. Kerr on the right, pictured with her six-year-old son Kavele, who died in 2015 as a result of sickle cell disease

Prosecutor Louise Oakley told them that Sylva attacked his mother after asking him about his wife and baby at the time.

Ms. King described how "she knew Desmond was upset" that his wife could take her child and not return.

"There came a time when she got a text message on her cell phone and when she read the message, Desmond grabbed her around his neck with his right arm and said," Help, help, "" Ms. Oakley continued.

In response, she said "Sparrow, it's me, your mother".

"Then he said," Mother, you're dead. "

Sylva "tried to strangle her" and he put two fingers into her throat to suppress her cries for help before forcing her to the floor and sitting on her back, the court heard.

"Desmond repeatedly said," Mother, you're dead, "added the prosecutor.

Simonne Kerr (circled) performed in ITVs Britain & # 39; s Got Talent with the B Positive Choir

Simonne Kerr (circled) performed in ITVs Britain & # 39; s Got Talent with the B Positive Choir

The jury heard that Sylva then pulled her to her knees and exerted pressure on both sides of her neck until she gradually became "tighter and tighter" until "she was afraid for her life".

Her last memory before losing consciousness was "blood from her mouth," the court heard.

"In your opinion, Desmond knew exactly what he was doing," said Ms. Oakley.

Ms. Kerr sang with an NHS choir

Ms. Kerr sang with an NHS choir

His mother made another statement later in June of the same year, trying to withdraw her allegation because she no longer wanted to testify against her son.

"She said that in the days leading up to the attack, he was extremely depressed and had suicidal and aggressive thoughts," said Ms. Oakley.

At the time of this attack, Sylva served in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, where he completed two tours of Iraq and one in Kosovo over the course of a decade, until two years later he was released for medical reasons.

Clapham, South London's Sylva has admitted homicide due to reduced responsibility, but denies murder.

Ms. Kerr appeared in ITV's UK Got Talent as part of Choir B Positive, which was founded by NHS nurses and doctors to raise awareness of blood donations.

The group brought tears to the show's judges, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon, with their rendition of Single Rise Up last year.

The former infantryman claims that his depression affected his ability to think about the consequences and caused him to kill Ms. Kerr, or made a significant contribution to killing him, the jury heard.

However, the prosecutor insists that he armed himself with a kitchen knife and "uses it again and again" to stab her at a time when he "had no need to defend himself" and "simply lost control".

The process continues.


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